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2008: February

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28th February   

Quick Quick...

Angelwitch: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

I've had a couple of bad experiences at Angelwitch.

First was in September when I ordered a coke, which was about the price of a beer, and was hustled out of the bar by the waitresses for not ordering another quickly enough. I though this may have been because of my choice of beverage and that I'd be given more time with a beer.

The experience was enough to keep me away from the place until last night, when my date asked if we could return. Unarguably they have a great show and their fill dancers between the shows are very attractive now – as they tended to be drab in the past.

But drinks are very expensive, and the waitresses were hovering as we watched the show. I believe the couple next to us were harassed out of the bar, but I kept a firm hand on my beer throughout to avoid waitresses picking up the bottle – this didn't stop one waitress from getting up on her toes & peering in to it. Finally, although neither of us had finished our drinks, we were told we had to reorder for the new show or go. So we chugged our drinks in anger and left. We never did see a full show and I expect the time we were allowed with our drinks was about 20 minutes.

I do not come to Thailand to be angered, but these guys succeeded twice in 2 short visits. I'd recommend to all others to stay away unless they enjoy being treated like crap.


27th February   

Not So Bad...

Tim: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

I stopped by ad was rather surprised to find a bar with plenty of customers and a fair amount of girls.

Don't these people read reviews I wondered. Don't they know that the girls are past their use by date? Don't they know that the bar seriously hassles to sell raffle tickets and munchies etc? Don't they know that the girls are overdressed?

Actually there were some halfway decent girls on dancing duty and nobody hassled me at all. The draft beer was reasonably priced and the music was good for aging rockers.

I can't understand why the bar is so popular though, but it wasn't too bad on this occasion.


26th February   

A Really Good Local...

Yates: Pattaya Bar Reviews
Link Here

A really good local beer bar and an ideal place to meet up to start your day or night off. Run by three solid Yorkshire lads who know all the ropes of Pattaya and are more than willing to pass their advice on.

If golf's your thing then its even better. They organise golf days and even lay on the mini bus service at a far cheaper rate than going through an agent.

The pub is in a darts league and local matches abound. The rooms upstairs are clean and spacious with satellite TV etc and are ideal if your on a lads holiday.

Bar staff are nice and friendly but more importantly, honest. You can also sort your airport taxi out from the bar. Just ask for Neil, Mick or Eddie.


24th February   

Heads Rolled...

From TQ2 to Shooters
Link Here

We at Shooters are happy to announce that Russ has joined the Shooters team! He will fill the same role in Shooters as he did so successfully for TQ2, and we are very pleased to have him on board.

Russ's first official day at work will be Monday, February 25, but he will be in the bar tomorrow night to hang with our mates, so come on over and give him your support! smile.gif


19th February   

Naughty Table...

Lollipop: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

The bar is slowly progressing and now have enough girls to keep a steady 2 girl show going on the show table. They follow in the traditional naughty mould of Windmill and Baby Dolls etc. Suitably friendly to keep me entertained for an hour anyway. There is also a Jacuzzi but the naughty table gets top priority when the numbers are low.

The main stage is a traditional Isaan shuffle affair and still seems to lack a little momentum. Nothing really amiss, probably just a matter of time as people get to know of the bar.

Last time I visited I spotted a few girls newly recruited from Sisterz.


18th February   

A Change of Door...

Blue Lagoon II: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

Since I last visited the door has switched from being on the right hand side looking from the beach to the left hand side. It seems a pretty extensive change for very little effect on the bar.

The bar seemed to have lost a little of the recent lively upswing but maybe it was just unlucky timing. My regular girls had moved on to pastures new but the potential replacements were a bit underwhelming for me. But still they were friendly enough and the beer is still cheap.

If a pretty girl were to jump into my lap then this bar would surely rate as a good bar. But as there were no girls so obliging, then it rates as one worth a quick look next time.


16th February   

Honey Girls A-GoGo...

Already Past Its Sell-by Date: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

Apparently the hot girls were only barfined from other gogo's for the opening night.

Was in there last night and the girls were way past their "buy by date." Ordered 1 black/soda, 150 Baht!

