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 2012: Oct-Dec
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6th January

  Glamour Re-clothed...

Glamour A-GoGo re-opens after a Christmas break
Link Here

Glamour A-GoGo sign Glamour A-GoGo recently opened in the Bali Hai Complex at the southern end of Walking Street.

The bar was closed on Christmas day with a hand written notice proclaiming that it would be re-opening soon. Which it has now done.

The bar is now mostly coyote. But hopefully there are a couple of bikinis on show to warrant its place as one of 90 GoGo bars in the Pattaya area.


30th December

  An Unglamourous Location?...

Glamour A-GoGo dark since Christmas
Link Here

glamour closed Glamour A-GoGo recently opened in the Bali Hai Complex at the southern end of Walking Street.

The bar was closed on Christmas day with a hand written notice proclaiming that it would be re-opening soon.

It has been closed since.

Hopefully just for a short time, the GoGo count drops to 90.

Update: Re-opening

30th December 2012. Thanks to Ishi

Glamour A-GoGo is now set to re-open on 5th January.

Obviously a bit of a disaster to miss out on the peak season week between Christmas and New Year. There's been no explanation of the closure.  A Guess maybe that agency dancer fees have a peak season premium too.


29th December

 Updated: If you are going to start somewhere, you may as well start at the bottom...

A first visit to Miami A-GoGo
Link Here

soi 13 2 sign Miami A-GoGo opened on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). The venue was previously that used by Hot & Cold before it moved

I stopped by in the early evening and it was all very disappointing.

The bar is quite traditionally laid out with a smallish central stage. There is comfortable bench seating to the right, a little bench seating to the left, but for the most part there is a long bar counter with a few swivel stools.

The bar looks a little incomplete as there is a large unused space behind the central stage. Perhaps space for a Jacuzzi stage or something later. But in the meantime it leaves a lot of the back right bench seating overlooking exactly nothing.

There were just 2 dancers taking turns and each were dancing for 3 songs. Topless was the dress code. The dancers were below average. There were however 2 other bikini clad girls who were excused dancing for some reason. One was below below average, but the other was attractive. However she was enjoying a chat with her friend rather than doing anything that may improve customer experience in the bar.

Draft beer was 50 Baht but that has already been reduced from the 60 Baht reported at the opening, a few days ago.

All very dreadful but at least its bound to better next time.


29th December

 Updated: Gunfight at the Silver Star Saloon...

Well outside Silver Star 2 A-GoGo anyway
Link Here
gun A 23-year-old Thai man was fatally shot outside the Silver Star 2 GoGo bar on soi 7.

The victim may have been accidentally shot by a gunman, who apparently meant to kill his drinking companion. Others opened fire on the gunman as he ran down soi 7, wounding him seriously as he collapsed.

When police reached the scene, they found one victim lying on the ground in a pool of blood, crying out in pain. He had been shot four times: in his right shoulder, stomach, in the middle of his back, and under his right armpit.

The officers checked on two more victims, including one who was fatally shot. The dead victim was shot on his left cheek bone, and also through his left ribs, with the bullet severing an artery in his heart and killing him.

After initial investigation by police, it appeared that the killer had armed himself with a gun to seek revenge on another man over a previous dispute. The man who was killed was drinking with the intended victim.

Then other men with guns shot the killer four times as he was trying to run away and escape down soi 7.

Update: High Noon! +/- 12 hours

29th December 2012. From Thai Visa with thanks to Dick Farang

Dick Farang noted that local press reports put the time of the shooting at 5pm and 4am.

However an eye witness added his experience to the Thai Visa forum and noted that the shooting occurred at around 3am:

OK as I was there I will put this story straight. We went inside the bar at around 3.00am (approx) We herd about 3 pops outside and I saw the security run inside, one had blood coming out of his neck. It turned out to be a flesh wound. within a min all the staff were armed and went out.

We left about 5 mins later and outside there were at least 20 Thais arguing. At this point I did not see anyone fatally wounded outside like several stories have suggested. Apparently the fatality was shot in the head. Well I do not think he was shot in the head with the initial 3 shots anyway otherwise I would have seen him floored outside! We walked away and the police sirens where coming from the top and bottom of the soi. So all this secondary shooting must have erupted in the presence of the police as the guy lay on the beach road looked very similar to one of the Thais who was arguing outside.

To me it seems a second bout of shooting must have started shortly after we got off. It was like the gun fight at the OK coral, EVERYONE was carrying.


26th December

  A Christmas Baby?...

