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2010: December

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31st December   

New Arrivals and Terminal Cases...

Comings and goings amongst Pattaya GoGos
Link Here

Clinic A-GoGo opened on 29th December on Soi 7. It is located a few bars closer to the beach than Silver Star 2.

Also worrying reports about Windmill A-GoGo that has just gone dark. Hopefully a temporary seizure.

Windmill was doing OK a few nights back and was about half full. (But perhaps during peak season, it should have been totally full).

Actually Windmill has been a little disappointing of late. They lost a team of their prettier girls to Baby Dolls. Also on my last visit, an old time acquaintance had somehow turned into a tequila monster.

There are another half dozen GoGos on my rounds that look as if they need a dose of some strong recovery medicine from the clinic. Also a couple of bars that seem to be doing fine are having to pay unsustainably high rates to the dancers. They will also be drawing a sharp breath after the Christmas peak.

I hope its a happier new year in Pattaya bar land than the one I fear.


27th December   

Atlantis Sinks...

Atlantis A-GoGo closes on Soi Diamond
Link Here

Atlantis is located on Soi Diamond at the bar previously known as Paris A-GoGo.

The GoGo opened just 3.5 months ago. It continued as an old style GoGo more or less the same as the old Paris. However there were a few improvements such as the addition of a draft beer. It probably needed something a bit more radical to turn things around as the customer base for the previous Paris was already in decline.

It would seem that the high energy interactive GoGos are displacing the old style GoGos where customers are passively left in peace to survey the central stage shuffling. The only bars that can make this old style work are those with top notch girls.

I think a minimal summary of the market for farang friendly gogos is that they can either mesmorise customers with top quality girls, or else they have to create a fun party atmosphere with lots of interaction. Anything else seems to be falling by the wayside.

There are now 75 girl GoGos in the Pattaya area. Not including Clinic A-GoGo on Soi 7 which is about to be added to the list.


25th December   


Openings and closings around town
Link Here

The rumours of the closure of Far East Rock on Soi Post Office proved premature and the bar is still open for business. It doesn't stay open very late at night so that is probably the cause of closure reports.

Meanwhile the latest rumour is that Atlantis (previously Paris) A-GoGo will close on Soi Diamond just as soon as Christmas is over.

But as of today there are 76 girl GoGos hopefully packing in the customers for Christmas week.


24th December   

A Welcoming Kiss...

A new GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro at the Blue Moon Bar opened a couple of nights ago.

First impressions: it's a table dance venue, and looks a bit like a mini Beach Club, with the same tables and upward pointing lights.

However there was not a lot on show. All the girls were wearing bras and skirts, with a few taking off their knickers.

Music was quite farang friendly (Queen, Robbie Williams, Alphaville's Big in Japan, Tina Turner etc.) and not too loud.

One problem I noted was that the girls were dancing on the tables in high heels – the tables will be scratched to hell in a few weeks, unless the owners change that policy.

It's early days yet, but the girls weren't really up to scratch (though I did see one honey in there). Hopefully things will improve with better girls and less clothing.

Draught beer was a reasonable 60 baht.


22nd December   

A Welcoming Kiss...

A new GoGo for Soi LK Metro
Link Here

The opening of Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro at the Blue Moon Bar looks to be imminent.

There were girls dancing there on Tuesday night, the bar was not yet open to the public. Perhaps a private dry run, rehearsals or audition or something.

So as bars are closing in the Soi 13s area, bars are opening in the Soi Buakhao area.

When it opens, there will be 75 Pattaya area bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


21st December   

Seasonal Changes...

Bar news from around town
Link Here

Club Relaxxx in Covent Garden have decided to encourage a bit more nudity and most of the gogo dancers on the central stage reveal all. If the management see this as a selling point, I wonder why they are so keen on so many overdressed coyote dancers.

The Jacuzzi in The Dollhouse has been replaced with a play mat stage. Still fun for those at ringside, but not so cold for the girls.

There's also reports of naked girls dancing on the top level of Alcatraz. The venue is still not making much impression on the commentators on Pattaya's forums though. The theme sounded fun, but in practice, prisons aren't actually very sexy places. And the main complaint seems to be that dancers are just too far away from the customers, both in terms of physical distance and interaction.

