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2010: July

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31st July   


New Irish themed restaurant and pub
Link Here

Mulligan's Irish themed restaurant and pub has opened up at the Beach Road end of Central Festival Mall.

It is the first in Thailand of an international (or maybe Singapore) chain of 12 restaurants.

Tiger draft: B90 (half), B160 (pint)
Heineken draft: B100, B170
Guinness draft: B150, B260
glass of water: B40
soft drinks: B60 


30th July   

Staying Late at the Office...

Office A-GoGo taking shape in Soi LK Metropole
Link Here

There's a new GoGo taking shape on Soi LK Metro named Office A-GoGo.

It is located at the venue that was previously Ice A-GoGo, Gorkle A-GoGo and Memories A-GoGo.

None of these seemed very successful but Champagne and Oasis seem to have built up a good trade these days and there may be more GoGo fans visiting the area than before.


29th July   

The Show Must Go On...

Nightlife news
Link Here

The new beer bars on the Beach Road end of Soi 8 are just about to spring into life.

Lucky Star Beer Bar will open there on 6th August.

Meanwhile Club Boesché in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 has introduced unerotic pussy trick shows. Who'd a thought it. Presumably down to the changing demographic at the southern end of Walking Street.


28th July   

Likely Fun...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Windmill
Link Here

Windmill Club is located at about the centre of Soi Diamond

Windmill gets the Thai-Anxiety award for the bar where it is most likely that an agreeable girl will jump on my lap and make the visit a success.

Down mainly to the dedicated entertainment committee of the girls and the management, but perhaps the small size of the bar assists too. The bar simply can't squeeze in too many customers for the amount of girls available, which is quite a lot anyway.

So the girls make for  great hands on hostesses, there's naughty shows in the Jacuzzi and on play mat stages. The drinks prices are good and the happy hour is very cheap with 45 Baht drinks.

But really its that nearly 100% likelihood of fun that makes Windmill one of Pattaya's outstanding gogos.


26th July   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Naughty Girls
Link Here

Naughty Girls is located on Soi Diamond a few metres off Walking Street

Naughty Girls continues its very traditional approach to GoGo.

The bar has a narrow central stage featuring maybe be 10 girls dancing at a time. They do a very slow rotation of one girl per song making for a way too long 10 song dance session. There are generally some attractive girls and they dance either topless or bikini clad.

There is comfortable bench seating around 3 sides of the square bar.

There is a cheap draft beer at 55 Baht.

The bars main drawback is that it does not seem to have a found a good way to hook the girls up with customers.

Perhaps they seek to emulate Super Girls next door, where the girls don't make the first move and wait for their number to be called by a customer. Most customers in Super Girls are happy to bide their time over a few beers whilst making their choice. But Naughty does not quite attract the top notch level of girls required to make this mode of operation work. Naughty ends up with a very moderate mix of an uninspired show and not very interactive girls.


24th July   

More Girls...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Misty's
Link Here

Club Misty's is located on Soi 15, a few metres off Walking Street

The bar has enjoyed a recent surge in the numbers of girls dancing in the bar. And to add to the attraction, there are quite a few that are very pleasing on the eye.

This means that the bar is quite busy in terms of dancing. there is a circuit of girls for the tables around the outside of the bar. There is a circuit of dancers on the central stage and a couple more doing a play mat show with the usual thwack foam sticks, again on the central stage.

Plenty of girls left over for hostessing duty too. But to be honest, this does not seem one of their favourite occupations. They seem to prefer to chat amongst themselves.

Perhaps the best bet for a bit of interaction is to sit stage side and play with the girls with the thwack sticks.


23rd July   

A Quick Drink...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sexy
Link Here

Sexy A-GoGo is located on Soi 7 towards the 2nd Road end.

Whilst never really full the bar seems to generated a steady customer base. Probably those like me who find it a pleasant bar to have a quick drink rather than as a serious girl hunting bar.

There are now perhaps a dozen dancers of which 3 or 4 dance at a time. Topless or bikini clad is the dress code. A little below average but there are still a few that sometimes troop out clasping the hand of a new found boyfriend.