Sugar Baby A-GoGo opens on Walking Street
Link Here

sugar baby Sugar Baby A-GoGo has opened up on the corner or Walking Street and Soi 14.

It was a bit of race against time and the bar ended up opening around 10pm on Christmas Day. Hopefully well in time for some good festive partying.

Drinks prices are similar to those of sister bar Windmill. The bath tub and playmat show areas have also been adopted by the new bar.

There are now 91 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


25th December

 Updated: More Sugar...

Sweet news from Walking Street
Link Here

Walking Street It seems a bit of a race against time but Sugar Baby A-GoGo is looking to open tonight (24th December). It is located on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 14 and has ownership connections with Windmill on Soi Diamond.

It'll be the 91st GoGo in the Pattaya area when it opens.

Meanwhile a surprise drop in drinks prices just at the start of the peak Christmas season. Lighthouse and Mandarin are now offering all time draft beer at 70B, down in peak time from the previous 80 Baht.

Update: Christmas Opening

25th December 2012. Thanks to Ishi

Sugar Baby failed to make Christmas Eve, but is now set to open on Christmas day at 7pm


23rd December

  Submarine Re-surfaces...

Miami A-GoGo opens and Submarine A-GoGo re-opens
Link Here

submarine agogo Miami A-GoGo has opened its doors on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). It is located at the (thankfully) renovated bar that was the previous location for Hot & Cold.

The GoGo is offering draft beer at 60 Baht and a review will surely follow.

Meanwhile Submarine A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi LK Metro. This is a bout 6 weeks after being closed following a police raid.

There are now 90 Pattaya GoGo with girls dancing in bikinis or less. 90 marks a new zenith in the GoGo count and there several more being built.


21st December

 Updated: Welcome to Miami...

Miami A-GoGo that is
Link Here

soi 13 2 sign Miami A-GoGo is set to open on Soi 13/2 better known as Soi Post Office. It will open at 1pm on Saturday 22nd December with a party.

It is located where Hot and Cold used to be near the 2nd Road end of the soi.

In fact the bar is not associated with the Las Vegas chain (nor Nevada Club for that matter).

It is a lady owner and her first venture into the GOGO game and she will manage it herself.

If all goes to plan, then it will be the 89th GoGo in Pattaya.


19th December

  Upstairs Downstairs...

Hot and Cold moves downstairs
Link Here

Hot and Cold frontage Hot and Cold is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

Hot and Cold has moved downstairs since my last visit. Having to climb the stairs in the remote hope of finding an attractive dancer to sit on your lap proved too much for most customers, and the GoGo had dwindled to almost nothing.

The new area is very small, very cheap, and very traditional Hot & Cold. There is probably only enough seating for 8 customers (and their fondle slabs).

At least being downstairs, there were a steady stream of people sticking their heads round the door for a gander. Actually a few stayed for a beer too.

The bar has also invested in a new sign.

And the best surprise of all was that there were 2 attractive dancers out of the 6 in attendance.

The small bar seems cuddlier and friendlier than before, and I was tempted to stay for the odd half dozen beers by one of the attractive girls on hand.

Understandably Hot and Cold has many detractors (probably the vast majority of GoGo goers), but if you are willing to shoo away the oldies, then I usually find there is plenty of good fun to be had.


17th December


Glass House
Link Here

Walking Street Glass House is taking shape on Walking Street next door to the recently opened Ginza A-GoGo, itself next door to the long running Nui's Club 2.

There's now word yet as to who is behind the venture, nor the opening date.


16th December

  I gonna make a brand new start of it...

New York New York becomes a nightclub rather than a coyote bar or GoGo
Link Here

New York New York nightclub New York New York is a nightclub on Soi Marine Plaza.

The bar has just removed the main stage and ended evening dancing until midnight. Then dancing resumes on the side stages and bar top.

This acts as a bit of decoration for what is now a nightclub rather than a GoGo or coyote bar.


15th December

 Updated: More Love...

Lady Love set to open on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

lady love logo Lady Love is the newest bar on Soi LK Metro and it is set to open tonight (Friday).

This will be a soft opening with a Grand Opening Party on Monday 17th December.

If all goes to plan this will be the 88th bar in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Opened

15th December 2012.

And indeed the bar opened as adevertised.


15th December

  Closing Times...

Times lounge raided by the police
Link Here

Gentlemen's Lounge There are reports that Times Gentlemen's Lounge hidden away down Pratamnak Soi 1 has been raided by police.

