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2009: August

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31st August   

Seeing Red...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Moulin Rouge
Link Here

Moulin Rouge is a new bar on Walking Street opposite Soi 15. Beware of sky high prices.

On Walking Street someone stuck a Buy 1 Get 1 ticket in my hand outside a new place called Moulin Rouge. It is a new bar with Russian girls .

I went up the stairs and into a very dark red room with around 8 Russian dancers, 5 Thai bartenders and me as the only customer. I sat down to watch the dancers and ordered one Heineken.

2 minutes later the waiter came back with a bill of 260 Baht!! and insisted I paid it before I could get my beer. Anyway I paid the bill and got my beer, and found out that the Buy 1 Get 1 ticket I received 4 minutes ago outside their door, was no longer valid.

After 5 minutes a pretty rough looking Russian dancer came over and started crawling on me. No thank you, I only want to sit and watch the show . She snarled at me and told me the rules said you cannot refuse a dancer and you must pay her some tips. You can only tip 100 baht, and its better when you tip more than one bill .

I got up, got out, and left the nice Russian girl with my 260 Baht Heineken.


30th August   

Oh Dear!...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Paradise
Link Here

Paradise A-GoGo is located at the south end of Soi Buakhao

I stopped by to find a bar with just three dancers and four customers. I checked the white board and there were no girls marked down as barfined.

They had one girl dancing and that surely makes for a lonely atmosphere. A couple of the other customers seemed to be happy with the situation though, as they had snagged a dancer each.

Me, I was out of there before finishing my beer.


29th August   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Las Vegas
Link Here

Las Vegas A-GiGo is located on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

A brief visit as a couple of familiar faces meant that I couldn't dally long.

There were just 2 dancing girls who were bikini clad, There were another half dozen girls on hostessing duty. The girls were not special, so it is more down to a good bit of personal attention to keep the customers entertained.

Most of what was going on in my short visit was pretty innocent chatting, but I rather guess that more fun could be had if the customers so wished.

A decent draft was served for the good price of 50 Baht.

It all seemed a steady sort of place where everyone looked content enough.

At least they had a few customers. I guess that there is a pretty regular crowd here. Perhaps even a few regulars that remember the naked pool played at the bars previous location in Jomtien.


28th August   

Losing his Cherry...

Cherry Bar Too closed
Link Here

Cherry Bar Too is a beer bar on Beach Road between Soi 13 and Soi Yamato. It is owned by the well known Pattaya forum contributor, Hammer

Due to the current economic climate in town, the bar has been up for sale for while. And today it has been sold. The new American owners are looking to convert my old bar and the empty bar next door and make them into one coyote bar, similar to Club Blu.

The new bar will be called the Daiquiri House and they are hoping to be open on the 1st October.

I would like to thank everybody who supported Cherry Bar Too, and remember it's still business as normal at Cherry Bar on Soi 8.


25th August   

More Bars...

More new ides for Walking Street
Link Here

Tony's Disco has set section they call a Cool Spot targeting expats with 90 Baht beer. I heard mention of the addition of short time rooms too.

The closed Republika night club (surely a name that foretold disaster) is set to become an erotic cabaret.

And to confirm some sort of shift away from disco nightclubs (fears of a permanent early closing maybe), the old Hammer Disco is being reborn as a swanky show bar going by the name of Pleasure Dome. Hopefully something a little bit more ambitious than the Soi Post Office bar that was the last Pleasure Dome in Pattaya.

Elsewhere the Drum and Monkey in Naklua has sprung back to life under new management.


21st August   

East Meets West...

Moulin Rouge opens in Walking Street
Link Here

Another bar has opened on Walking Street with East European ladies dancing in a glass cubicle overlooking Walking Street.

This one is called Moulin Rouge and sports a frontage based on the famous Paris landmark. It is located above King Seafood towards the north end of Waking Street.

Assuming that the bar has also copied the expensive prices from Galaxy then I will leave it to someone else to review. In the meantime it is probably the 77th bar offering dancers in bikinis or less


20th August   

Too Small...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Legs Club
Link Here

Legs Club is located on Soi Pattayaland 2

Legs Club is basically a pretty good gogo in terms of the way the bar is run. But the small size makes for a variable customer experience.

The bar typically has about 10 dancers of which 3 or 4 dance at any one time. The dress code is mostly topless and some girls maintain this when mingling. There are some attractive dancers on the books.

The downside of the size is that as soon as there half dozen customers in the bar, and a couple of barfines, then there aren't enough girls to go round.

On one visit my drinking partner was ordered from my side to sit with one of the managers mates. Totally out of order.

