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2009: September

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29th September   


New Fantasy GoGo set to open in New Simon Complex
Link Here

There is a small GoGo set to open in the New Simon Beer Bar Complex opposite Soi 14.

Two American guys are trying their hand next to the similarly named Fantasy Beer Bar


27th September   

All Change Please...

Off Walking Street
Link Here

Just a recap of some the recent developments off Walking Street.

  • Betty Boum A-GoGo on Soi Pattayaland 1 still has lights on but seems to lack dancing girls
  • The Dog's Bollocks on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) is gutted, hopefully as a refurb
  • Spicy A-GoGo on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) is still standing vacant
  • Daiquiri House coyote bar is taking shape on Beach Road near Soi 13 and opposite Right Spot Bar (Cherry Bar Too closed to make way)
  • Angel Bar on Soi Buakhao opposite LK Metro has converted from a beer bar to a  Thai karaoke pub
  • More bar on 2nd Road (ex Shenanigans) is to revert to Irish theme
  • Bosco's on Pattaya Klang (ex Oliver Twist, ex Bennigen's) updating again
  • Party Bar on Soi 8 has been gutted
  • Ruby Club on Soi 6 is undergoing major rework
  • Sexy Soi 6 recently redeveloped itself into Sex in the City
  • Bret's Bar on Soi 6 stripped out the inside bar and is now fully open
  • Lion King on Soi 6 was closed after a drugs bust
  • Lucky Love Bar on Soi 6 is re-gendering from Lady boys to girls
  • Recent new bars on Soi 6 are Soho Bar, Chili, Smoke & Whispers, Smoke & Kisses.
  • Billy's Boozer on Soi 6 re-opened in a minimalist sort of way
  • The old Wet 'n' Wild at Centre Condo on Pattaya Tai has no takers


25th September   

Good Food...

Pattaya Food Reviews: Rigby
Link Here

Rigby is located on 3rd Road. On South Road from Suhkumvit, turn right on Third Road then 500 metres on the left.

Pat's Pies and Deli is now Rigby at the same location.

Now basically just fish and chips + sandwiches.

Roasts etc at 24 hours notice. Here's the email for orders:

Pat and Chard have been serving us good food for more than 15 years!


24th September   

All Change Please...

On Walking Street
Link Here

Just a recap of some the recent developments on Walking Street.

  • The closed Utopia A-GoGo is advertising for girls. The bar has had the workmen in to rearrange the layout.
  • All the indoor bars on Soho Square are still closed. In particular K A-GoGo and B52
  • Several beer bars on Soi 16 are worksites. There is a development of 3 adjacent bars
  • Ocean 10 still closed
  • There is a work site where the old Angels A-GoGo (more recently a failed Indian restaurant) has been knocked through into the next door shop for another new development
  • Marine Pool Bar just about opening in the old Club Insomnia venue on Soi Marine Plaza. New beer bars featuring Arabic signs have opened below
  • Stickman reports that what sounds like the Lucky Star Bar below Goddfellas is set to become an expensive gogo along the lines of Galaxy or Moulin Rouge but with Thai models
  • The Blue Sky Bar on the corner of Walking Street and Soi BJ has been demolished
  • Molly Mallone's has just closed, workmen are in already for something new. It will be a 2 level gogo complete with glass floor. It is a project from the owners of Peppermint/Happy/Beach Club & Baccara in Bangkok
  • Bartimes under Polo Entertainment has partially closed retreating to the portion overlooking the sea. Stickman reports that the Walking Street portion will become another gogo.
  • Too's beer bar (in front of New Living Dolls One) is a shell
  • Game Bird (the other bar in front of New Living Dolls One) is a shell
  • V2O the Ice Bar above Soi Happy is dark
  • Good progress on I Ron Wild Girls in the old Republika Disco. The new bar advertises an erotic cabaret
  • The old Hammer Disco is in progress to becoming Pleasure Dome, a large GoGo
  • Club Mirage on Soi Diamond still closed. The bar has now been sold and will open without refitting
  • B4 on Soi Diamond still closed
  • SnowIce coyote bar has opened in the Nok beer bar complex
  • All the upstairs bars in the Pier Complex are still dark


24th September   

After Dark 12...

Latest issue published on 1st October
Link Here

The latest issue of After Dark will be published on the 1st of October.

It is a glamour magazine featuring girls from the gogos of Pattaya. This month's featured girls are from Living Dolls Showcase.

Just as an aside the Lollipop cover girl featured in an earlier issue is still looking good at the same GoGo.


23rd September   

Ideal Location...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Betty Boup
Link Here

Betty Boup is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

This bar continues to get my regular trade as a good place to pop into when a stroll down Soi 6 has failed to provide a tempting enough distraction.

The bar provides a reasonably priced draft beer served cold in a decent sized glass.

There's usually a fair few girls acting as lap warmers and the lady drink prices are reasonable too.

