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2010: July

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31st July   


New Irish themed restaurant and pub
Link Here

Mulligan's Irish themed restaurant and pub has opened up at the Beach Road end of Central Festival Mall.

It is the first in Thailand of an international (or maybe Singapore) chain of 12 restaurants.

Tiger draft: B90 (half), B160 (pint)
Heineken draft: B100, B170
Guinness draft: B150, B260
glass of water: B40
soft drinks: B60 


30th July   

Staying Late at the Office...

Office A-GoGo taking shape in Soi LK Metropole
Link Here

There's a new GoGo taking shape on Soi LK Metro named Office A-GoGo.

It is located at the venue that was previously Ice A-GoGo, Gorkle A-GoGo and Memories A-GoGo.

None of these seemed very successful but Champagne and Oasis seem to have built up a good trade these days and there may be more GoGo fans visiting the area than before.


29th July   

The Show Must Go On...

Nightlife news
Link Here

The new beer bars on the Beach Road end of Soi 8 are just about to spring into life.

Lucky Star Beer Bar will open there on 6th August.

Meanwhile Club Boesché in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 has introduced unerotic pussy trick shows. Who'd a thought it. Presumably down to the changing demographic at the southern end of Walking Street.


27th July   

Updated: The Fall and Rise of Pattaya Massage...

3rd Road Massage
Link Here

Nana Bar and Massage started life on Soi Honey but then moved over to 3rd Road,

The bar now seems closed with all outside items taken away.

It joins several other 3rd Road massage closures, mostly the large parlours that cater for Asian coach parties.

Saying that, a little time has now elapsed since the red short hassles, and coaches are now back filling up Mike's Mall car park. Presumably they may also return to revitalise the 3rd Road massage scene.

Towards Walking Street, the amount of massage shops has mushroomed, presumably to take advantage of the more Asian profile of Pattaya tourists. But maybe a few too many have opened up though, as prices seem to have been driven steeply down.

Update: More Closure Reports

Pattaya-at-Night has added to the massage casualty list with the report that Gentleman Massage and Spa has closed on 3rd Road near to North Road.

This massage parlour was pitched a little more upmarket than most. Good quality massage places seem to thrive in Bangkok but are few and far between in Pattaya.


17th July   

Lineker Sent Off...

News from around town
Link Here

Lineker's Bar on 2nd Road opposite Royal Garden Plaza never really kicked off and the bar is now set to become Silhoettes. It seems a stylish looking affair with nicely darkened windows.

A notice has appeared on the old Carousel A-GoGo proclaiming that the bar will return as Carousel Entertainment on 1st October 2010.

Still in Soi Diamond the re-development of the old Limmatquai 80 lady boy bar seems to have stalled.

Roxy A-GoGo on Walking Street seems to be attracting a good crowd and has now decided to extend opening hours by opening at 8pm (previously 9:30). There is a happy hour until 10pm when soft drinks and house spirits are 65 Baht. There is also an all night 65 Baht tag on bottled Chang.

Roxy will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary on 24th July with a party.


16th July   

And Then There Were 72...

Betty Boum converts from GoGo to Bar
Link Here

Betty Boum on Soi Pattayaland 1 (Not Betty Boup on Soi 6) has been de-listed from the Thai-Anxiety GoGo pages

The bar is still open but had only 2 non dancing girls when I stuck my head around the door.

The bar window also proclaims that the former GoGo is now a pub.

As mentioned before, this more or less marks the end of the GoGos on Pattayaland. Kitten Club is still going but it is at least half katoey and has years of reputation of messing customers about with their bins.

Classroom A-GoGo is also still going but the girls wear too much to count as a GoGo.

In the past few years I can recall the gogos departing from Pattayaland:

  • Spicy/Betty Boum
  • Spicy Too/Spicy 2XS
  • Giligans
  • Dynamite
  • Planet Rock/Jupiter
  • Athena Club/Lipstick
  • Mistys/Legs/Emergency
  • Rodeo Girls/Wild West Girls
  • Bubbles/Crystal
  • All Girls/Popcorn

So Pattaya is now down to 72 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. And Betty Boup on Soi 6 is now only occasionally open too.