When I told the owner that even the number 1 bars on Walking Street don't get that, he said maybe he will adjust his prices next month.

If the bar lasts that long, I told him!


15th February   

Nicely Laid Out...

Rocket Club A-GoGo: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

Rocket Club A-GoGo is situated above Paris A-GoGo on Soi Diamond

Access: They have chopped off the last few yards of the beer bar below to make an entrance lobby. Go upstairs (usual steep thai steps). The gogo is on the first landing. If you go further up, you could find the room(s) for gogo girls that are too tired and need to take a rest...

The Bar: Nicely laid out with good bench seats round the edge and tables with chairs. About 8 girls on stages, while two girls were washing in the Jacuzzi. Appears the changing rooms must be small, so they had to wash in public!

Drink prices were sensible and sticky signs round the top of the mirrored walls with the "price list". Draught Chang was 55 Baht.

Smokers: They have realised bout the new No Smoking Ban and have converted one of the men's toilet cubicles into a Smoking Room (or so the sign on the door says).--- quick thinking that! Well done, even though I am not a smoker.

Yes, I will go back and give it another go. May not be many girls there yet, but some friendly and I am willing to follow up their approaches... I think the BF was 600 Baht, which is pretty standard these days. Did not have the time to find of what the girls wanted... Most seem fresh from the countryside, or so their dancing skills told me (I was taught about reading dance skills a long time ago from an ex-gogo girl in Bangkok).


15th February   

Baby Oil Show...

Rock Girls: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

With the departure of Fun Room from the Nui's stable, the mamasan has transferred to Rock Girls taking the continuous baby oil show with her.

The small stage in this intimate bar only allows for three girls but interactivity is encouraged and there are rooms if you wish to get to know a particular oiled baby a bit better.

Uncomfortable stools and slightly too pushy girls make this not really a bar for a relaxed couple of drinks and a chat.

The girls are anyway unremarkable and if you're in soi 15 there is little reason to choose this particular bar unless it's for a short time.


13th February   

Honey Girls A-GoGo...

Lotsa fun at the new GoGo on Soi Honey
Link Here

The new Honey Girls A-GoGo opened last night.

Located just outside of the Honey Hotel on Soi Honey. The place was rocking. Girls and customers all having a good time. Some lookers in there which is unusual for an opening night.

Minor problems with A/C and staff not serving customers quick enough.

Over all-thumbs up.

There are now 82 girl gogos operating around Pattaya


13th February   

A GoGo from a Bygone Age...

Fun returns but Gothic GoGo turns to dust
Link Here

The E Gothic GoGo was closed last night at least in terms of being a GoGo.

The bar is still open but is now operating as a beer bar.

It seems pretty tough to get anyone to stroll down Soi BJ any further than TQ2.

Meanwhile Fun Room A-GoGo has returned to life on Soi 15. The girls are unsurprisingly on daily pay at the moment but there is surely still an air of a lack of permanence


12th February   


Silver Star 3: Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here

I've been frequenting the Silver Star 3 GoGo on Walking Street recently, and have not been too impressed. In fact, after my last visit, I don't think I will ever go back there.

The drinks in this bar are over-priced. I can live with 120 Baht for a gin & tonic, or 130 Baht for a lady tequila, but it's the persistent pressure from the service staff to buy then drinks that bugs me.

I can live with that, too, after all you can just say no. But then on my last visit some nonsense started, with the mamasan telling the dancer I was sitting with that she had to come and clean the bar instead of sit with me between dances. Never mind the fact that the dancer was on her third or fourth tequila on my bin! The girl told me it's no problem, just buy mamasan a drink and she won't have to go clean the bar. What a load of bollox!

The girl went back dancing, and I went to the hong nahm for a leak. When I came back, some guy and his girl had settled themselves down in my seat. Never mind the fact that it had two drinks on the table. Never mind the fact that it had my bin full of receipts on it. Obviously, after the ‘bar cleaning' episode, this was just another way to show their displeasure that I hadn't bought a drink for any of the service staff that night.

OK, I can take a hint, I checked bin and left and will not be going back. And that's another thing that annoys me about this place, the bills are all poorly hand-written and it's difficult to check the total in the dim light.