The dancers are happy to approach in search of a lady drink and can get quite hands on friendly if one so desires, although few customers seem to want to partake.

The drinks are cheap and the staff are friendly.


22nd July   

One Table Show...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: X-Zone
Link Here

X-Zone is located on the top floor of the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 a few paces off Walking Street.

X-Zone is a very large GoGo but the only worthwhile entertainment is at the bar's naughty table.

It is often noted by Pattaya commentators as the naughtiest naughty table in town. Two girls at a time offer hands on/hands in entertainment to the guys who sit at the table. The show tends to dominate proceedings for the rest of the bar too. A well popular attraction.

The rest of the bar is a little disappointing. Too many girls are set dancing and there are few left over to take care of customers.

The bar is often halved in size by curtaining off a portion and there are still too many dance stages to fill for the number of girls available. On occasion there are plenty of girls but then the bar opens up the curtained off area and there are again not enough girls left over after filling all the extra dance positions.

Still  I guess this matters little to the customers who mainly come for the naughty table.


21st July   

Shown the Door...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Casnovy
Link Here

Casnovy A-GoGo is located on Walking Street towards the Beach Road end.

I'm not out much these days due to shitty business and no money and, apparently, I'm not the only ones. I did go for 2 of the big beers at Casnovy last night and noticed there were no shows being offered.

Chatted with one of the longtime mamasans and said all the showgirls had been shown the door. No more shows at Casnovy. The owner decided that the showgirl salaries were just too expensive given the shit economy.

They've been supplanted by 2 rotations of nude girls who, when not dancing, sit with customers, smile on stage, have a good attitude and only a notch below the showgirls on the looks scale. As opposed to showgirls, who look down their own noses on stage then go sit in the back afterward.

I, for one, would hugely applaud more bars particularly farang-owned ones following suit, knocking the showgirls they elevated to such lofty perches, down a couple pegs. Dancers? You can stay. Showgirls? You're fired.

Loved it!


19th July   

Not Same Same...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Lovejoy's
Link Here

Lovejoy's is a large open beer bar on Thappraya Road opposite the Jomtien Complex

Been drinking in Pattaya and Jomtiem for over 2 years and found Lovejoy bar, nice place to sit day or night, main road open air bar with comfortable seating so ideal to watch the world go by, and beer at 40 baht, what more can I ask for, Oh yes some lovely ladies, Lovejoy has them too, refreshing change to be served and left alone to enjoy my drink, although there were about 20 ladies to talk to and buy some lady drinks if I want to, which I do every time I go.

Good music videos on 3 TVs .Pool table and a golf machine and a nice beer garden, plenty of bar games to play with the lady of my choice, I've been lucky to buy a lady a drink and she has already got 3 or 4 drinks from other customers so if I buy 2 or 3 at 90b its a cheap bf, the mamasan speaks good English and some German. All in all a nice place in a city full of same same bars.


17th July   

Lineker Sent Off...

News from around town
Link Here

Lineker's Bar on 2nd Road opposite Royal Garden Plaza never really kicked off and the bar is now set to become Silhoettes. It seems a stylish looking affair with nicely darkened windows.

A notice has appeared on the old Carousel A-GoGo proclaiming that the bar will return as Carousel Entertainment on 1st October 2010.

Still in Soi Diamond the re-development of the old Limmatquai 80 lady boy bar seems to have stalled.

Roxy A-GoGo on Walking Street seems to be attracting a good crowd and has now decided to extend opening hours by opening at 8pm (previously 9:30). There is a happy hour until 10pm when soft drinks and house spirits are 65 Baht. There is also an all night 65 Baht tag on bottled Chang.

Roxy will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary on 24th July with a party.


16th July   

And Then There Were 72...

Betty Boum converts from GoGo to Bar
Link Here

Betty Boum on Soi Pattayaland 1 (Not Betty Boup on Soi 6) has been de-listed from the Thai-Anxiety GoGo pages

The bar is still open but had only 2 non dancing girls when I stuck my head around the door.