12th July   

Rodeo Unsaddled...

Another Pattayaland GoGo goes dark
Link Here

Rodeo Girls has gone dark on Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)

It had already closed once this year but had re-opened with a new seemingly inexperienced crew.

This more or less marks the end of the GoGos on Pattayaland. Kitten Club is still going but it is mainly katoey and has years of reputation of messing customers about with their bins.

Classroom A-GoGo is also still going but the girls wear too much to count as a GoGo.

On Soi Pattayaland 1, Betty Boum also looks to have ceased to operate as a GoGo,  but this needs confirmation.

So Pattaya is now down to 73 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. The lowest figure for sometime.

And on Walking Street, Double Six disco next to Insomnia has also closed.


8th July   

First Out...

First A-GoGo closes for the summer
Link Here

First A-GoGo is located at the back of a bar complex in the middle of Soi 8.

The bar has just announced that due to low season custom the bar will go into recess for the summer.

The bar intends to re-open on 25th September 2010

Meanwhile on Walking Street, Pattaya-at-Night is reporting that Moulin Rouge is set to close for a few weeks.

The horribly expensive bar featuring East European dancers is closed for renovation and is intending to re-open after a few weeks.

The tally of bars with bikini dancing girls has therefore dropped to 74.


8th July   

Cover Up...

Walking Street bars visited by officials demanding that adverts and drinks signs are to be covered up
Link Here

Health officials have been doing the rounds on Walking Street demanding that liquor/beer advertising adverts and signs should be covered up.

There have been recent articles in the newspapers reporting on a recently enacted ban on drinks advertising.

The official were informing that this applies to both external and internal signs have to be removed or covered up, even beer taps.

Failure to comply can lead to a fine up to 500,000 Baht.


3rd July   

Last Orders...

Beer House reported closed on Pattaya City Walk
Link Here

Pattaya Beer House is located on Pattaya City Walk which is a failing new shopping street next to Royal Garden Plaza.

Beer House is a strange amalgam of a live music restaurant targeting Russians (eg website in Russian ) but themed as a German brew house.

Anyway the bar is now reported as closed, presumably as the Russian market seems very seasonal and the summer months are very slow indeed.,

German wheat beer drinkers will miss the bar though.

Pattaya City Walks has failed to get and major shops to residence and the main feature is as a street of the usual handcart market stalls.

It seems that Central Festival has cornered the much trumpeted up-market shoppers and there simply don't appear any scraps for the remainder of the several new shopping developments.

Saying that the Beach Road end of City Walk is doing quite a good trade with the restaurants having a rare bit of open space for a plaza type appeal.


1st July   

Times a Changing...

News snippets from around town
Link Here

Champagne A-GoGo has joined the competition for the daytime trade and is now opening from 2pm. Happy hour level drinks prices will be available until 9pm.

Champagne seems to be very popular in the evenings these days so hopefully they have some decent entertainment ideas for the afternoons too.

Champagne joins First A-GoGo on Soi 8 in trying for the afternoon trade.

Tina's Malibu (lady boy) Show Bar has just moved back to its old location on the corner of 2nd Road and Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). It has moved down from the previous spot around Soi 10 on 2nd Road.

I'm not so sure that former glories will be assured though, Soi Post Office seems to be pretty run down with quite a few closed businesses. The old Spicy A-GoGo on the soi is being turned into a shop, maybe a pharmacy.

Thinking of ignominy on Sois 13, it is very sad to see the old Popcorn A-GoGo on Soi Pattayaland 2 end up as a tailor's shop.

There's hardly anything left of the GoGo scene on Pattayaland these days. There's Betty Boum on Soi Pattyaland 1, which has recently pronounced itself as a pub rather than a GoGo. On Soi Pattayaland 2 there's Classroom which is more coyote than GoGo, there's Kitten Club which is more lady boy than lady girl and finally there is Rodeo Girls which is at least still a traditional girls gogo, just not a very inspiring one.

Oh and up on Soi 6, the Bus Stop Bar has changed hands.


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