There's nothing wrong with the dancers in this bar, but the ‘service' staff seems to inhabit a parallel dimension and the ‘shows' are a waste of time.

I met the same dancer from Silver Star in one of the more reasonably-priced Walking Street GoGo's. She told me that in Silver Star, it seems, to stop the ladies leaving, they will only pay them for the month after they have worked six weeks or more, so the lady will always lose at least 2 weeks of pay if she changes bar.

So my advice is to avoid the place. Oh, and it's Thai-owned, so don't bother complaining.


11th February   

Cool Beer...

O Bar: Pattaya Bar Reviews
Link Here

O Bar on Soi 6 is now owned by an American. Repainted and clean. They have between 12 and 15 good girls every day.

It also has a sound system with 120,000 songs. Cool beer, good mixed drinks and good bartender.


11th February   

Blast Off...

Rocket A-GoGo opens
Link Here

Rocket opened last night upstairs on Soi Diamond where Tiger Club used to be.

Entrance is narrow staircase right before Paris a Go Go . The, what has become usual, interior for new go go's - stage for 4-6 girls, jacuzzi, comfortable seats, etc., etc., etc.

Line up was less then spectacular.

You really have to question the wisdom of someone opening a new go go on the second floor as the season winds down. Even many of the ground floor go go's can barely get more then a handful of customers these days.

Not yet worth the climb up the steps.

There are still 81 girl GoGos operating in Pattaya with Rocket making up for the closed Fun Room


10th February   

More Bum Taxes...

Encouraging the girls to sit on your lap
Link Here

Bring your own bar stool

Latest rip off for owners to come from City Hall, following the daft Music Licenses, and CCTV set ups has just been passed.

Every restaurant must pay 100 Baht per seat on the premises.
Every Bar must pay 200 Baht per seat on the premises.
Every entertainment venue (Includes Go-Gos) must pay 240 Baht per seat on the premises.

Annual payment.

No pay, no license!


10th February   

Still a Bit Loud...

Sexy A-GoGo: Pattaya Gogo Reviews
Link Here

Not really much to recommend this bar as yet. There were 10 ladies on duty of which a couple were attractive. They were wearing rather too much with a leather look bikini.

The dance rotation was to have 4 dancers on stage for 4 songs so a good rapid turnaround. The music is farang friendly but a little too loud. A sort of music compromise that doesn't really suit anybody.

The drinks prices are not exactly cheap for draft drinkers as there isn't any, but that apart the drinks are typically priced.

There weren't many customers to make a good survey but a couple of guys were being well looked after by a couple of hands-on dancers.

As is often the case though, the lack of good points on paper doesn't mean that much. I had a very pleasant visit due to good company from one of the girls.

Sexy A-GoGo is located on Soi 7 and was previously Blue Angel


9th February   

Stubbed Out...

Countdown to smoke free bars
Link Here

It seems the impending smoking ban on aircon bars is being treated reasonably seriously so far.

Bangkok police have been distributing pamphlets describing the rules and all the newspapers have carried informational stories.

The ban will start on Monday 11th February but it seems that there will be a grace period until 31st May before fines can be levied. 20,000 Baht on the bar, 2000 Baht on the customer caught smoking.

Thinking about practicalities, the ban cannot be ignored. the police can send in stooges to light up and be hanging around outside waiting to claim their 20,000 Baht. Bar staff will simply have to forcefully stop people lighting up...just in case.


9th February   

Good Time...

Gothic GoGo: Pattaya Gogo Reviews
Link Here

Dropped into Gothic and had a very good time.

As you say, the location probably puts customers off, but the girls aren't lacking enthusiasm.

At one point I was the only customer with all six girls fighting to sit on my lap. Works for me.

Gothic is on Soi BJ off Walking Street.


8th February   

Update: Some Fun Returns for a While...

Fun Room A-GoGo re-opens and closes
Link Here

Fun Room A-GoGo on Soi 15 closed for a few days then opened for a few days and was closed again last night (Thursday 7th February)

Dropped by "Lock Girls" to get the story and the gossip was that the Japanese guy had given up after an increasing dumb set of "economies", apparently at one point trying to fine the service girls for spending too much time chatting to customers!

