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2010: April

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30th April   

Auspicious Day...

Cavern A-GoGo opening
Link Here

The Cavern, the new gogo on Walking Street replacing Sisterz will open either on 4th May or 10th May.

The decision is based on Buddhist auspicious days.

I can't help but think that they will end up having to make their own good luck. Which the owners have managed to achieve so far with Happy, Peppermint, Beach Club and Baccara


30th April   

More Fun on Soi 6...

News snippets from Soi 6
Link Here

A new bar is taking shape on Soi 6 with a banner proclaiming Ruby 2. It is on the other side of Soi 6 to Ruby in the central section.

Betty Boup Dance Club has re-opened after a few weeks being dark. Betty Boup, and sister bar Passion opposite, open depending upon customer demand and supply of girls.

Horny Bar in the central section has turned itself into an open bar. This appears a bit of a fad at the moment, but I am not sure that it is particularly wise given that Pattaya seems to be suffering a bit from global warming. Bars with no aircon are quickly slipping out of my radar anyway.

So What! Bar towards the 2nd Road end of the soi has been dark for quite a while so presumably now up for recycling.


29th April   

Updated: Amsterdamaged...

Red light windows soon in Soi 6
Link Here

There is a new bar soon to open on Soi 6 that will give Pattaya visitors a taste of Amsterdam.

As you may suspect, the bar is inspired by the red light windows of Amsterdam and from the experience of living nearby the fabled district known as De Wallen

The owners have tried to turn the bar into the same as you would expect in the dam ie girls in the windows, private booths inside (3), and mirrored short time rooms (3) all on-suite.

The girls are said to be very excited about the mirrors.

There will also be a dance stage at the front with a pole. There will also be welcome girls to usher customers in.

The beer prices will remain the same as the old Love Club.

Update: Opening Date

Amsterdamaged will be opening this weekend. There will be an official opening on Saturday 1st May and there will be a soft opening on Friday 30th April.


29th April   

Updated: Fire at TQ 1...

Popular daytime GoGo destroyed
Link Here

One of the oldest and best known bars in Pattaya, the Tahitian Queen has been destroyed by fire. An electrical fault inside the club caused the fire which spread quickly throughout the building, and destroyed part of the roof structure.

The TQ 1 Rock and Roll bar has been in existence on Beach Road since 1978. It's a popular bar particularly with American expats.

Regulars interested in keeping track of TQ1 dancers may like to try Club Nevada where at least a couple of girls turned up looking for a job.

There are now 79 GoGos operating in the Pattaya area with girls in bikinis or less.

Update: Re-opening

29th April 2010. From Pattaya Secrets

TQ1 is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment to put right the recent fire damage. The grand re-opening is pencilled in for the 6th of May.


28th April   

Less Beer Bars but More GoGos...

Bars closed on the corner block of Soi 8 and Beach Road
Link Here

Beer bars are closing on the Soi 8 block extending round the corner to Beach Road going south towards Soi 9.

The reason seems to be to make way for a more swish beer bar complex or perhaps another hotel.

Better news on Walking Street, the lights out at Paris A-GoGo on Soi Diamond turned out to be more blip than the closure.

The GoGo count is therefore restored to 79.


26th April   


Paris A-GoGo goes dark
Link Here

Paris A-GoGo is located on Soi Diamond, a few paces from Walking Street.

Paris A-GoGo was dark on the night of the 25th April. Not sure yet whether this is temporary or permanent.

So last night at least, the Pattaya area gogo count dropped to 78.


25th April   

Upstairs Downstairs...

Rick does Baccara
Link Here

Baccara is one of the most impressive clubs in town. The owners also run Baccara in Bangkok, and they've a created a unique concept that has the potential to be a great go-go bar. It seems to have almost everything a go-go club needs to be successful. There are two floors, effectively two clubs in one, as each floor has a different ambiance.

Down But Looking Up

The downstairs area has a large central stage, but no shower, Jacuzzi or play area. There's about 20 girls dancing in rotation. The stage is big enough for a dozen girls or more, but there's usually eight go-go dancers on stage, dressed in bikinis and fish net stockings, and high heels. Some nights the bikini and stockings are white, other nights the outfit is black. Pretty standard stuff. The girls are attractive enough and reasonably friendly. There's great service, good music that doesn't make conversation impossible, and reasonable drinks prices.