It sounded quite serious and the bar was closed. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.


14th December

  Over the Moon...

Bar fine prices at the Moon Club
Link Here

  The Moon Club sign The Moon Club is located on the corner of Soi Diamond and Walking Street.

Perhaps anticipating some high season high flyers, the Bangkok 'super models' have returned with their astronomical 5000 Bar fine.


12th December

  Dolphin Beer...

Introduction of a new beer, Pattaya Lager
Link Here

pattaya lager All Pattaya's society big wigs got together for a promotional party to introduce a new beer from Pattaya, unimaginatively named Pattaya Lager.

From the label it seems that the brewer is sticking to the Thai convention of beers being associated with animals. Perhaps the beer will be become known as Dolphin Beer.

The party pictures reveal a snappy promotional line:

Come Pattaya, Drink Pattaya

It might even take off!

However reports suggest that the beer will be premium priced similarly to Heineken. Perhaps therefore will only appeal to novelty seeking tourists.


9th December

  Winchester Re-barrelled...

Long standing Jomtien bar returns as a Gentlemen's Club
Link Here

winchester The Winchester has been well known in Jomtien since it was established in 1995. (Except for a period when it was named The Blind Beggar).

The bar has just been extensively renovated and will rejoin the fray on Friday 14th December 2012.

As well as the traditional day time hostesses there will be themed nighttime entertainment promising such delights as oil wrestling, domination, sexy nurses and more.

There will be an opening promotion of free food at lunchtimes throughout December (barring Christmas and New Year Eve)


8th December


Sugar Baby on Walking Street
Link Here

Walking Street Sugar Baby is taking shape at the corner of Walking Street and Soi 14.

The Gogo has ownership connections with Windmill Club on Soi Diamond and is aiming to open on 28th December 2012.


7th December

  New York, New York Re-opens...

With barfines set like Wall Street commodity trading...
Link Here

New York New York nightclub New York, New York has re-opened on Soi Marine Plaza after what appears to be 30 days of police closure.

The bar now has about 15 bikini clad dancers. Some of them progress to less clothing during their dance routines.

There's still a 65 Baht draft beer but the bar seems to be making up for lost time with its barfines.

  • before midnight : 2,500B
  • from midnight to 2am : 2,000B
  • after 2am : 1,500B

There are now 86 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


6th December


Sensations A-GoGo taking shape on Walking Street
Link Here

sensations banners Sensations A-GoGo will rise from the ashes of Cavern A-GoGo and the Honey Beer Bar.

The GoGo will re-open under new management and will not be associated with the Happy Group.


5th December


Another GoGo taking shape on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

soi lk metro A new A-GoGo bar is set to open on Soi LK Metro on 14th December 2012.

The GoGo will be named Lady Love and is located at the Soi Diana end of the street nearly opposite Champagne A-GoGo.


3rd December


Another GoGo taking shape in Walking Street
Link Here

Walking Street A new A-GoGo bar (which has no name at this moment); is aiming to open on 25th December. It is located at the corner of Walking Street and Soi 14, opposite Mandarin.

New York New York; is set to re-open as an A-GoGo bar on 7th December.

Meanwhile 39 Baht happy hour draft has returned to Club Relaxxx.


2nd December

  Dreaming of Being a Coyote Bar...

Dreams Bar re-opens on Soi 8
Link Here

dreams bar Dreams Bar has re-opened after renovation on 27th November 2012.

The bar is located opposite Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8. In fact Dreams displayed a sign suggestiing that it would become a GoGo but this didn't pan out and the bar returned as a coyote bar.

Update: Dreams

2nd December 2012. From ishi

I haven't see any dancers on the stage for the last 3 nights. More beer bar with a stage than a coyote bar.


27th November

  Coyote Dreams...

Dreams Bar re-opens on Soi 8
Link Here

When the Lights Went Out


24th November

 Updated: Flyaway Inflation...

at Air Port Club
Link Here

Confession Of A Child Of The Century

film 15   Confession Of A Child Of The Century by Sylvie Verheyde.


Passed 15 for strong sex, language and a brief gory image

23rd November


News from Sois 13
Link Here


film 12A   Jadoo


22nd November

  Restrictions Relaxxxed...

Re-opening after police closure
Link Here
Jagarna 2 - False Trail by Kjell Sundvall.
With Rolf Lassgård, Peter Stormare and Annika Nordin.

Passed 15 for strong language, twice very strong, strong violence and gory images

The Magnificent Eleven



With Rain and Joon-sang Yoo and Seong-su Kim.