The bar window also proclaims that the former GoGo is now a pub.

As mentioned before, this more or less marks the end of the GoGos on Pattayaland. Kitten Club is still going but it is at least half katoey and has years of reputation of messing customers about with their bins.

Classroom A-GoGo is also still going but the girls wear too much to count as a GoGo.

In the past few years I can recall the gogos departing from Pattayaland:

  • Spicy/Betty Boum
  • Spicy Too/Spicy 2XS
  • Giligans
  • Dynamite
  • Planet Rock/Jupiter
  • Athena Club/Lipstick
  • Mistys/Legs/Emergency
  • Rodeo Girls/Wild West Girls
  • Bubbles/Crystal
  • All Girls/Popcorn

So Pattaya is now down to 72 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. And Betty Boup on Soi 6 is now only occasionally open too.


14th July   

Toyz Story...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Toyz
Link Here

Toyz A-GoGo is located in the Covent Garden Complex just a few metres off Walking Street on Soi 16.

It is a smart and attractive, but small and narrow, bar with plenty of good things going for it.

It generally has some prettier than average girls dancing on the central stage showing off about 4 or 5 dancers at a time. Bikini clad or topless is the norm.

Over time, the bar has also benefited from a fair few people dropping in for a chat with the owner. So a bit of a social scene going on. I am not sure if this is still the case though, I've not heard Toyz mentioned much on the forums these days.

The bar is also well run in terms of service staff and drinks prices. The toilets are decent too.

But all good things aside, the bar is a bit boring. There is no entertainment beyond the gogo dancing which is performed to draggy long dance tunes. And the girls just don't seem very interactive. The chances are that customers will get left alone in peace and solitude even when they are the only customer in the bar.


13th July   


Pattaya Massage Reviews: Dream Teen and Asia Massage
Link Here

Dream Teen is located a few meters off Soi Buakhao on Soi 21 (Soi Jirapol) going towards PP Massage and 3rd Road.

Nice rooms, comfortable atmosphere, girls range from 5-8s.

The price is 550 Baht for a 1.5 hr relaxing oil massage, but for everything beyond erotic , the lady will try to extract as much money as she can.

Lowest prices I got were 300-600-1000. All in all anything else than a cheap option, since for 1600 Baht one can also get a full soapie experience and without the annoying bargaining.

A Quick Rinse

Asia Massage is located in Chonburi town

Package price is now 1100 Baht, rooms are below average.

A quick bath (about 10 min) then right to the business , massage only on specific request.

So basically it comes down to an expensive short time with cleaning in the bathtub instead of a shower and a rubbered BJ as a start.


12th July   

Rodeo Unsaddled...

Another Pattayaland GoGo goes dark
Link Here

Rodeo Girls has gone dark on Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)

It had already closed once this year but had re-opened with a new seemingly inexperienced crew.

This more or less marks the end of the GoGos on Pattayaland. Kitten Club is still going but it is mainly katoey and has years of reputation of messing customers about with their bins.

Classroom A-GoGo is also still going but the girls wear too much to count as a GoGo.

On Soi Pattayaland 1, Betty Boum also looks to have ceased to operate as a GoGo,  but this needs confirmation.

So Pattaya is now down to 73 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. The lowest figure for sometime.

And on Walking Street, Double Six disco next to Insomnia has also closed.


11th July   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baby Boom
Link Here

Baby Boom is located a few meters off Soi Buakhao about opposite Soi Honey

I have dropped by a couple of times since the opening but have found that the bar has gotten very boring very quickly.

Perhaps I arrived at too early an hour but the bar was almost empty of customers. On the plus side there were still some very pretty girls.

The bar had about six girls dancing an overlong 6 song dance stint. About half the girls were topless.

After finishing their dance duty, the pretty girls seemed content to hide in the corners and around the back, leaving the customer interaction to the oldies and fatties.

I have a feeling that the younger girls were awaiting Japanese customers as a few dropped by. Perhaps the bar has invested in some promotional material with a Japanese target market.