Up But Looking Down

The upstairs area has a sunken dance stage with a glass floor and fireman's pole for rapid descent to the lower floor. If you're in the right position on either floor, you can see the dancers on both floors.

The girls outfit on the upper floor is different, a short skirt and bikini top made of a see-through material, and ankle length basketball style shoes and socks. Quite different from the ground floor girls' outfits, and it's obviously designed for more fun and action. The girls generally remove their bikini top, and don't wear panties. When the opportunity arises, they create their own fun and games, swinging on the chrome poles, and engaging in all kinds of simulated sex acts.

Add to this some loosely choreographed shows later in the evening, basically different costumes, and some new moves and you have the recipe for a great evenings entertainment.

Since the opening in December there have been a few changes to the upstairs layout, with the addition of two small dancing stages, but they are not well positioned and get little attention from customers.

Black Tie But No Panties

  Jenkins, we're a tad overdressed.
That purveyor of fine reviews at
Thai-Anxiety led me to believe
that Baccara was a formal affair.

The initial impression when you walk into the club, is a formal atmosphere, a large central dance floor, male serving staff, and no play area. This cool, somewhat inhibiting atmosphere has an impact on the girls behaviour. They don't spend much time making eye contact, they seem totally engaged in watching their own image in the wall mirrors, and chatting with their friends on stage. Great eye candy, but not a lot of fun if you are looking for interaction.

I had more success making eye-contact with the girls on the floor above, while sitting in the downstairs section, as they flirted with me through the glass floor, lifting their microscopic skirts to reveal no panties and great contours.

The girls in the downstairs bar at Baccara are good looking but not exceptional as I would have expected. The successful clubs attract hot girls, but that doesn't seem to be happening at Baccara. Perhaps the girls understand the reasons why, better than the owners. The girls are friendly enough, once you make the connection, but the initial impression is that connection seems harder to make here than at many of the other Pattaya go-go bars.

The upstairs girls are a lot more interested in interaction with customers. Their outfit suggests fun from the moment you see them. A lack of wall mirrors shifts their focus to customers, and the sunken dance floor means the dancers are at eye level with those sitting in the armchairs around the central stage. The upstairs bar also has about 20 dancers, with 8 girls rotating on stage. There seems to be a high turnover, with new faces there every time I visit the bar.

Flights But Low Budget

As part of the fun atmosphere on the upper floor, customers throw Bt 20 notes or the more expensive ping pong balls, (for which the girls get Bt 20 a piece). The girls shriek and squeal as they race around the floor trying to catch flying notes.

On a recent visit, I took my friend, who is a go-go dancer at another Walking Street club. I thought she might enjoy some fun time at a different go-go club, and I wanted to get her thoughts on the atmosphere at Baccara. We took a bunch of Bt 20 notes and spent a few minutes crafting paper airplanes from the notes. We had a great time launching the paper planes and watching the girls as they attempted to intercept the fleet of flying notes.

Look But Don't Touch

With all the skill, experience, and ingenuity, not to mention expense, that went into creating Baccara, it should be the one of the best clubs in town, ranking alongside all the other great go-go clubs in Pattaya, like Airport, Peppermint, What's Up, SuperGirl, Happy and Windmill. It's certainly a great club, but it lacks the magic that you feel from the moment you walk into Airport, the energy that you feel at Peppermint, the almost endless stream of cute girls that Happy has, and a soul that permeates Windmill, ensuring every visit is a fun occasion.

While the service levels are very efficient, the male serving staff put a damper on activities. When there's no service girls, there's no opportunity to interact with them like at Windmill, or New Living Dolls, where it seems a part of the evenings entertainment.

A combination of men serving staff, a large central stage and girls who are more interested in their own reflection, than making eye contact, creates a formal almost hands-off, unfriendly feeling.

These criticisms may seem harsh, but at the end of the day, most go-go girls in Pattaya would like to interact with you in the style of Airport or Windmill, if only the infrastructure and the operational management allowed it.