It seems that Far East Rock has joined the casualty list and closed. Not yet confirmed, could still be just a glitch, but financial difficulties have been mentioned over the last month, so things don't look good. The declining GoGo count on Sois 13 looks pretty unstoppable. Only a couple of years ago there were 11, now there are 4.

One of the closed GoGos, Betty Boum, has just re-opened as a bar & club. Not sure what is meant by club though, it just looks like an open shop bar, maybe there is something more upstairs.


20th December   

The Price of High Season...

Drinks price changes on Walking Street
Link Here

What's Up at What's Up? The prices of course. Most drinks prices have been hiked up, and for example a coke will now cost 135 Baht compared with 115 Baht previously. Bottled beer is now 150 Baht

Across the road at Baby Dolls a little edging up too. But here somewhat more modest. The happy hour draft has raised from 45 Baht to, a still more than reasonable, 50 Baht. Baby Dolls gets into the swing of it quite early so surely one of the best value happy hours in town.

Also a modest and reasonable price increase at Sweethearts A-GoGo. The happy hour price for most drinks has increased from 50 to 55 Baht. After happy hour draft beer has increased from 55 to 59 Baht.

But better news from Club Relaxxx, recently taken over from Club Sin City in Covent Garden, where the draft beer has now reduced to 50 Baht. There have been a few good reports of late, so worth a look.


17th December   

Late for High Season...

Plan for later bar closing times will take at least a couple of months to consider
Link Here

Holiday-makers still hoping for later bar closing times in Pattaya will have to wait until at least February while city, national and police officials draft a pilot plan that could be a model for all of Thailand's tourist-driven cities.

National Counter Corruption Commission spokesman Ampol Wongsiri announced at a Pattaya City Hall press conference Dec. 13 that Pattaya and Banglamung leaders, Pattaya's police chief and the Pattaya Entertainment Association have begun work on the model zoning plan that could eventually be used in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai and elsewhere.

The project will tackle not only the issue of operating hours, but policing of minors, drugs and guns; license applications and regulation of entertainment venues outside established entertainment zones.

Ampol said he hopes the committee can submit a draft proposal to the Cabinet by the end of January.

The Pattaya Mail will have more details in its Dec. 24 issue.


17th December   

The Usual Suspects...

Pattaya tourist police on beach patrol
Link Here

47 people were arrested by the Tourist Police who conducted a Beach Road and Second Road round-up of street beggars and others who were loitering. The police were on the lookout for anyone who was acting in an illegal or anti-social manner.

The detainees included a selection of Cambodian street beggars, transsexuals and prostitutes on Pattaya Beach.

A City Hall Official was on-hand at the Tourist Police Station to offer the detainees an on-the-spot fine. The illegal aliens were later transferred to Pattaya Police Station and the rest were released.


16th December   

Club Boesche...

Pattaya GoGos in double dip recession
Link Here

Club Boesche in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 was closed last night, and it seems to be permanent.

Most of the girls have moved across the hall to Relaxxx (and it was rocking last night).

It wasn't that long ago that Club Boesche was the top spot in town!

In a little bit of a double dip gogo recession, Pattaya's GoGo count has dropped to 75


16th December   

The Clinic...

Feeling good in just a short time on Soi 7
Link Here

I Was having dinner on Soi 7 and bumped into an old Gentlemen's Club fling who said she's soon going to work for a brand new go-go on Soi 7 called The Clinic.

Where? I asked. She dragged me down to a building a few doors closer to Beach Road than Silver Star (2). White front. No window, single door and lots of banging going on inside.

Don't know who's behind it but it's allegedly going to open sometime soon . From the look of the inside, however, I'd say not TOO soon.


11th December   

Bed Unmade...

The Bed reported closed
Link Here

Thai Visa is reporting that the upmarket club, The Bed has closed at the Amari Nova Suites hotel. Perhaps a little off the beaten track sitting between 2nd and 3rd Roads, just north of Central Pattaya Road.

The up market bars don't seem to make much impression on farang nightlife Pattaya. Perhaps the obvious theory is that Pattaya is not being pushed upmarket quite as quickly as the mayor would like. But maybe a more likely theory is that 'upmarket' farangs also prefer to go to the naughty Walking Street bars.


9th December   

Taking a Smaller Bite...