My current tactic is to take a look inside and if there are more than a handful of customers, then I try again another day. But still the bar can be good if it is not crowded.


18th August   

Tiger Stirs...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tiger Lounge
Link Here

Tiger Lounge is located above Soi Diamond with stairs up from Walking Street

Tiger Lounge is in the same ownership as Shark Club A-GoGo and on previous visits was very much the poor relation despite operating nearly exactly the same as Shark.

The difference previously was that there were simply too many dancers dancing and not enough left to look after the customers. On my last visit they had recruited enough girls to provide some individual entertainment for the customers.

And sure enough, the girls had a good hands on attitude to customer service and indeed a good time ensured.

The dance circuit is very long though, so as per Shark Bar, when your girl 'go dance, then it is often a cue to move on.

The draft beer prices have recently crept up 10 Baht to 85 Baht for a decent sized glass.


17th August   

No Kisses and No Smoke...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Smoke and Kisses
Link Here

Smoke and Kisses is a new bar on Soi 6 in the vicinity of Red Point

Another bar from the team that designed the newly opened Smoke & Mirrors.

Again the theme is an outside sitting area with bar and an inside aircon area also with a bar.

This bar is a little narrower than Mirrors and this reflects in a bench seat down one side. This time the inside bar is an extension of the outside bar and this saves a fair bit of space. There is a little more seating at the back of the bar and a dancing pole at the front. It is attractive and stylish but the open layout doesn't offer much in the way of privacy for short time interviews.

The drinks prices were very reasonable at 80 Baht for a my beer and 80 Baht for a lady beer.

I would have stayed longer but my lady did a pre-arranged runner and there were few appealing replacements.


14th August   

Ruby Rubble...

Ruby Club gutted as part of a redevelopment
Link Here

Ruby Club on Soi 6 is currently totally gutted as part of a redevelopment as a dancing bar or gogo.

It seems a shame in that Ruby was noted as one of the better appointed bars.

Meanwhile commentators on have noted that the Eden Bar (Previously Harley Bar) on Pattaya Soi 17 has had a bit of hassle from the police, and is temporarily closed.

Update: A Return to Eden

17th August 2009

It is reported that the Eden Bar has re-opened


13th August   

Still No Hassle...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: World Wide
Link Here

World Wide A-GoGo is located on Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8

I generally pop in for an aircon break whilst strolling along the beach. It is still one of the few bars where it is almost a certainty that the girls will quietly ignore me.

They seem attuned to newbies though, they will surely flock around.

The girls are quite often topless when dancing these days, but this comes with an elaborate system of door staff insuring that those who shouldn't see naked girls, don't.

The drinks are reasonably priced and there are usually enough girls dancing to ensure a few worthy of a gander. The girls dance 8 on the stage, dancing for 4 songs, which seems a good arrangement. There are plenty of other girls waiting their urn to dance but they mostly sit and chat amongst themselves rather than circulate amongst the customers.

A pleasant enough place to sit quietly and make plans for an evening, but not really a great place to find a date.


12th August   

A Bird in the Hand...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: BJ Club
Link Here

BJ Club is located 50m down Soi BJ off central Walking Street

BJ Club is basically a good bar but it is perhaps a little bit too small an operation to ensure a good visit every time. It is a bar where a good time is to be had if there is a girl free to provide a bit of company but if all the girls are occupied then so be it, move on, and try another time.

The bar has 4 or 5 dancers on the central stage and a couple of girls having fun in the Jacuzzi. On occasions there have been girls dancing on the bar too.

The Jacuzzi doesn't seem to add much as it isn't sited for customers to sit round. Perhaps the guys on the bench seats have a good view but whenever I have sat there I find the bird in my hand is worth more then the birds in the tub.

I'm also a bit unsure whether sports like wrestling on the big screen TV add much either.

The bar has been consistently running a cheap drinks policy for a long time, presumably paying a bit of a penalty for being a little too far off Walking Street. Surely a bar worthy of a little support from this reviewer at least


11th August   

Open Door Policy...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sweethearts
Link Here

Sweethearts is located on central Walking Street

The bar still seems to be doing quite well in drawing in some of the passing foot trade that would otherwise give gogos a miss.

The bar has about 20 dancers of which 8 are dancing a 4 song shift on 4 tables. The girls are all strictly bikini clad which is related to the open door policy of the bar. Some if the girls can be quite hands on, perhaps beyond what one may expect from an open door bar.

The bar features very reasonable prices for more or less everything on the menu. The dancers and the staff are quite friendly and the owner makes a point of a personal welcome too.


10th August   

Pleasant Low Key GoGo...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Betty Boum
Link Here

BettyBoum is located on Soi 13/3 (Soi Pattayaland 1)

This unobtrusive bar has lasted a few months despite the difficulties of running a small scale gogo.