I've had several impromptu interactions with girls at Baccara, that suggest they are willing but may be a little inhibited with the formality of the place.

On one evening, I was climbing up the spiral staircase, to the upper floor. I stopped to allow two of the girls to pass me. They were in no hurry to reach the lower floor and blocked my passage with their bodies, pinning me against the rail and smothering me all kinds of affectionate embraces. An unexpected encounter that brought a big smile to my face!

But Time Will Tell

Baccara is definitely worth a visit. While it's clear that the owners are not trying to emulate the raunchy environment at clubs like BabyDolls and Windmill, they have a more formal, up market style in mind. The result is they have created an ambiance, at least in the downstairs area, that's somewhat chilly and unfriendly. Most customers don't make it, to the upstairs bar. So they miss out on the fun part of Baccara.

Time will tell how successful their concept will be.

Draft Beer, Bt 59. Lady Drinks Bt 120.


24th April   

Paradise Lost Again...

Paradise A-GoGo goes dark
Link Here

Paradise A-GoGo towards the southern end of Soi Buakhao has closed.

The bar has had several periods of closure over the last few months so maybe it can bounce back. But it has to be doubtful.

There are now 78 GoGos in the Pattaya area with dancing girls in bikinis or less.

I noticed Betty Boup on Soi 6 was also closed but this seems to be a supply and demand issue. Betty Boup and Passion Club across the road are sister bars which open or close according to the supply of girls and customer demand.


24th April   

Updated: BigBaby vs BigMango...

US economics teacher runs Thai sex tourism Web site
Link Here

As a Cal State Northridge associate professor, Kenneth Ng spends his days teaching students the principles of economics: markets, monetary policy, interest rates.

But in his free time, Ng focuses on a very different kind of market: sex tourism in Thailand. For the past year, Ng has been running a Web site that offers insights into the Thai bar scene, such as where to meet beautiful women and how to negotiate fees for their services.

But he was outed by a group of foreign businessmen who were outraged by what they considered a disrespectful Internet posting. They contacted his employer and colleagues, hoping Ng would be pressured into taking down his site.

It was a post he wrote on another Web site, run by owners of the Big Mango Bar in Bangkok, that triggered the organized campaign against him. In it, he instructed men to look for women near a particular Buddhist shrine. The Big Mango Bar owners said they found his post disrespectful.

University officials say they will not intervene or discipline Ng as long as his extracurricular activities do not involve public resources.

Update: Self Censored Under Pressure

24th April 2010. From

An American professors website about Bangkok nightlife has been deleted bar a final explanatory posting:

For those not familiar with Bangkok, many bars, including the Big Mango Bar, are actually brothels. They employ girls who are paid a small monthly salary and get most of their pay from commissions on drinks customers buy them and from what are referred to as barfines in Bangkok. A barfine is a fee paid to the bar that frees the girl from working for the rest of the day and allows the girl to go out with the customers. Sometimes customers take girls dancing and to dinner but most of the time they take the girl home for sex. There are quotas and girls who don't get barfined enough or induce enough men to buy them drinks get their salary proportionately reduced.

It sounds worse than it is because the girls are all over 20, are free to quit whenever they want, go home with whomever they please, and, in the end, many actually end up marrying and/or girlfriending men they meet at the bar. Legions of Thai girls from poor, uneducated, impoverished backgrounds have found opportunity and a better life by working in Bangkok bars and meeting foreign men over the years.

The whole system sounds a bit unsavory to Western sensibilities but the system is ubiquitous in Bangkok among foreigners and native Thais and a form of the same system is prevalent in most Asian countries–Communist China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Vietnam. It is even rumored that the wives of several high Thai government officials and politicians started out as a hostesses in similar clubs. Before was turned off, you could have read through the many posts on the site for more information. Now that has been turned off, I'm not sure if an equivalent source exists.

The articles were too good at laying bare the economic underpinnings, the inter-personal dynamics, the nuts and bolts, and even the humorous side of The Thailand Girl Scene.

The discussion of The Thailand Girl Scene was too interesting and too revealing about the realities of life in a third world country where the usual ways women advance themselves socially and economically in The World are blocked off.