Passed 15 for infrequent strong violence and language

20th November

 Updated: Utopia Upstairs...

Utopia A-GoGo becomes Upstairs A-GoGo
Link Here

Darling Companion

video 12   Darling Companion by Lawrence Kasdan.


Harry and Paul is a 2012 UK TV comedy.
With Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse and Sophie Winkleman. IMDb

UK: A Re-Edited Version of Episode 4 was passed 15 without BBFC cuts for moderate sex references and discriminatory and racist language for:
  • UK 2012 2Entertain [Season 4] R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 10th December 2012
  • UK 2012 2Entertain [Season 1-4] R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 10th December 2012

Pure speculation, but it looks like this is another example of the BBC cutting jokes about children after sensitivity resulting from the Jimmy Savile scandal.

A couple of months earlier the same episode had been passed 15 uncut for strong language and moderate sex references. The uncut version ran 1:02s longer than the Re-edited Version.

Similarly episode 3 has been pre-cut by 1:31s.

19th November

  Time Off to Relaxxx...

Police closures
Link Here



17th November

  Mum Returns...

Renovations on Soi Diamond
Link Here
21 Days: The Heineken Kidnapping - De Heineken Ontvoering - The Heineken Kidnapping by Maarten Treurniet.
With Rutger Hauer, Sallie Harmsen and Marcel Hensema.

Passed 15 for strong language and violence

Crossfire Hurricane


Crossfire Hurricane NTSC Rolling Stones

10th November

  Glamour, Lollipop and Ozone...

Glamour A-GoGo opens in the Bali Hai Complex
Link Here
video PG   Lonely Are The Brave by David Miller.
With Kirk Douglas, Gena Rowlands, Walter Matthau, Michael Kane, Carroll O'Connor, George Kennedy and Karl Swenson.

Passed PG for mild violence

The Maltese Falcon



released on 26th November 2012

See pictorial version details from . The changes are uncontroversial in terms of censorship.

Promotional Material

In mid-18th century America, woodsman Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) lives amongst British colonists in New York state, but shares the cultural values of his adopted Mohican father, Chingachgook (Russell Means). At the height of the French-Indian war, Hawkeye is asked to lead two British sisters, Cora and Alice (Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May), through dangerous territory to their father's fort. With the French-allied Hurons on their trail, one of whom has a personal vendetta against the daughters, Hawkeye and his companion Uncas still find time for romance with their charges, much to the chagrin of the accompanying Major Duncan Heyward (Steven Waddington), who has set his cap at Cora.


9th November

 Updated: Office Paperwork...

Continuing seasonal police raids
Link Here

The Mask

video PG
6th November

  Club 23, 2/3 For Sale...

News from Sois 7 and 8
Link Here
6th November  
  Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist...


5th November

  New Licks...

Halo A-GoGo takes over where Lollipop A-GoGo left off
Link Here
4th November  
  Extremist Censors...


4th November

  Last Licks...

Lollipop A-GoGo closes on Walking Street
Link Here
4th November



3rd November

  More Joy and Less Willys...

Changes on Soi 6
Link Here

Some Girls Have All the Fun

28th October

  More Upstairs (Or Less Depending on How You Look at It)...

Ginza A-GoGo opens an upstairs section
Link Here

ginzaGinza A-GoGo is newly opened on Walking Street next door to Nui's Club 2.

I was in Ginza last night around midnight. They did have draught beer for 65 baht as opposed to the 59 baht it costs during happy hour.

The upstairs bar is now open and features nude and topless dancers, while the downstairs dancers are now bikini-clad. However the upstairs bar is very tiny and only features 2 or 3 dancers at a time.


27th October

 Updated: Re-Twinkled...

Silver Star makes its seasonal re-opening
Link Here

Silver StarSilver Star is located on Soi 8.

The GoGo is repeating its pattern of seasonal openings. It re-opened as advertised on 26th October 2012.

The GoGo count now stands at an all time high of 88.


24th October

  The Club A-GoGo...

A change of neon
Link Here

Club Oasis neonClub Oasis on Soi Buakhao has changed name and now bears the moniker The Club A-GoGo. However it has retained 'Oasis' in its tagline: An Oasis in Pattaya.

It is not yet clear as to the reason for the change. One suspects that it will be known as Oasis for some time to come. "The Club" is not a very useful name as it is simply not clear in speech or typing as to what is being referred to. Not good for Google searches either.


