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2009: August

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28th August   

Losing his Cherry...

Cherry Bar Too closed
Link Here

Cherry Bar Too is a beer bar on Beach Road between Soi 13 and Soi Yamato. It is owned by the well known Pattaya forum contributor, Hammer

Due to the current economic climate in town, the bar has been up for sale for while. And today it has been sold. The new American owners are looking to convert my old bar and the empty bar next door and make them into one coyote bar, similar to Club Blu.

The new bar will be called the Daiquiri House and they are hoping to be open on the 1st October.

I would like to thank everybody who supported Cherry Bar Too, and remember it's still business as normal at Cherry Bar on Soi 8.


26th August   

Late Night Shenanigans...

Further discussions on Pattaya's closing times
Link Here

On Tuesday Morning, local bar owners were given their wish and were granted an audience with Saenee, the Governor of Chonburi Province at Banglmaung City Hall.

However, he was only able to repeat what had been said by previous officials who have received official complaints from the bar owners who are being forced to close at 3am. Although this is already later than similar venues in Bangkok who are forced to close at 1am and 2am depending on their location, the Pattaya Bar owners would like a change in the law to allow them to open later especially at this time when the economy and tourism is in a poor state and they are finding it hard to remain in business.

The Provincial Governor promised consultations with the Interior Ministry where he will explore the possibility of a change in legislation with the Interior Minister.


25th August   

More Bars...

More new ides for Walking Street
Link Here

Tony's Disco has set section they call a Cool Spot targeting expats with 90 Baht beer. I heard mention of the addition of short time rooms too.

The closed Republika night club (surely a name that foretold disaster) is set to become an erotic cabaret.

And to confirm some sort of shift away from disco nightclubs (fears of a permanent early closing maybe), the old Hammer Disco is being reborn as a swanky show bar going by the name of Pleasure Dome. Hopefully something a little bit more ambitious than the Soi Post Office bar that was the last Pleasure Dome in Pattaya.

Elsewhere the Drum and Monkey in Naklua has sprung back to life under new management.


24th August   

Late Night Shenanigans...

Pattaya business operators unimpressed by closing times of midnight, 2am and 3am depending on location
Link Here

Nightspot operators have lodged a petition with Pattaya mayor Itthipol Khunpluem seeking longer operating hours to help ease economic hardship.

Led by former MP Charnyut Hengtrakul, the operators claimed strict enforcement of operating hours was making it harder for them to make ends meet. The industry had already been hit by the economic downturn.

The petition was accepted by deputy mayor Ronnakij Ekasingh who promised to forward it to Bang Lamung district and to the Chon Buri governor.

Charnyut, an adviser to night entertainment business operators, said that extending operating hours was a short-term measure. He said the law governing opening hours should be amended to allow longer operating hours for nightspots in the entertainment zone. He also said authorities lacked understanding about the tourism industry, especially tourist towns such as Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

It was a shame that efforts to loosen up operating hours which started under the Thaksin administration stalled following the 2006 coup.

Ronnakij said Pattaya city administration would call a meeting with business operators to discuss the problem. Under the law, nightspots in entertainment zones have to shut at 2am while those outside the zone must close at 1am. Night entertainment venues used to close at 4am.

[Strange that nobody has a clear idea what time venues actually close or indeed what time venues should close, every press story I read seems to vary]


23rd August   

Dogged by Persistent Raids...

Coyotee's A-GoGo raided by police
Link Here

In the early hours of Saturday Morning, Immigration Police conducted a raid of the Coyotees Go-Go Bar located in the Marine Plaza area behind Walking Street.

Officers entered the bar and identified the Australian owner and detained him while a search took place.

Two employees under the age of 18 were found and a Cambodian employee who did not possess a Work Permit was also working at the venue and was subsequently arrested.

Officers also found rooms located above the Bar which they claimed were being used for customers to engage in sexual acts with employees in exchange for cash.

An allegation which was vehemently denied by the Australian owner but confirmed by the Mamasan of the venue. Pictorial evidence of the rooms and the bar were presented to senior officers at Pattaya Police Station who will take over the case.


21st August   

East Meets West...

Moulin Rouge opens in Walking Street
Link Here

Another bar has opened on Walking Street with East European ladies dancing in a glass cubicle overlooking Walking Street.

This one is called Moulin Rouge and sports a frontage based on the famous Paris landmark. It is located above King Seafood towards the north end of Waking Street.