The photography was too good at documenting the nitty gritty nature of the various nooks and crannies of the Thailand nightlife industry.

The realities of life, love, dating, marriage, and sex in Southeast Asia and the politically correct western centric view of the world clashed.

Better to live in a make believe fairy tale western fantasy version of Southeast Asian culture and society than deal with an accurate, well documented truth.

Unfortunately, because I am a professor at a big public university, the popularity and publicity surrounding the ideas, the subjects and questions discussed and debated, and, of course, the ground breaking photography at became so great that the site had to be turned off.

University Statement


Some of you may be aware of an issue that recently has received some attention related to a website run by a university employee on his own personal time with no connection to Cal State Northridge. I am writing with an update about this issue.

Professor Kenneth Ng informed me Thursday night that he is reluctantly taking down his web site on Friday. He will replace it with a brief account of the business dispute that led to the current controversy.

Professor Ng said that he is taking down the site because of the deleterious effect it had on the university's reputation, not because he considered the subject matter and content as unsuitable for public discourse, public discussion, or public debate.

I thank him for his reflection and removal of the site. I thank the University community for their comments.

I understand that some people will be disappointed that we did not force the site's closure; others already object that university leadership was critical of a university employee's speech.

We are trying to balance two principles that, in this case, clashed. Our commitment to gender equity compels us to see the site as offensive; our commitment to expression urges us to tolerate words and pictures we find intolerant. As university leaders, we believe open debate is critical to ordering our values and determining our acts. While belief in an absolute right to censor might initially comfort us; our and us has a way of quickly narrowing to you and me. Then the danger is that exclusion and exploitation, the acts that initially incited us to censor, become the rules of the day.

As with other incidents that have arisen on campus in the past, I encourage everyone to use the issues that have been raised in this matter as an opportunity to examine and talk about how we deal with values and perspectives that may conflict with our own while balancing the rights of others.

Harry Hellenbrand, Provost


22nd April   

Nice Experience...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Lollipop
Link Here

Lollipop A-GoGo is located in central Walking Street opposite Soi BJ.

Lollipop seems to be a bar in decline, but one that has found a comfortable plateau. Changes from earlier reviews are evident. Having once employed 3-4 dozen girls, it is now down to a dozen-plus. Outside hostesses/hello girls were apparently available for back-up if needed.

It seemed a bit strange to see coyote dancers, topless and nekkid ladies all on the stage at one time. I suppose they are trying to appeal to all tastes.

The Jacuzzi area in the back of the bar is now curtained off and the play mat only seems to be used by request but the manager and the girls seemed quite willing to do so if asked. The dozen girls were more than enough for the 9pm customer demand. Those few customers were generally experiencing an up-close-and-personal interaction. They also seemed to be resident expats returning to the bar -- given the reaction of the staff -- rather than first time tourists.

Comfortable seating, Walking Street prices, hands-on interaction, reasonable volume of the music, all make for a very nice experience. One added feature is that the katoey mamasan seemed to exempt the girls on customer's laps or on the play mat from their normal dance rotation.


21st April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Silver Star
Link Here

Silver Star is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 8

The Silver Stars in general have never really provided me with many worthwhile visits but I am not really sure exactly why.

The bar has quite a few dancers and several were attractive There is comfortable bench seating arranged around the wall overlooking the central stage and there is also a Jacuzzi. There is a reasonable draft beer at 65 Baht.

Perhaps the warning signs are that the bar packs too many girls on stage and they do a very long dance stint. Certainly didn't seem to make for many smiling girls. It is always more fun when the majority of the girls are out carousing for lady drinks and bar fines, they then get a little more animated to look after the customers.

It looks like the bar could be quite lively at times, just never when I've been there.


19th April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark Club
Link Here

Shark Club A-GoGo is upstairs on Soi Diamond with a second entrance on Soi 15.

The bar has generally been a success in the Thai-Anxiety rankings. It scores well in terms of having a decent number of good looking girls who are often quite hands-on friendly.

Perhaps the biggest long term draw back is that the girls are sent on a long dance circuit of usually 7 tables. 7 songs is a little too much especially when they can be very long dance music tunes.

