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2009: October

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29th October   

Coming and Going...

Changes on Walking Street
Link Here

BJ Club has closed with a sign on the door saying that it will re-open on the 1st of December 2009. The owners are concentrating on their newly opened Titty Twister bar out on the Dark Side.

So now there are 80 GoGos operating in the Pattaya area.

Smile (Rock Girls) A-GoGo is being re-fitted. It was closed a couple of nights ago but should be re-open by now.

The new GoGo underneath Polo will be called Cosy's A-GoGo. This will occupy a small section of what was previously Bartimes. (And before that, Magic Palace, and before that Climax Rock Bar).

The closed Highway Star ago in the upstairs of the Pier at the Beach Road end of Walking Street has been demolished. There is now a large banner up proclaiming a rebirth as Siren Square.

Oh, and Classroom 2 on Soi 2 has been renamed to Lek's Classroom.


26th October   

Passion for Dance...

New GoGo on Soi 6
Link Here

There is a new GoGo taking shape on Soi 6. It will be named Passion Dance Club.

It is a sister bar to Betty Boup Dance Club and is located directly opposite.

The bar is targeting an opening on 1st November 2009.


25th October   

Behind the Red Door...

New bar on Soi 6
Link Here

Red Door is a short time bar located in the central section of Soi 6

I was well impressed on my first visit to the newest addition to Soi 6.

I can't say that my first impressions were good though. The bar is a double unit but is cavernous in terms of echo and lack of ambience. This is due to bare concrete decor and a particularly unattractive floor.

But the girls and the mamasang made up for these superficial shortcomings.

The mamasang was notably enthusiastic in making sure the customers were enjoying themselves suitably. In my case it was easy given a good drinking partner. A couple of parties came in for a more general chatting and playing pool session and the mamasang was doing a good job assigning girls to ensure good fun for their session.

The drinks are customer friendly at about 75 Baht for a beer and 100 Baht for a lady drink. (Bins provided on the table pronto too).  The room prices and other services follow Soi 6 norms.

A bar that's eager to please, is surely a bar that will do well.


25th October   

Police Raise Hell...

Lucifer disco raided by Pattaya police
Link Here

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Pattaya Police made yet another raid of a late night entertainment venue on Walking Street.

This time it was the turn of Lucifer Disko who were found to be open after their permitted licensed operating hours.

Inside the Disco were approximately 400 people who were told to prepare themselves for drug tests. Foreign Patrons were told to leave before the testing began and after a selection of Thai patrons and staff members were tested, a total of 3 people failed the test and were detained and later charged with consumption of a class 1 drug.

The Manager of the venue was also detained and questioned at Pattaya Police Station as to why he allowed the venue to open at such a late hour.


24th October   

Double Six...

New disco on Walking Street
Link Here

The closed Russian targeted Ocean 10 disco on Walking Street is being refitted to re-appear as 66 Double Six. It describes itself as a discotheque.

I don't suppose the name means much but it is taking the name of a very notable disco bar in Bali. Perhaps that indicates an Australian connection.


23rd October   

Another Mirage...

Club Mirage re-opens on Soi Diamond
Link Here

Club Mirage has re-opened under new management on Soi Diamond.

It opened with little fanfare and notably no draft beer.

Early days yet, but hopefully the new French owners can make a go of it.

There are now 80 gogos with dancing girls in the Pattaya vicinity.


21st October   

Pattaya's Smallest...

Fantasy GoGo opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Pattaya's 79th gogo has now opened in the New Simon Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street opposite Soi 14.

It is a little out the ordinary for being remarkably small. It is on 2 floors each floor with about space for 4 customers. (A few more could squeeze in if they know each other).

It will be interesting see how such a small GoGo works. Perhaps they should get a tourist plaque made up heralding Pattaya's Smallest GoGo (Probably Thailand's smallest too).

Anyway it entertained me for a beer, even though the girls were only beer bar standard. Being so small is such a good conversation piece!


20th October   

Going Up...

Gentlemen's Club re-opens upstairs bar now with Jacuzzi
Link Here

We have just installed a brand new Jacuzzi on the 2nd floor where the action will be wet, naughty and wild!

Therefore we have chosen to celebrate the event with a Super Shower Shows promotion on the 24th of October. Buy 1 drink, get 1 free! This offer is limited to the 2nd floor only, so it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Gentlemens Club Pattaya is located in Soi Diamond, Walking Street. Let our girls pamper you.

Dine & Dance & Beware of Russian Girls

See review from , October 2009:

The B-52 is a wide and spacious venue which is spread over three floors.

The ground floor is reserved for the enjoyment of Thai, Chinese and European foods and drinks, whilst the second floor is a discotheque for those wanting to boogie the night away.

The third floor, which is reserved for VIP guests, ensures privacy, and includes special shows performed by the beautiful Russian staff.  Bu


19th October   

Polo Holed...

Polo Entertainment closes on Walking Street
Link Here

Polo Entertainment on central Walking Street is now closed. The owners (same as Galaxy) plan to expand Galaxy and add East European Hostesses. It will be geared to the upper end "Indian, Middle Eastern, and Japanese" market.

The show bar has a good long stint but this year's disruption to the Asian tour market must convinced the owners that it is time for a change. The high prices and high hassle factor had probably put a permanent end to the hope of many farang customers.

So now Pattaya is temporarily down to 78 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Elsewhere on Walking Street, the V 2 0 Ice Bar has re-opened above Soi Happy.