Assuming that the bar has also copied the expensive prices from Galaxy then I will leave it to someone else to review. In the meantime it is probably the 77th bar offering dancers in bikinis or less


15th August   


Police enforce closing time of 3am on Walking Street and 3rd Road
Link Here

For as-yet-unknown reasons, the Office of Local Administration, the Interior Ministry department that oversees the operations of all of Thailand's provinces, has ordered Banglamung authorities to shut down all Walking Street bars and clubs at 3 a.m.

The 10-day crackdown started last night with police in uniforms and camouflaged fatigues looking very serious as photographers from Thai Rath and other Thai-language news outlets chronicled the spectacle of hundreds of confused and pissed-off tourists filing out of discos, beer bars and go-gos.

The clampdown was signaled well in advance, however. Police took up positions around Walking Street before 9 p.m. scaring go-go bars such as Peppermint and Happy into keeping its dancers strictly covered up the entire night.

The timing is baffling given the amount of money, hot air and effort city officials have been putting into reviving tourism, including a 17 million baht advertising campaign currently blanketing Thai TV and radio.

Also the police closed the major Thai bars and pubs located on 3rd road. They visited between 3am and 4am.


14th August   

Ruby Rubble...

Ruby Club gutted as part of a redevelopment
Link Here

Ruby Club on Soi 6 is currently totally gutted as part of a redevelopment as a dancing bar or gogo.

It seems a shame in that Ruby was noted as one of the better appointed bars.

Meanwhile commentators on have noted that the Eden Bar (Previously Harley Bar) on Pattaya Soi 17 has had a bit of hassle from the police, and is temporarily closed.

Update: A Return to Eden

17th August 2009

It is reported that the Eden Bar has re-opened


9th August   

Licensed to Raid...

Police go raiding karaoke bars
Link Here

In the early hours of Saturday Morning, a police team from the Banglamung Distirct Licensing Unit conducted a raid on two Karaoke Bars suspected of opening after their permitted licensed opening hours.

The first venue to be checked was the JJ Karaoke Bar in Soi Day Night Hotel, off the South Pattaya Road. The venue was open and alcohol was being sold in the premise. A number of patrons and staff members were urine tested and 3 people failed the test and were sent to Pattaya Police Station and later charged with consuming a class 1 drug.

The DA Karaoke Bar was the next on their hit list and was also open for business and selling alcoholic beverages to customers despite the late hour. Two staff members failed urine tests and 1 female customer was found to be under the aged of 20. In addition, three staff members were found to be under the age of 18. They were detained along with the manager of the venue and also sent to the Police Station.


5th August   

GoGo was Just a Mirage...

Club Mirage goes dark
Link Here

Club Mirage A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has closed with a for sale sign on the door.

Surely a sad day as the bar showed signs of being a good GoGo. However half the times I visited the girls seemed a bit undisciplined and showed little interest in the customers. Other times when they were prompted by a bit of management supervision they could be good fun.

There are now 76 bars around Pattaya offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Meanwhile the Nok Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street near Casnovy and Beavers has had the builders in for a rapid refurbishment, as has the Black & White Bar near the Walking Street advert TV screen.

Shark Club and Tiger Lounge have put their draft beer up 5 Baht to 85 Baht.


4th August   

More Fun...

Fun Room re-opens
Link Here

Fun Room A-GoGo on Soi 15 has re-opened

The same management team have returned and they have somehow retained plenty of girls.

There are now 77 bars around Pattaya offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.


2nd August   

Police Insomnia...

Police up for an early morning raid on Club Insomnia
Link Here

Club Insomnia is a disco located on the southern half of Walking Street.

At 5am on Saturday Morning, a raid of Club Insomnia took place led by Police Colonel Sarayut who was assisted by a team of narcotics officers from Chonburi Provincial Police.

Over 500 patrons were found inside and random drug tests were carried out on staff and patrons. 10 women failed the urine tests and were arrested and charged with consumption of a class 1 drug.

Inspections of the venues licenses revealed that their liquor license and license to operate a discotheque had expired.

A report of the raid will be sent to the Banglamung District Licensing Unit for their consideration.


1st August   

Sisterz and Dollz...

Sisterz changes hands
Link Here

Sisterz is located on central Walking Street.

As of 1st of August, Sisterz has changed hands, having being bought by Ken of Living Dolls Showcase and Paul of The Dollhouse.

The new management have said that they will maintain the very reasonable drinks price policy currently in place at Sisterz.

As previously reported, the 1st of August also sees a new management team at New Living Dolls One.

Good luck to all incoming owners. And the same to the outgoing owners who have done good work in establishing Sisterz and New Living Dolls One as some of the most notable bars on Walking Street.


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