There are now 80 GoGo bars with girls operating in Pattaya.


8th February   

Update: Seeing Double...

Sexy on Soi 7 but Sexy Girls on Soi 8
Link Here

It seems that that Blue Angel A-GoGo on Soi 7 near 2nd Road has moved on.

The bar now proclaims to be Sexy A-GoGo with a sign very similar to Sexy Girls A-GoGo similarly placed on Soi 8.

Confusing or what?

Two Scandinavians, Danish Kim Holm and Norwegian Gunnar Nordahl held the grand opening of their new A Go Go joint in Soi 7 on 2nd February.

The new A Go Go bar with the name Sexy is a friendly place with reasonable prices, music from the 60's and 70's and boasting some really nice wall paintings.


6th February   


Another Walking Street GoGo
Link Here

Yet another GoGo is set to open its doors on Walking Street.

This is to be another one upstairs in Soi Diamond and will be called Locket so I'm led to believe.

It's due to open in mid-February and will have one of Pattaya's most experienced managers attempting to draw punters up the steps.

Presumably the old Tiger Club is being pressed back into service (following in the footsteps of Roof & New Player).


5th February   

Partying On Hold...

Party Bar closed for refurbishment
Link Here

Party Bar on Soi 8 is closed for renovations and we have shipped a lot of the girls down to the Insomnia Gentlemen's Club.

The bar is going to have a whole new look with only 1 central bar instead of the old 2 larger bars with the bonus of evaporative air cooling systems, plus more comfortable seating and even more ladies.

The 1st of March is opening time so its only a small closure for a very big job.


4th February   

Update: Life Returns to Yamato...

Bars discretely 're-open' after police closures
Link Here

Many bars have been shut by the police last week for supposedly not having the correct licence

Soi Yamato & Soi Post Office have taken a hit with temporary bar closures including:

  • Moulin Rouge
  • Coopers
  • Dogs Bollocks
  • Monkey Bar
  • Jungle Bar
  • Nice 'n' Eazy
  • Yates
  • office Girls
  • George+Dragon
  • Spricey Bar
  • Gothia

Other bars mentioned are Streamline on Soi 7, Performance and Voodoo on Walking Street

However most of the bars have sprung back to life somewhat early, albeit with self imposed restrictions such as closing at 10pm (presumably thinking that further police inspections would occur only after 10pm)


3rd February   

Mists of Time...

Mistys A-GoGo to relocate
Link Here

In about 8 weeks time, Mistys A-GoGo will relocate from Pattayaland 2 to Soi 15 opposite Angelwitch.

They are developing 3 empty shop units next door to Rock Girls A-GoGo.


2nd February   

Update: Some Fun Returns...

Fun Room A-GoGo re-opens
Link Here

Fun Room A-GoGo on Soi 15 closed for a few days but has no re-opened

Dropped by "Lock Girls" to get the story and the gossip was that the Japanese guy had given up after an increasing dumb set of "economies", apparently at one point trying to fine the service girls for spending too much time chatting to customers!

There are now 81 GoGo bars with girls operating in Pattaya.


2nd February   

Update: Tornado Fizzles Out...

Tornado lady boy A-GoGo closed
Link Here

Tornado A-GoGo on Soi 6 o pened 5th September 2007 but turned out to be a lady boy GoGo.

The bar never seemed to find its mark and was soon up for sale.

The bar has now presumably been sold as it is now closed and being refurbished. Hopefully someone will try a girl gogo.

The lady boy venues seem to have taken a bit of a knock of late as GoldFingers A-GoGo on Soi 7 also closed at the end of December 2007.

Lita's bar on Soi BJ off Walking Street has recently been put up for sale to join nearby Blue Ice on the estate agent books.

However the lady boys seem to have ousted the girls at Pook A-GoGo on Soi 6 so perhaps ex Tornado Customers may find alternative fun a little further down the soi at Pook.


1st February   

New GoGos...

Honey Girls A-GoGo in Soi Honey
Link Here

Banners proclaiming a new GoGo have appeared in a small venue under the Honey Hotel in Soi Honey.

I have also heard that the Lion King Bar on Soi 6 will close in February and be transformed into a GoGo.

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