Drinks prices reduced at Tiger and Shark
Link Here

Perhaps inspired by the crowds that have been descending on sister bar Fahrenheit, Tiger A-GoGo and Shark Club A-GoGo have reduced their drinks prices.

There is now a happy hour until 9:30pm with draft at 45 Baht and most other drinks at 60 Baht. After that time draft is a reasonable 60 baht. Lady drinks have reduced from 135 Baht to 120 Baht.

Lets hope it works for them, as the bars, in particular, Shark Club, have been consistently fun for quite a while now. But about a year ago the prices were alarmingly hiked for drinks and barfines.

Champion A-GoGo on the other hand has increased its prices, but at just 40 Baht for Draft Chang, its still about the cheapest in town (a decent size glass too).

Alcatraz opened to a chorus of disapproval at its combination of high drinks prices and no nudity policy. Connections to the bar have now suggested that draft beer will be reduced to 99 Baht all night and soft drinks will be 95 Baht. Also the upper floor is opening with a slightly more appealing dress code.


8th December   

Powers Whimps Out...

Powers Club closes on Walking Street
Link Here

The Austin Powers inspired bar on Walking Street above Champion has gone dark.

The concept of the bar was as confused as its namesake. It was part GoGo, part coyote and part late night club.

Cosy's A-GoGo opposite closed a few days earlier and it looks to be a permanent end. It also never really got going with a combination of loud music, below average girls and a very long dance rotation.

Better news from Gentleman's Club, there was just a very short glitch and the bar re-opened for business.

Performance Bar made a bit of Walking Street splash by being the first to have dancing boys on the street. The bar has now erected a sign proclaiming G-U-Y Club. So the long established Performance Bar is no more.

A very short established bar was Redlight Club promising to be a Private Club. However the plans didn't pan out, and the sign was taken down. The venue has now opened as Redlight Massage, a traditional massage shop.

There's word on the forums that either 2 or 3 mores bars on Soi LK Metro are just about to take the plunge and transform into GoGos. Early days yet.

Meanwhile Pattaya-at-Night reports that a new GoGo is set to appear on Soi 7, namely Clinic A-GoGo

For the moment there 76 Pattaya GoGos with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


6th December   

Alcatraz A-GoGo...

Remember your mum's advice: "Stay out of jail!"
Link Here

Alcatraz has just opened on Walking Street between Soi 14 an Soi 15.

It seems that Alcatraz A-GoGo has opened to disastrous opening comments on the Pattaya forums.

The drinks prices are clearly a sore point, with an across the board pricing of 135 Baht, including the draft beer (in small glasses). The draft beer is Carlsberg, which has novelty value in Thailand, but back in my corner of Farangland, it is just the cheap house draft. Certainly not a premium beer.

But having bought a high priced drink, or an extortionate Carlsberg, then surely one could expect to sit back and enjoy some top notch entertainment.

But I'm afraid not, the dancing girls are over dressed, and are simply not of the required standard to justify the premium pricing.

There are girls dancing upstairs, but these are too far away, and too poorly lit, to add anything to the entertainment.

Not really much on offer for Farangs.

Perhaps the bar has other ideas, and is targetting Asian/Russian tourists or something.


5th December   


More on the Bangkok models at Iron Club
Link Here

Iron Club is a lively GoGo located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

Over the last few months Iron Club have been supplementing their line up with Bangkok models. However from December (and running until next February), things have changed a little.

An Iron-Mama confirmed that the previous stable of models has been replaced with higher-end models. For typical Western-born Pattaya visitors, the upgrade is really a downgrade.

While the previous models danced topless, the new dancer wear pasties on their breasts. And, unlike the previous models, these ones positively do not go with customers, at any price. You can, of course, buy one a Super Model drink, but it will cost you 250 baht for a small Coke.

Following the Walking Street trend, these new high-end models are aimed at the Russian couples, Koreans in pajamas and those content to just look and not touch.


5th December   

Late News...

4:30am is the new 2am
Link Here

A protest of over 200 bar workers from around Pattaya took place at Pattaya City Hall on Wednesday Evening. The workers, with placards demanding action from the City to extend bar opening times met Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya and his administration.

He used the opportunity announce new opening times for bars within the main entertainment zone and for those outside. He announced that bars within the zone will now be permitted to open until 04.30 and those outside the zone will be able to open until 03.00.