23rd October

 Updated: Opening Shop...

Ginza A-GoGo opens on Walking Street
Link Here

ginzaThe builders at Ginza A-GoGo have completed and the bar opened on 15th October. The bar is located next to Nui's Club 2 on Walking Street. And for background Ginza is a smart Tokyo shopping area.

On an opening night visit there were 25-30 dancers in the bar and most of them were coyotes.

They have another stage on the upper floor, but it's not opened yet.

No drinks menu, no draught beer, no prices displayed outside.

Soft drinks are 95B, Bottled beer is 125B and bar fines are 600B. There is an early happy hour from 7:45pm to 9:00pm

The bar will take a week or so of soft opening to work out how it will operate.

Assuming that "mostly coyote" implies that some girls were dancing in bikinis then there are now 87 bars in the area with girls dancing in bikinis or less. An all time high and will creep higher in the next few days.

Update: Early Last Orders

23rd October  2012.  Thanks to Ishi

Ginza have come up with an original idea. The bar now serves draft beer during the bar's short happy hour until 9pm. The option is then hastily removed from the drinks menu for the rest of the evening.

It all sounds a bit mixed up. What's the point of attracting customers looking for a cheap drink and then totally pulling the rug on them a few minutes later?


18th October

  Sweethearts in Paradise...

New owners at Paradise A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Paradise A-GoGo signParadise A-GoGo has new owners who are well known in Walking Street where they own Sweethearts A-GoGo.

Johan has now outlined the vision for Paradise and it is to provide traditional GoGo pleasures with plenty of nudity and good value drinks prices. Expensive coyotes and agency models are not going to be found in Paradise.

Connections are hoping that customers will find a girl or two that are attractive enough to barfine, and that expectations for compensation will be reasonable.  Drinkers will hopefully find a girl or two that is fun and friendly, and drinks prices will be reasonable enough to make for an enjoyable visit.

The previous friendly manager Paul is continuing in the job.

Sounds a good approach to me.


16th October

  Raiding Season Opens...

Walking Street GoGos fall victim to police raids
Link Here

Thai Police logoPolice were out in force on Monday night raiding bars and checking licensing paperwork etc.

At 10:30 pm, Alcatraz, Baby Dolls, Moulin Rouge and Halo Club were all closed.

Pattaya forum reports add Bada Bing and The Dollhouse to the list.

hopefully just an expensive hiccup.


10th October

  Hooty's Shaw Girls...

Old GoGo re-opens as pussy tricks show bar
Link Here

Hooty's ShowgirlsHooty's Showgirls re-opened on 5th October on Walking Street next to Roxy and Insomnia.

However is has now become a pussy tricks show bar targeting tourist couples.

It has an entrance charge covering the first drink and seems to be part of the chain that operates the similar Playgirls and Hot Girls. (The same owners also run GoGos targeting farang guys, such as Airport and Nui's Club 2).

Hooty's was previously a long running GoGo that specialised in sexy shows, but closed in June 2011 after a long decline.

There are now 86 bars in Pattaya that have girls dancing in bikinis or less. However this includes 2 expensive East European dance bars and 4 pussy tricks show bars that are unlikely to appeal to farang guys.


9th October

  Dreams Bar and A-GoGo...

Opening soon on Soi 8
Link Here

dreams gogoDreams Bar is located on Soi 8 opposite the original Silver Star GoGo.

It is currently an air conditioned beer bar with windows and the occasional coyote dancers.

A sign recently appeared proclaiming a Bar and A-GoGo. The bar is a decent size for a beer bar but would make for a very small GoGo.


8th October

 Correction: Fun on Soi 6...

OMG on Soi 6 becomes Fun Seeker
Link Here

OMG ClubOMG, a GoGo on Soi 6 has changed hands and become Fun Seeker Dance Club.

OMG  took over from Wanthana's in April 2011. The venue was Betty Boup before that.

This doesn't change Pattaya's GoGo count, but the count has been incremented by one to 85 as topless dancers have been introduced at the new Showgirls on Soi LK Metro.


8th October

  Looking Up...

Upstairs at the new Showgirls Entertainment Centre
Link Here

Showgirls Entertainment Centre logoShow Girls on Soi LK Metro also opened on 4th October.

I visited Showgirls A-GoGo on Oct 5, 2012 and stayed there for the massive rain that night for 2-3 hours, before wading through ankle deep water on Soi LK Metro and knee deep water on Soi Diana and Soi Buakhaow.