The bar has replaced the cheap draft with cheap bottled chang.


10th July   

Victoria's Secret...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tim
Link Here

Tim A-GoGo is located on 2nd Road nearly opposite Mike's Mall

As per normal the bar was reasonably full with customers. Always a bit of surprise to me but it seems pretty consistent.

Another minor surprise was that the dancing girls have a new uniform idea that I have rarely seen before. They were dressed in striking red underwear. Not your usual knickers and bikini top, but in knickers, corsets, bras, suspender belts, negligee, the works!.

Perhaps a little of an over exaggeration but way too much covering for my tastes, though I can image there may be many who would appreciate this variation. Me, I was wondering if it still qualified as a GoGo bar where I consider the maximum clothing allowed should be a bikini.

Anyway there were 6 or so girls dancing on the square central stage and plenty more dancers, sitting waiting their turn. And in terms of talent, there were a few that appealed, which is a better standard than that of yesteryear.

None of the prettier girls seemed on the lookout for customers to drink with though, so I didn't stay long. I spent the remainder of the time wondering why the place was so popular. In the end, the only thing I found worthy of particular praise was the collection of music videos. There were some real gems, of obscure but excellent rock.


9th July   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Iron Club
Link Here

Iron Club is located in Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond

I've been meaning to take another look for a while now but, for obviously good reasons, the bar has always simply been too full for my tastes.

But for my latest visit I tried earlier about 10ish and it was about a third full. I sat in the middle of the bar so as to report on all the stages.

The front stage was filled with about a dozen girls in a very square military formation. They were all bikini clad except when the got to the last position, they would generally take off their tops. There were some good looking dancers but not exclusively so.

The middle Jacuzzi had a couple of girls doing the Jacuzzi thing enjoyed by a couple of ringsiders. This was not the most popular spectacle. The star stage seemed to be the back stage where the lookers were. There were usually 4 girls half dancing and half doing the usual play stage antics. They were rotating through clothing from bikinis to none.

I was well looked after by a front stage dancer who proved very diverting company. All totally hassle free and without stupidities like lady cocktails. We did have to shoo away an old mamasang who bizarrely thought she may be able to contribute something to our private proceedings.

Actually for the price of the 120 Baht lady drink or two, the girl was excused dancing duties for quite a while, at least until the bar filled and their weren't enough spare ladies to take up the slack.

All in all the visit was a complete success with the only minor gripe being the music volume making verbal conversation a bit of a strain. Still my drinking partner had gotten used to this, and developed an easy to understand tactile body language that got most necessary messages across.


8th July   

First Out...

First A-GoGo closes for the summer
Link Here

First A-GoGo is located at the back of a bar complex in the middle of Soi 8.

The bar has just announced that due to low season custom the bar will go into recess for the summer.

The bar intends to re-open on 25th September 2010

Meanwhile on Walking Street, Pattaya-at-Night is reporting that Moulin Rouge is set to close for a few weeks.

The horribly expensive bar featuring East European dancers is closed for renovation and is intending to re-open after a few weeks.

The tally of bars with bikini dancing girls has therefore dropped to 74.


8th July   

Cover Up...

Walking Street bars visited by officials demanding that adverts and drinks signs are to be covered up
Link Here

Health officials have been doing the rounds on Walking Street demanding that liquor/beer advertising adverts and signs should be covered up.

There have been recent articles in the newspapers reporting on a recently enacted ban on drinks advertising.

The official were informing that this applies to both external and internal signs have to be removed or covered up, even beer taps.

Failure to comply can lead to a fine up to 500,000 Baht.


5th July   

Knowing the Ropes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Star
Link Here

New Star is located on Soi Diamond a few paces from Walking Street

The bar can be a bit of a mixed bag but there is always a chance of hands on fun with a pretty girl.

The bar has a fair few girls for a small bar but there is usually quite a range with some well pretty and some well past it.

There are usually just 3 or 4 dancing girls in the full range of bikini to none. The star turns of the team does a play stage stint at the front of the bar with thwack sticks and the like.

