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2010: September

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28th September   

Absolution and Last Rites...

Club Sin City A-GoGo closes
Link Here

Sin City in the Covent Garden Complex closed Tuesday night for good as a gogo.

The boss plans to reopen as another Arab disco, as the one upstairs is doing so well.

You might remember the doofus tried to make Sin City a late-night disco and failed miserably.

Many girls now departed for X-Zone. Odd they haven't chosen the two directly across from Sin City.

Others who don't want to go X-style are looking elsewhere.

The venue never really made for a very successful GoGo. BabeWatch had its moments; the night club/coyote/gogo mix of Taboo didn't really work; Black & White (X-Zone 2) was short lived but was pretty good; and Sin City hardly made an impact.

I guess the change of direction will not please the connections of the remaining GoGos in the complex. It will seem even more remote from the rest of the Walking Street GoGo action.

There are now 72 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


27th September   

First Gentleman's Club...

First A-GoGo re-opening as a Gentleman's Club
Link Here

First Gentleman's Club is located at the back of the beer bar complex opposite Cherry Bar on central Soi 8

The bar is now due to re-open on Thursday 30th September 2010. This time the bar describes itself as a 'Gentleman's Club' rather than A-GoGo.

It will be open from 2pm until midnight and have a 70 Baht happy hour until 8pm.

Presumably the bar intends to drop the dancing but it will be interesting to see what they mean by Gentleman's Club. In its time as a GoGo, the girls were not very interactive and and any hands on fun seemed to be a no-no. Hardly a good grounding for a short time bar operation either.

Probably would be happier with a no girls sports bar, but there seems little interest in Pattaya for a high end sports bar. Especially true in Soi 8, where there are loads of competing bars offering cheap beer, TV sports and a pool table.


26th September   

Last Orders Please...

Ministerial threatening words about early closing
Link Here

Deputy Interior Minister Boonjong Wongtrairat has threatened to transfer provincial governors who are unable to prevent entertainment venues from operating illegally.

He said the operators of the illegal venues would also face legal action.

The threat was made after Boonjong led officials on a check of pubs around Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok, and discovered that many operated without a proper licence and opened their doors to under-age customers.

Boonjong also said he would have the national police chief punish police officers for allowing illegal entertainment venues to operate under their jurisdiction. He also urged residents to alert his ministry if these entertainment venues caused nuisance or problems.


22nd September   

Updated: Fourth Time Lucky?...

Sakura Club 69 looks set to re-open
Link Here

It looks like Sakura Club 69 will return to the GoGo scene very soon.

The GoGo located in Soi 15 next door to Baby Dolls has been stripped of the for sale signs and people have been seen inside readying the bar.

IN the past the bar has been pretty good at times, but never seemed to get the momentum to make it a long term success. It should be a good location, but there is a very tough competitor right next door.

Update: French Connection

22nd September 2010.

Kind readers have let me know that the Walking Street buzz is that Sakura Club 69 will be French owned. It is also rumoured they are expected to be hiring Louis, previously 'gentleman-manager' at Paris A-GoGo.

The bar is now targeting an opening on 1st October 2010, but to be confirmed.


20th September   

Poor Value...

First Impressions of the re-opened Paris A-GoGo
Link Here

Paris A-GoGo is located on Soi Diamond a few paces off Walking Street.

Given that Paris A-GoGo has been in the doldrums for quite a long time now, I was rather expecting that the new ownership may have a few new ideas up their sleeve.

But no, the bar is pretty much as it was before with the only obvious difference being an increase in drinks prices. There were no new features, so the bar retains just the traditional gogo dancing on a central stage.

The new owner had promised a 2 for 1 happy hour and the introduction of a draft beer, but these ideas have come to nothing. There is no happy hour and no draft beer. The bottled beer is 120 Baht. Pretty poor value for a bar where the customers have already voted with their feet and gone elsewhere.

Actually there may be a few more girls than before, but I guess they will fade away soon. The girls were an average selection, which of course is pretty good on Walking Street. They were dancing for 6 songs with 6 on stage. For some bizarre reason the bar seems to think that earlybird customers don't like nudity and the girls didn't open their tops until 9pm.

There weren't really enough customers to judge if the girls were being friendly and mingling or not.

Still early days yet, and many other bars have been somewhat underwhelming in the opening weeks. But for the moment, it is pretty much behind the competition.


19th September   

Dolled Off...

Police raid Walking Street GoGos
Link Here

Staff from various go go bars along Walking Street found themselves at the local Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Friday morning after being caught in police raids.