Blue Sky Bar 3 on the corner of Soi BJ has re-opened after a refit. It is still an open bar but it looks more swanky and there is now a live band.


18th October   

Disco Caught Napping?...

Club Insomnia raided again
Link Here

For the 3rd time in just over a month, Police raided the Insomnia Club located on Walking Street and once again found them to be breaking the law by being open at 5am.

There were over a thousand patrons inside the venue at the time of the raid who were randomly drug tested and 12 patrons were found to have recently ingested methamphetamine. No actual drugs or any other illegal items could be found in the club; however the manager of the venue was arrested and charged with operating the venue well over its permitted licensed opening hours.

He, along with the 12 patrons were taken to Pattaya Police Station and a further report on the club will be sent to the Banglamung District Licensing Unit.


17th October   

Snowice Melts...

The latest GoGo on Walking Street
Link Here

First of all, welcome to the newest GoGo on Walking Street, Snowice. It is located in the Nok beer bar complex towards the Beach Road end of Pattaya. The location was previously VooDoo A-GoGo.

The bar opened a couple of weeks ago as a coyote show bar but they seem to have realised less clothes is best and the bar now is more or less a gogo. The bar now has naked dancing and a Jacuzzi show.

They still think they are a coyote bar in terms of lady drinks prices though. 150 Baht for a standard lady drink.

There are now 79 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or hopefully less.


15th October   

Mixx Nixxed...

Police raid Mixx disco
Link Here

Mixx Discotheque is located at the Bali Hai Plaza close to the Southern Entrance to Walking Street.

On Monday Night they celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with many VIP's attending, including the Mayor of Pattaya. Just 24 hours later they received some uninvited guests in the form of Pattaya Police Officers, led by the Deputy Chief of Pattaya Police, who conducted a raid on Mixx Discotheque which included random drug testing of patrons and staff members.

On this occasion they were found to be open after their permitted licensed opening hours and a total of 7 patrons were found to have recently consumed methamphetamine which was indicated by the urine tests.

The manager of the venue was arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station for questioning and the case report has been sent to the Banglamung District Licensing Unit for their consideration.


11th October   

I Don't Go to GoGo's to Watch Pretty Girls Dance!...

Utopia A-GoGo re-opens
Link Here

Utopia A-GoGo is towards the southern end of Walking Street on the corner of Soho Square.

The upstairs gogo has made a few alterations since it closed a few months ago. Sensibly it has created a new flight of stairs directly up from Walking Street. This provides a much clearer focus for the welcome staff to usher people in.

Once inside, the entrance has shifted a bit but the bar is still rather dissected in two the same as before. The Jacuzzi has been taken out and the regained area has been filled with backless stools arranged around small tables.

I opted for the couple of comfortable bench seats still remaining. There is still bench seating along the side of the long stage at the other side of the bar but the stage wasn't being used.

There were 5 very pretty girls dancing, being coaxed into quite an energetic effort by one of the extensive management team. The girls were dancing in bikinis or topless depending on their wishes.

The music is DJ selected and is more heavily into dance tunes than most gogos in Pattaya.

There were another half dozen girls waiting their turn to dance but they were hidden away around the corner.

There was no interaction between the dancers and customers. Presumably the bar is being targeted as a watching bar with energetic dancing as the main draw.

Me, I don't go to GoGo's to watch pretty girls dance, I go for a little more in the way of personal interaction. But a bit of variety is always welcome for those with different tastes.

Draft beer was 55 Baht but I am not sure whether that is the happy hour price or for all night.

There are still 78 GoGos in and around Pattaya as Utopia opening makes up for Coyotee's closing.


9th October   

The Return of the Imps...

Devils Den re-opens
Link Here

Devil's Den has re-opened on Soi LK Metro.

The bars has cleared out its recent troubles with a blessing by 9 monks and is due to open today.

The bar has also updated its website with a swanky new logo and design at


8th October   

Gone to the Dogs...

Bars and gogos re-opening and re-closing
Link Here

Coyote's A-GoGo has been dark for the past few days and has a BIG chain and lock on the door. Word on the street is that the surviving owner has closed it down permanently. See also Go-Go Closed Permanently by Pattaya Ghost

Utopia A-GoGo on the corner of Walking Street and Soho Square is set to re-open. They have remodelled the stairs so that there is a flight directly up from Walking Street.

The lights are back on at the B-52 Disco on Soho Square but I'm not really sure if anyone is home.

Meanwhile the almost iconic bar, The Dogs Bollocks , on Soi Yamato has re-opened after an extensive refit.

And continuing the dogs theme, The Bulldog Bar in Soi LK Metro has recently returned to life.


2nd October   

Shown the Door...

New bar on Soi 6
Link Here

There is a new bar on Soi 6 going by the name of The Red Door.

It is a double unit located by Route 69.


1st October   


One final visit to Heaven Above
Link Here

It is being reported that TJ, one of he owners of Coyotee's A-GoGo, has been found dead in his room.

He was well liked on Walking Street and had a hand in several ventures that have brought good entertainment to many.

Condolences to his family and friends


1st October   

The Iron Club...

New GoGo opens on Walking Street
Link Here

The Iron Club: Exclusive Wild Girls has opened on Walking Street in the venue that was last Republika Disco. It is opposite Soi Diamond.

So there are now 78 gogos in the Pattaya area featuring girls dancing in bikinis or less.

There are plenty more on the way too.


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