On the positive side it is an attractive modern looking gogo. It seems to have quite a few staff for a small operation, with bar staff, a cashier and a DJ. The DJ plays mostly dance music but a few Arabic tunes had crept in on my last visit.

There were just 6 or 7 dancers with 3 of them dancing at a time strictly bikini clad. 2 or 3 of them were pretty enough to take away. They do a short dancing stint which is always a big plus for me. I am sure it would make the bar a bit more appealing were the girls to take off their tops.

There was a reasonably price draft beer available although not advertised by the welcome signs. It is always worth advertising a reasonable draft beer price as I am sure I am not the only one in assuming that if there are no signs, then the drinks are most likely expensive.

Anyway I was pleasantly entertained by one of the girls, and I found myself staying for a fair few drinks.

A Pleasant little low key gogo


9th August   

Licensed to Raid...

Police go raiding karaoke bars
Link Here

In the early hours of Saturday Morning, a police team from the Banglamung Distirct Licensing Unit conducted a raid on two Karaoke Bars suspected of opening after their permitted licensed opening hours.

The first venue to be checked was the JJ Karaoke Bar in Soi Day Night Hotel, off the South Pattaya Road. The venue was open and alcohol was being sold in the premise. A number of patrons and staff members were urine tested and 3 people failed the test and were sent to Pattaya Police Station and later charged with consuming a class 1 drug.

The DA Karaoke Bar was the next on their hit list and was also open for business and selling alcoholic beverages to customers despite the late hour. Two staff members failed urine tests and 1 female customer was found to be under the aged of 20. In addition, three staff members were found to be under the age of 18. They were detained along with the manager of the venue and also sent to the Police Station.


7th August   

Still Underwhelming...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Far East Rock
Link Here

Far East Rock is located on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

I stopped by for a beer at the early hour of 7:45pm and the bar had the feeling of it being closing time already.

There were about 8 girls in the bar when I arrived but by the time I had finished my beer the bar was down to 2 or 3. 8pm is the end of shift for half or more of the girls.

I didn't stay for a 2nd beer to find out how the bar works out between 8pm and closing time at 10pm.

When I entered there were 4 girls dancing mostly bikini clad. Not a crew that stands out but a couple of the girls would surely be getting a few bar fines.

The service girl was friendly enough but the dancing girls were winding down so it is a bit unfair to comment on their interaction with the customers.

Probably better to give the bar a try in the afternoon.


5th August   

GoGo was Just a Mirage...

Club Mirage goes dark
Link Here

Club Mirage A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has closed with a for sale sign on the door.

Surely a sad day as the bar showed signs of being a good GoGo. However half the times I visited the girls seemed a bit undisciplined and showed little interest in the customers. Other times when they were prompted by a bit of management supervision they could be good fun.

There are now 76 bars around Pattaya offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Meanwhile the Nok Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street near Casnovy and Beavers has had the builders in for a rapid refurbishment, as has the Black & White Bar near the Walking Street advert TV screen.

Shark Club and Tiger Lounge have put their draft beer up 5 Baht to 85 Baht.


4th August   

More Fun...

Fun Room re-opens
Link Here

Fun Room A-GoGo on Soi 15 has re-opened

The same management team have returned and they have somehow retained plenty of girls.

There are now 77 bars around Pattaya offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.


2nd August   

Police Insomnia...

Police up for an early morning raid on Club Insomnia
Link Here

Club Insomnia is a disco located on the southern half of Walking Street.

At 5am on Saturday Morning, a raid of Club Insomnia took place led by Police Colonel Sarayut who was assisted by a team of narcotics officers from Chonburi Provincial Police.

Over 500 patrons were found inside and random drug tests were carried out on staff and patrons. 10 women failed the urine tests and were arrested and charged with consumption of a class 1 drug.

Inspections of the venues licenses revealed that their liquor license and license to operate a discotheque had expired.

A report of the raid will be sent to the Banglamung District Licensing Unit for their consideration.


1st August   

Sisterz and Dollz...

Sisterz changes hands
Link Here

Sisterz is located on central Walking Street.

As of 1st of August, Sisterz has changed hands, having being bought by Ken of Living Dolls Showcase and Paul of The Dollhouse.

The new management have said that they will maintain the very reasonable drinks price policy currently in place at Sisterz.

As previously reported, the 1st of August also sees a new management team at New Living Dolls One.

Good luck to all incoming owners. And the same to the outgoing owners who have done good work in establishing Sisterz and New Living Dolls One as some of the most notable bars on Walking Street.

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