A team of police officers harangued various entertainment venues in the Walking Street area targeting drug taking and illegal activities.

One unlucky venue, Dollhouse, produced 9 women and a male staff member who proved positive for taking drugs after a routine urine test on the premises. They were taken back to the station for further interrogation.


12th September   

Happy Times...

New happy hours
Link Here

Cavern A-GoGo has introduced a 2nd happy hour that runs from midnight until 1am. The happy hour prices are the same as 8-9:30 when many drinks are 59 Baht.

Meanwhile Paris is opening under new management with a couple of improvements over the previous operation. Firstly the bar has introduced a draft beer and secondly they now have a happy hour from 8pm to 9pm when there are 2 for 1 drinks.

Update: No Draft

Thanks to Ian

Oops the bar opened with no draft beer. Bottled beer at 110 Baht makes for an expensive, but oh so important, look-see.


11th September   

Paris Landmarks...

Paris opening on Sunday
Link Here

The GoGo count is set to increase to 73 with the re-opening of Paris. The opening date is now set at Sunday 12th September 2010.

And for the fans of the previous incarnation of Paris, you may like to know that Louie and a few of his girls have moved onto Toyz in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16.

Most Paris girls though are expected to stay at the original location.


10th September   

Biting the Hand that Feeds It...

Police force talks of crackdown in bar naughtiness
Link Here

Superintendent of Pattaya Police, Col. Nantawut Suwanla-ong, chaired a meeting Wednesday to discuss policies put forward by the Royal Thai Police Force regarding entertainment businesses in Pattaya.

The Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police Force, Lt. Gen. Assawin Kwanmuang has set up an Illegal Operation Prevention Policy which will be enforced all around Region 2, which includes Pattaya.

The policy will cover all police missions involving entertainment venues, including checking for a club's operating license; checking for underage customers, illegal drugs and prohibited items; showing inappropriate or pornographic shows, changing the type of operation from the original registration and observing the legal closing time.


9th September   

Paris Landmarks...

Moulin Rouge re-opens
Link Here

Moulin Rouge has re-opened on Walking Street with East European dancers as before.

This returns the count of bars with bikini clad dancers back up to 72.

Perhaps the the definition should be rejigged to dancing Thai girls so as to exclude the Russian bars which surely don't appeal to many Thai-Anxiety readers.

The count is set to increase to 73 with the re-opening of Paris. It was due to re-open on the 10th of September but maybe this now looks a little unlikely.

And for the fans of the previous incarnation of Paris, you may like to know that Louie and a few of his girls have moved onto Toyz in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16


7th September   

Inside Out...

Wanthana's Dance Club on Soi 6
Link Here

Wanthana's has just taken over from Betty Boup (which is still going strong across the Soi as Passion Dance Club).

Approaching the bar gives rather strange first impressions. Sitting outside the bar is a near army of staff. There are dancers, service girls, predominantly toms, there's the welcome crew, and rather a lot of Thai guys, maybe security or a team of DJs or maybe just official hangers on.

But once inside there is very little going in.

The bar layout has been maintained from the Betty Boup days but the colour scheme has been lightened up with white sofas and light blue walls.

There were 4 girls dancing in typical gogo gear with a couple topless. Perhaps an average rating but average is not bat, and there were some attractive girls. But that's about all there was going on in the bar. All the non-dancing girls were outside.

The mass outside committee sent in a girl to sit with me, but she wasn't my choice and I sent her back out front.

And then one rather realises the rather glaring drawbacks in the operation of the bar. If the girls are all outside how is the customer expected to hook up with them?

Perhaps the bar is expecting customers to pick up a partner on the way in. But this rather defeats the idea of a gogo where one selects from the girls on offer after relaxing for a bit with a beer and a little entertainment.

For an education, Wanthanna only has to take a quick look at nearby dancing bars. Passion Club, with the traditional GoGo model, easily outperforms Mandarin and Kiss Kool, both of which operate a 'pick up your partner on the way in' policy. The difference is probably down to potential customers not going in simply because they don't spot the girl of their dreams in the instant that they stroll past the entrance.

Anyway I finished my drink (reasonably priced) and headed out the door. Of course on the way out I was accosted by an attractive girl offering her hostess services. But a bit late by then and I was already set on course to my next port of call. Now if only she had been sitting on the inside, then I could have been praising the bar after an enjoyable visit. Instead, I see the bar as being run with 'inside out' thinking.


6th September   

French Letter Day...

Paris A-GoGo re-opening
Link Here

The re-opening date for Paris A-GoGo in Soi Diamond is now set at 10th September 2010.


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