But there are usually enough girls that one usually gets a decent amount of hostess time before the girls go dance.

More recently though the bar seems to have had a bit of a charge on drinks prices leaving soft drinks and lady drinks amongst the most expensive of all gogos in town. Perhaps the latest hike was a little too much though, as there was a rapid rethink and the introduction of a decent happy hour of 70 Baht on nearly all customer drinks.

One of the better GoGos in town, but now on my semi boycott list of bars where I don't want to encourage spiralling prices.


18th April   


Pattaya Bar Reviews: Kinnaree Place
Link Here

Kinnaree Place is well sign posted on a cross soi, mid way down Pratamnak Soi 4 & Soi 5. It is a luxury afternoon hideaway and short time bar.

The new owners have made a very wise upgrade by installing aircon in the main bar area. Plenty of good quality seating and excellent decor make this just about the most luxurious looking bar in Pattaya. There is a show area for Saturday afternoons that looks fun.

There were plenty of girls on hand of which a few were attractive.

The drinks were inexpensive with a bottled beer at 75 baht and a lady drink at 100 Baht.

All in all a great place for a drink with your mates.

I was not quite so convinced by the short time aspects of the bar though. The girl who latched onto me was a rather hardened freelancer who spoke about the similarly appointed Stork Club closing as customers dwindled away. Perhaps this bar will go the same if they allow oldie freelancers to dictate customer care.

I think that hostess bars in general need to find a good way for customers to dictate terms, and to be able to select girls rather than vice versa. After all that's what GoGo's and Soi 6 bars basically do and they work just fine.

At the moment the girls seem to be in the driving seat, and can ignore customers, or move on to others at their own discretion. Fair enough really, but someone has got to think about trying to get customers to keep coming back another day.


15th April   

Post Innovation...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Boesch้
Link Here

Club Boesch้ is located in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 southern Walking Street

Club Boesch้ came to fame on the merits of its innovative bar design. In particular they were Pattaya leaders in installing sexy shows in a Jacuzzi. Secondly they established an upstairs floor with slightly naughtier dancers visible downstairs via a glass floor.

The bar was a big hit and the pretty girls flocked in to make it an even bigger hit.

The trouble is that competing bars copied the Jacuzzi idea and improved on the concept whilst they were at it.

Bars such as Windmill, Baby Dolls, What's Up, Silver Star 3, Airport and Iron Club all installed Jacuzzis but they also located them such that customers could sit ringside and get interactive with the girls. An even bigger hit then than the Boesch้ original idea.

I'm afraid that all bars with Jacuzzi shows, designed merely for watching rather than participating, are now a bit pass้. They are still dotted around town, but the Jacuzzis are now very much ignored by customers.

And as the attraction faded for the traditional Jacuzzi, so Club Boesch้ lost some momentum and therefore some of the pretty girls and therefore some of the customers.

The decline seems to have left the slimmed down Boesch้ with a rather poor layout. The comfortable seating area overlooks the not so popular Jacuzzi, and is now too far away from the remaining action on the main stage. There is only uncomfortable stool seating available for those at the main stage. The upstairs area has long since been rendered redundant.

The bar still has some pretty dancers and several are quite energetic performers on stage. But on the whole, few girls seemed very pro-active in approaching the customers.

On my last visit, one of the Jacuzzi girls was doing a grand job trying to drum up a few lady drinks for her and the bar, but she spread herself a bit thinly amongst several customers.

Hopefully the bar connections have a few more new innovations up their sleeve.


14th April   

Happy as a Coyote...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy
Link Here

Happy A-GoGo is located on central Walking Street

As you'd expect with an ever popular bar, they mostly stick with their formula and changes are rare.

So indeed there was the usual stage full of pretty girls doing a reasonable stab at energetic dancing. And as usual, they were not really making much effort to play the audience. There's no need for the girls to be pro-active at Happy, the guys soon do the requesting.

But there was one recent change though, coyote dancers had joined the bikini clad and topless gogo girls. The coyotes were wearing big bras and the usual short denim shorts with the fly half undone.