There were conditions attached to the new times and the Mayor stated that unless Bar owners ran their businesses in accordance with Thai Law, the new opening times would be withdrawn immediately.

He also mentioned that plans for 24 hour opening were still being discussed and a further meeting is planed on Friday.

Mass protests with more to follow

Based on article from

About 4000 entertainment venue workers held a protest rally in North Pattaya on Friday blocking off the street to traffic. They were airing their grievances concerning the lack of progress from officials in easing opening time restrictions during the high season, and threatened more disruptive protests to come.

Bandit Siritonyong (Pattaya Nightlife Club Chairman) said they intended to air their grievances directly to the Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Justice Minister, Chon Buri Governor, and Pattaya Mayor as follows:

  1. The government had to be more flexible with the opening hours especially during the high season. At the same time the operators would comply strictly with the rules of operation in their venues, including the control of under 20 year-olds, drugs, and the carrying of weapons.
  2. Extending closing times to be 4.00 am on weekdays and 4.30 am on Friday and Saturday inside the entertainment zone; and 3.00 am and 3.30 am outside the zone.
  3. Appoint a committee representing venue operators to participate in the process determining zoning and opening times.

Siritonyong stated that this protest's aim was to get a response from the officials to their complaints and a letter had now been sent directly to the Chon Buri Governor. If there was still no clear response, the protest groups would organize another rally to block Sukhumvit Road


4th December   


King's birthday set to be a dry day
Link Here

It seems that Sunday will be a dry day with nearly all major bars closed.

No doubt there will be the usual vaguely discreet drinking at some beer bars.


4th December   


Pattaya's GoGo count reduced
Link Here

Cosy's A-GoGo on Walking Street was padlocked shut on Friday night.

It has been struggling of late with next to no customers when I have looked in. So things look bleak for Cosy's.

A second GoGo was also shut. Gentlemen's Club on Soi Diamond wasn't open but there were a couple of staff milling round and the lights were on. So not quite yet added to the closed list as there may be a temporary problem. It is not promising though, the bar has been very low on ladies of late.

So on Friday night there were 76 GoGos operating in the Pattaya area


3rd December   

Updated: No Escaping New Bars...

Alcatraz A-GoGo set to open on Walking Street
Link Here

Clapped in Irons

Alcatraz is set to open today or possibly tomorrow on Walking Street between soi 14 and Soi 15.

The prison theme extends over 3 floors and brings a new meaning to the term cage dancing.

No doubt there will be jailers, sadistic wardens and lesbian inmates. Perhaps barfines will be re-named key money. A better suggestion appeared on the forums where somebody suggested that you have to pay her bail money.

Update: Opened

The bar duly opened but late on at night. The first impressions seem to be over priced and over dressed.

So Pattaya's GoGo count has risen to 78. (assuming that the Alacatraz girls will get down to bikinis or less at some point).

Clapped in Iron

The Walking Street GoGo Iron Club is hiring a team of Bangkok show models for high season from now until the end of February.

It doesn't strike me as an obvious addition to the bar. Most of the regulars are there for the lithe young things on the back stages. Perhaps Iron have been watching the evolving cabaret like show scene as per What's Up. There are an awful lot of people on Walking Street who would prefer shows over hands on Jacuzzi  girls.

Update: A Pretty Price

Bangkok models at Iron Club are nothing new. They've employed several for many months now. Like the ones at Boesche before, and the first round of models at Diamond, they will go with customers — if you're young and/or very rich — but the barfine is 5,000 baht. No idea what the girl charges. And, when they're dancing, they're strictly topless only.


1st December   

Hot and Cold...

Variety on Walking Street
Link Here


The Walking Street GoGo Iron Club is hiring a team of Bangkok models for high season from now until the end of February.

It doesn't strike me as an obvious addition to the bar. Most of the regulars are there for the lithe young things on the back stages. Perhaps Iron have been watching the evolving cabaret like show scene as per What's Up. There are an awful lot of people on Walking Street who would prefer shows over hands on Jacuzzi  girls.


It has been reported on the forums that the new bar taking shape on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 15 is a new location for the V2O Ice Bar.

The site will be an awful lot more visible to the target trade than the upstairs location at the back of the beer bar alley of Soi Happy. So if you're home sick for the freezing temperatures of Europe and fancy an ice cold vodka, then you'll at least see where you can go.


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