The dancing is a bit of an after thought, but really this does not matter much if you have a nice girl on your lap.

The bar seems to do well in terms of the number of customers. I am always a bit surprised that other dancing bars don't try and copy the essential model, ie that you can find a girl on the inside rather than selecting one at the door.


22nd September   

Cold Beer...

SnowIce coyote bar opens on Walking Street
Link Here

A new coyote dancing bar has opened up at the back of the old Nok Beer Bar Complex towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street. It is the location last making an appearance as VooDoo A-GoGo.

There were a couple of smallish dancing stages with bench seating down each side of the narrow bar.  There is an unused Jacuzzi so perhaps the bar has plans for something more interesting than coyote dancing.

It is early days and there were just 6 dancers of which 3 were dancing overdressed in typical coyote gear.

Untypically for a coyote bar, the girls not dancing were being pretty friendly and active in seeking a lady drink. Not really top notch girls at the moment, but if the bar is a success then the bar will surely get their share of cuties. I gave the girls a miss though as the music was too loud for a chat.

But really when there are 50 bars in the neighbourhood with naked girls I don't really see the appeal in coyote dancing. The only way coyote bars seem to find a niche is as pleasant decoration for a bar where customers primarily go to chat with their mates. And the loud music rather puts paid to that role.

One current attraction though, is that bottled beer is just 75 Baht at the moment. Actually I didn't particularly notice the beer temperature, so presumably it was cold enough.


20th September   

Imps Imprisoned...

Police raid Devils Den
Link Here

On September 19th, a Pattaya Immigration police team carried out a raid on the Devil's Den Escort and Hostess Service club, located on Soi LK Metro. A British national and a Thai were accused of operating a prostitution business.

At the four storeys building , on the ground floor, which run a club the Devil's Den , previously Hell Club, police searched it and detained 21 female hostesses and a British man named Jack.

The police also found a computer with photos of the club's female hostesses and pamphlets, they took them as evidence. Police charged them for operating a prostitution business and providing sex service on the Internet.

Jack and his employees were arrested and taken to the immigration office for further investigation.

Update: Jailed

18th July 2011

It is reported that Jack has been jailed for 7 years for offences connected with this raid.


17th September   


Another new bar for Soi 6
Link Here

Lucky Love is located on Soi 6 towards the Beach Road end.

The lady boy bar has closed for renovation and re-gendering. It should be back in operation as a girls bar in about 10 days.

Or so the owner claims.


16th September   

The Pleasure Dome...

A new large GoGo for Walking Street
Link Here

There's an opening date of 1st November set for a large gogo above Candy Shop on Walking Street in the old Hammer Disco location.

It's said to be a bigger version of What's Up (Hopefully referring to the layout, and not the high drinks prices, barfines etc).

Reports on the Pattaya forums say that it is set to be managed by Russ, previously working at Mirage, TQ2 and Windmill.


8th September   

Bar Closed...

Drugs arrests at the Lion King Bar on Soi 6
Link Here

In the early hours of Friday Morning, police conducted an undercover operation at the Lion King Beer Bar located in Soi 6 off Pattaya Second Road following information received regarding a suspected French Drug Dealer who was operating in the area.

On the 2nd floor of the building an undercover officer purchased 2.2g of Crystal Methamphetamine known in Thailand as “Ya Ice” from the target, using marked bank notes.

4 people were arrested in connection with drug dealing and will appear in court shortly.

In the meantime, the Lion King Bar is closed


7th September   

More Bars...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again
Link Here

It is good to see that the Utopia, on the corner of Soho Square and Walking Street is advertising for girls. Hopefully it will mean that the GoGo will soon spring back to life.

Further down Walking Street, the builders a making good headway at the old Republika for the new I Ron Wild Girls Club.

Up on Soi 6 Foxey has joined the bars that are renovating. The bar area is currently rubble but no doubt will soon return.


3rd September   


Bret Bar on Soi 6 re-models as an open bar
Link Here

Bret Bar is located on Soi 6

The remodelling previously mentioned is in fact to make the bar totally open. The bar previously had a smallish inside area but I guess the lack of air conditioning made it a little less inviting than it should have been.

The bar was clearly attracting mostly the people that like open bars so it makes sense, but for me lack of aircon and privacy makes it an unusual bar style for Soi 6 that generally hasn't got a good track record.


2nd September   

Bangkok Beauties...

Barfineable Penthouse models strut their stuff at Club Boesché
Link Here

Club Boesché have recently contracted some REAL penthouse models from Bangkok to do 3-4 nightly shows and have been featured here at CB for the past three weeks.

These models have actually been shot in Penthouse Asia Magazine by my on staff photographer. These are not the local group who claim to be in the real Penthouse Magazine. And the difference between my girls and the other group in town is that they DO barfine.

Nightly shows start at 11:00pm.

Also  there is a 50 baht draft beer promotion that is going great.


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