It will be interesting to see if the idea works at Happy. For me, coyote dancing is nothing but negative, and most bars offering coyote dancing as the main spectator sports seem to founder.  There seems to be a fundamental correlation between girls who would rather not take off their clothes to girls who are choosy, offish or pricey when it comes to customer care. Best avoided in my book.

Otherwise things still seemed good in Happy. Customers were still calling down pretty ladies and the watchers seemed happy enough to bide their time whilst sipping alone. Perhaps the bar was a little less crowded than on previous visits but probably just the low season norm.


13th April   

Better than Ever...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Living Dolls One
Link Here

New Living Dolls One is located on central Walking Street

I stopped by at a prime time on a weekday evening and the bar seemed better than ever. I seated my self down on the comfortable bench seating, and before I knew it, a beautiful showgirl was bouncing on my lap. Actually I've know her for a long time so it was hardly an accident.

Whilst I was enjoying myself immensely, I rather think that my good fortune was not exactly perfect for the bar. The reason I say its better than ever, is that it is not quite so jam packed as it was a year ago. Then I would have had to put up with a stool and would have had little chance of finding an unoccupied girl free to lavish such considerate care.

The bar is still doing well though, with a good amount of customers and plenty of girls.

The shows have taken a bit of a strange twist. The popular full-on lesbian shows have been dropped. Replacements seem to be mostly fully clothed affairs. Even more bizarrely, the girls were taking off their clothes just as soon as they de-staged, returning to rejoin their drinking partners in the more traditional gogo attire of very little.

I picked up a little bit of gossip there too. Apparently the managers have been trying to keep a log of girls and their monthlies. Whilst being entirely sympathetic with the umbrage taken by the girls, one has to wonder if perhaps days off weren't being sneaked in a little too often.

Anyway enough of the tittle tattle, there were plenty of other more sensual pleasures awaiting to be enjoyed by the obliging girls.


11th April   

Lacking Powers of Attraction...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Powers Club
Link Here

Powers Club is located above Champion on central Walking Street

After a few weeks I thought it time to see how Powers Club are doing.

The good news was that draft beer has dropped from 90 Baht to 60 Baht. Probably not good news for the bar though, as it rather suggests they may be struggling to get customers up the stairs.

The other good news is that the bar has a few very attractive dancers indeed.

The not so good news is that coyote dancers have taken over at the dance stages just in front of the bench seating.

I always think that coyotes dancers in a gogo are a turnoff. Not just because of the lack of nudity but also I have a pet theory that a reluctance to take off clothes correlates to a reluctance to partake in all the naughty gogo stuff that makes a bar fun.

And indeed there didn't seem to be much fun going down at Powers Club during my visit.

Perhaps the bar would do a little better by putting the nude gogo dancers on the front stage by the customers and relegate the boring coyotes to the distant main stage.

Oh and of course remind the girls that the prime recipe for success in a GoGo is interaction, interaction and interaction.


9th April   

Ground Down...

Moulin Rouge closes on Soi Yamato
Link Here

It is a shame to notice that Moulin Rouge on Soi Yamato has closed.

One of the few beer bar refuges in the area where one could get out of the heat with some pleasant female company.

Nice 'n' Eazy on the same soi has recently put up the shutters too.

The clutch of beer bars in the middle Soi 13 has declined to just a couple, with the rest being converted to more Middle Eastern or South Asian friendly businesses.

It seems that the Soi 13 area us suffering more than most from a lack of westerners (or perhaps just a lack of spending power).


8th April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Hot and Cold
Link Here

Hot & Cold is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2)

Hot & Cold can still be a fun place to drink but it rather depends on whether there are any girls to suit ones tastes available for lap duty.

Perhaps the times have been tough, but minor tweaks to bar policy have probably not done the bar any favours, and the bar often now struggles for customers.

Firstly they have upped the amount of girls dancing, which of course decreases the amount of time the girls are available for lap duties. And to be brutally honest there are too few girls in this bar that are worth watching dancing. The girls excel at hands on service, not dancing, so I think this is where the girls would be best employed.