The downstairs is badly screwed up and agree with Ishi's comments. Go directly to the second floor stairs if you can negotiate those seated or standing around.

The second floor part is much bigger and lots more girls, some coyote in the window visible from Soi LK Metro, as well as various cages, some dancing topless on the second floor glass ceiling of the first floor.

The third floor is for parties and short time.

There is a glass elevator between the second and third floors which moves up and down with a coyote dancer visible from Soi LK Metro.

See Updated Google map of Soi LK Metro .

  News from Ishi, October 2012: First Impressions

Initial comments centred on warm beer and a rather poor layout of the downstairs bar.

Seems best to try upstairs. Drinks prices are reported to be higher than the Soi LK norm.


7th October

  Sexy Again...

Sexy A-GoGo re-opens on Soi 7
Link Here

Sexy A-GoGoSexy A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi 7 (not to be confused with Sexy Girls A-GoGo on Soi 8).

The GoGo is part of the Kiss group which includes Far East Rock. I heard that Paradise has been sold so maybe that is no longer part of the group.

Anyway Sexy A-GoGo is pretty much the same as before and bottled beer is 95 Baht.

The GoGo count is near an all time high with 84 bars currently open and featuring girls dancing in bikinis or less.

And more on the way.


5th October

  Show On...

New openings in Pattaya
Link Here

Showgirls Entertainment Centre logoWorld Wide A-GoGo on Beach Road has now re-opened after renovations on 4th October.

Show Girls on Soi LK Metro also opened on 4th October. Initial forum comments centred on warm beer and a rather poor layout of the downstairs bar. Seems best to try upstairs. Drinks prices are reported to be higher than the Soi LK norm.

Meanwhile Private Dancer on Soi 15 is set to open its new wing tonight (5th October). This is a new section of the bar added by merging in the old Eazy Room GoGo.

The GoGo count has now incremented to 82 but this does not include Showgirls. Early reports say that there is no nudity and that the girls are fully clothed. Maybe just a coyote bar for the moment.


4th October

  Shagging on Three Floors...

Promising flyer for the new Showgirls Entertainment Centre
Link Here

Showgirls is set to open tonight (4th October) on Soi LK Metro. The flyer certainly looks interesting.

Showgirls flyer


3rd October

  Teaser Trailers...

Bars set to open in the next month or so
Link Here

Old HootysWorld Wide A-GoGo on Beach Road is now set to re-open after renovations on 4th October.

But no doubt Show Girls on Soi LK Metro will steal the lime light when it opens on the same day.

One day behind is Teazers. It has had a bit of a renovation and is implementing ideas to try and better use the rather narrow space. It is set to re-open on 5th October.

Meanwhile Ginza A-GoGo on Walking Street next to Nui's 2 is now targeting 17th October as an opening date.

An about a month away there are new plans to bring back Hooty's. It has been closed for quite a while. There was a plan, that got at least as far as remodeling the entrance, for it to become Roxy 2, but this was later shelved. Talk at the time was for it to become a coyote venue. Anyway the bar is now being renovated, and something new will appear in about a month's time.


3rd October


Carlsberg ties up with the Singha brewery
Link Here

carlsberg beerCarlsberg, the world's fourth-biggest brewer, is returning to Thailand after a seven-year hiatus, following Heineken's successful bid to expand in Southeast Asia.

Carlsberg is teaming up with Singha Corp. to distribute, market and sell its brands in the country, it said Sept. 28. Thailand, with a population of about 67 million, is one of the few Southeast Asian countries where the Copenhagen-based brewer has a negligible footprint. The joint venture with the maker of Leo beer gives Carlsberg a partner that controls almost 60% of Thailand's beer market.

The Danish brewer has stumbled in Thailand before. A joint venture formed in 2000 with Chang Beverages, failed to develop as planned. The story was that Chang were caught relabeling Chang as Carlsberg rather than brewing to the approved Carlsberg recipe.


2nd October

 Updated: Speaking of China...

Mandarin Walking Street opened on 1st October
Link Here

manadarin walking streetMandarin Walking Street opened on 1st October 2012 at 8pm.

It is located at the corner of Soi 14 and will add to the chain of Tiger, Shark, Fahrenheit and Lighthouse.

A visit on opening night revealed that everything is almost the same as other Shark Group GoGos.

However the dancers were rather over-dressed. I counted nearly 30 dancers on the stage in the 2 teams. I saw no bottomless dancers, and just a couple of topless dancers.

There are now 82 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. And there are several more are about to come online.


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