As there are few girls dancing at any one time this leaves a good amount pf girls available for hands on customer care.

There's a cheap 55 Baht draft and lady drinks are ok at 110 Baht.

All seems pretty good therefore in terms of the way the bar operates, but there are a few things more that customers need to know.

Firstly the pretty girls are anchored to the seats around the front door. They are available for hostessing, its just that when they haven't got a customer, they have to sit near the door ready to impress customers who poke their head inside for a look see.

The trick is just to select a seat near the front door so that you are close enough to take a look, and be within smile/signal range to ask a girl over. Sitting at the back of the bar tends to result in the old stagers having first dibs.

The second thing customers need to know is that the girls will prey ruthlessly on any newbies they detect. They can swarm around in seconds.

And one last thing to note is that the bar runs 2 shifts changing at 8pm. Both shifts can have some pretty girls, making the bar well above average for daytime fun. Most other bars seem to have more of a 'second' team on the daytime shift.


3rd July   

Last Orders...

Beer House reported closed on Pattaya City Walk
Link Here

Pattaya Beer House is located on Pattaya City Walk which is a failing new shopping street next to Royal Garden Plaza.

Beer House is a strange amalgam of a live music restaurant targeting Russians (eg website in Russian ) but themed as a German brew house.

Anyway the bar is now reported as closed, presumably as the Russian market seems very seasonal and the summer months are very slow indeed.,

German wheat beer drinkers will miss the bar though.

Pattaya City Walks has failed to get and major shops to residence and the main feature is as a street of the usual handcart market stalls.

It seems that Central Festival has cornered the much trumpeted up-market shoppers and there simply don't appear any scraps for the remainder of the several new shopping developments.

Saying that the Beach Road end of City Walk is doing quite a good trade with the restaurants having a rare bit of open space for a plaza type appeal.


2nd July   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Smile
Link Here

Smile is located on Soi 14 nextdoor to Misty's

Smile Girls A-GoGo is a tiny bar with bench seating down ether side of a central narrow stage. This leaves little space for the walkways down either side of the stage.

There's usually 3 girls on stage, 2 dancing, and the other soaping herself down in the Jacuzzi embedded in the centre of the stage. The girls are distinctly below average but the bar at least tries to get a couple of decent looking girls for Jacuzzi duty.

There's a cheap draft beer at 55 Baht.

Some of the girls can be quite hands on, and I've seen a few customers enjoying the attention.

But unfortunately the overall attitude towards customers is that of hassle. Some of the girls try to bully for tips way beyond the level acceptable in other Walking Street GoGos. I've found it an unpleasant bar to drink in on a couple of occasions.


1st July   

Times a Changing...

News snippets from around town
Link Here

Champagne A-GoGo has joined the competition for the daytime trade and is now opening from 2pm. Happy hour level drinks prices will be available until 9pm.

Champagne seems to be very popular in the evenings these days so hopefully they have some decent entertainment ideas for the afternoons too.

Champagne joins First A-GoGo on Soi 8 in trying for the afternoon trade.

Tina's Malibu (lady boy) Show Bar has just moved back to its old location on the corner of 2nd Road and Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). It has moved down from the previous spot around Soi 10 on 2nd Road.

I'm not so sure that former glories will be assured though, Soi Post Office seems to be pretty run down with quite a few closed businesses. The old Spicy A-GoGo on the soi is being turned into a shop, maybe a pharmacy.

Thinking of ignominy on Sois 13, it is very sad to see the old Popcorn A-GoGo on Soi Pattayaland 2 end up as a tailor's shop.

There's hardly anything left of the GoGo scene on Pattayaland these days. There's Betty Boum on Soi Pattyaland 1, which has recently pronounced itself as a pub rather than a GoGo. On Soi Pattayaland 2 there's Classroom which is more coyote than GoGo, there's Kitten Club which is more lady boy than lady girl and finally there is Rodeo Girls which is at least still a traditional girls gogo, just not a very inspiring one.

Oh and up on Soi 6, the Bus Stop Bar has changed hands.

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