Secondly the bar now allow girls to opt for more expensive drinks without asking the customers. Again the customer base for the bar is not really the ideal demographic for pissing them off. They tend to be expats or Pattaya regulars who know the going rates and when they are being taken advantage of. It is also a bar that specialises in providing multiple girls for a customer's attention. Being stung for several 150 Baht drinks will surely drive some away, never to return again. And continuing the brutally frank theme, most of the girls simply do not justify premium priced drinks anyway.

Anyway I don't want to be too negative as there are still good times to be had in the bar.


7th April   

Piggy in the Middle...

Pattaya police target food sellers including the party pig roasters
Link Here

As you are probably aware, City Hall have been getting tough on street food sellers, shoe-shine boys, flower sellers etc.

There was a birthday party at my bar recently, with live entertainment and food on offer. As party of the food selection, I employed the services of a pig roasting firm, complete with a bar-b-q cooking a pig just outside my venue. Just as we were about to carve the pig, 3 uniformed police officers, attached to City Hall, descended on the area, scattering the street traders in all directions.

The officers nabbed a few, issuing them with fixed penalty notices at THB 500 a time. Then they asked to see my pig-man's licence . He could not produce one, therefore he was whacked with a ticket which had to be paid up at Soi 9 Police Station.

The motto is: - if you have a party, no problem offering food from your bar's property. If you offer food from outside your bar, you must ensure you have purchased a licence from City Hall prior to the event. I think the cost is about THB 50, or thereabouts.


6th April   

Imagine a Bar with No Customers...

Upstairs bar closes at What's Up
Link Here

The upstairs bar at What's Up A-GoGo on Soi 15 has been closed since the start of April.

One of the What's Up service girls explained that there weren't enough girls.

The downstairs bar continues to be popular, and was almost full on a visit yesterday at 11pm. Plenty of girls on hand too.


5th April   

Always Good...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baby Dolls
Link Here

Baby Dolls is located on Soi 15 50m from Walking Street.

Baby Dolls remains consistent to its hands on approach to customer care, and rightfully seems always busy.

Whilst other bars, with standoffish girls and few customers, must surely look on in envy. But in reality popular Walking Street bars seem to have two basic paths to success with a bar full of customers. One is to have the prettiest girls in town to look at, and the other is to get girls who are interactive with the customers. After all these are the two things that customers come to Pattaya for.

Baby Dolls has a central stage for gogo dancing, a play mat for naughty shows and a similarly naughty Jacuzzi.

The dancers have a nice short stint on stage for just 4 songs. So customers are happy to wait for their playmate to return to their sides. Early on in the evening there are enough girls to run 3 shifts but as the barfine toll takes its inecitable course,  the bar will drop down to 2 shift working. This means that early on the girls can spend 2/3 of the time with customers and later on, 1/2 their time.

I find that Baby Dolls is one of the few bars that offer a consistently high chance of finding fun enough to stay for a fair few beers.


4th April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Paris
Link Here

Paris is well located on Soi Diamond a few paces from Walking Street

A tough bar to review as it is pretty featureless.

It has a central stage with about 8 girls dancing a reasonable 4 song roster. The girls are average for Walking Street which ensures a few that are attractive enough. The dress code is mostly topless. About half the girls are dancing which leaves the acceptable minimum for hostess duties.

Offstage the girls are not very pro-active in seeking out a customer to chat to. But if the customers make an effort the girls will oblige.

The drinks are expensive for draft beer drinkers but cheap for bottled beer drinkers. ie there is no draft but bottled beer is reasonable.

The bar seems well run in terms of lack of niggles and hassles. But surely the bar could be easily improved by getting the girls to be a bit more interactive with the customers.


3rd April   

Updated: Work in Progress...

Around Walking Street
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The old Limmatquai 80 lady bar on Soi Diamond is now a building site. It said to be the latest enterprise from the rapidly expanding Happy Peppermint group.

The same group are also rebuilding Sisterz with an ambitious looking project said to be called The Cavern A-GoGo.

There is a sign on the new Peppermint Palace taking shape downstairs from the current location and at the opposite side of the boxing ring. Presumably recruiting for both itself and the new Cavern A-GoGo

The very short appearance of Sapphire Club (previously Game Bird 2) on Soi 15 seems to have resulted in the buildings being called in. Hopefully for something that will last longer than a few days.

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