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2009: November

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25th November   

Walking Street Rethink...

Snowice and Fantasy set to return after a break
Link Here

The recently opened coyote bar, Snowice, is already having a re-think.

The bar is currently closed and the workmen are in. The DJ of Nok bar beer complex who is working by the door of Snowice. said it will re-open in a week (around 1st Dec).

The lady in the Fantasy Bar said that Fantasy A-GoGo will re-open in near future.

But for the moment, there are 78 operating gogos in the Pattaya area.


24th November   


Opening soon
Link Here

The buzz around town is that when the notable Bangkok GoGo, Baccara opens its Pattaya branch, it will also bring Bangkok prices to Walking Street.

However the word from the ex Molly Mallone's site, is that Baccara will follow the pricing of the similarly owned bars, Nappy, Peppermint and Beach Club.

The bar is set to open on 15th December.


17th November   

Pattaya Booming...

Baby Boom A-GoGo open for dry run baby making
Link Here is reporting that Baby Boom A-GoGo has opened on the small soi connecting Soi Buakhao and Soi XZyte.

There are now 79 GoGos operating Pattaya.


16th November   

More Bars...

Discos, coyotes and live rock
Link Here

There is a new disco taking shape above King Cafe on Walking Street opposite Soi 15. The banner proclaims HSPTL Club which Google notes as a Russian disco club.

There is also a forum posting about Club 66, described as a coyote bar with lady drinks set at 200 Baht. Why is that more clothes so closely correlates with expensive? (and often somewhat less than friendly customer care)

On Thursday the 19th of November Tattoo Bar, The 2nd Road North Pattaya live rock venue is having a closing party. The bar will be re-opening party soon at anew location by Tiffany


15th November   

Pattaya Booming...

Signs up for Baby Boom A-GoGo
Link Here

There is a report on Pattaya Secrets of a small new GoGo taking shape on a small Soi off Soi Buakhao opposite Sawasdee Hotel in the Soi LK Metro area.

A somewhat unlikely sounding name of Baby Boom A-GoGo in a somewhat unlikely location does make one wonder though.


14th November   

BJ Paradise...

Paradise returns and BJ sets reopening date
Link Here is reporting that Paradise A-GoGo has re-opened after a few days of closure.

Meanwhile the owner of BJ Club on Soi BJ has announced that the var is set to re-open on 15th November. There will also be the 1st anniversary party on Tuesday 24th November.

The GoGo count now creeps back to 78.


12th November   

Blu Blues...

Police raid Club Blu
Link Here

Club Blu, the coyote bar on Soi Buakhao, has been raided by police.

Farangs were asked to leave but the staff had to undergo drugs tests.


11th November   

Paradise Lost...

And Blue Lagoon Sinks
Link Here

Pattaya's GoGo bar count has taken another knock as both Blue Lagoon A-GoGo and Paradise A-GoGo haven't been operating for a few days.

The Blue Lagoon A-GoGo sign is still on but maybe pointing at the Blue Lagoon Beer Bar which is still operating in the Best Friend Complex on Beach Road.

Paradise has been dark for a couple of nights but people were milling around last night, but no dancing.

Hopefully temporary closures but not really sure at the moment.

In the meantime, Pattaya's GoGo count has dropped to 77.


8th November   

Fantasy Proves a Fantasy...

Pattaya's smallest GoGo goes Dark
Link Here

Fantasy GoGo is located in the new Simon Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street opposite Soi 14.

Fantasy GoGo has already gone dark. I spotted a couple of dancers relocated to Cosy's A-GoGo.

I can't help but think that bar could have done with a couple of welcome girls on Walking Street.

Suddenly the GoGo count is back down to 79. 


6th November   

Short Time Passion...

Passion Dance Club closes temporarily on Soi 6
Link Here

Passion Dance Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

Passion only opened on 1st November but it has gone dark already. Maybe something of a Pattaya record.

The bar will be back soon though, they are on a recruiting drive and will be back in a few days as soon as they have got the numbers up.

So the Pattaya operating GoGo count as dropped back down to 80.


4th November   

Whatever Happened to Ruby?...

Ruby Club on Soi 6 gets a refit
Link Here

Ruby Club re-opened after a refit towards the end of October.

The basic change is that some of the area has been opened out into an outside terrace. There is still an indoor bar though.

There were several customers on the new terrace mostly watching sport on decent sized TVs. But not really what I am into, so I selected one of just 3 girls sitting outside and headed for the aircon.

The inside bar is a little disappointing. It used to have nice curvy bays of seating and a good feeling of being able to hide away a bit. The current layout is a regimented sequence of comfortable sofas arranged in several bays but all close together. They are all arranged to have a good view of the large screen sports TV.

Definitely more of a soulless sports bar than a short time bar.

My selected drinking partner would have been more at home as a sports bar waitress too. Clearly not into short time options. We didn't hit it off, so our bored gaze was soon drawn to whatever was on TV. I Soon finished the 75 Baht bottle of beer and headed off for somewhere a little less TV dominated.

But on the way out, the good number of customers reminded that other folks have other preferences and actually the bar seemed to be doing quite well.


3rd November   

Another Noisy Bar...

Cosy's: a new GoGo for Walking Street
Link Here

Cosy's A-GoGo has just opened up under Galaxy and opposite Soi BJ on central Walking Street

The bar was doing a good trade on its first day. It is intuitively a good location, and I suspect that it is quite advantageous to have a door opening directly on to Walking Street.

The bar is on the small side with a side stage for about 8 dancers.

There is a little bench seating opposite the stage, but most of the bar is given over to rather wobbly uncomfortable stools. There were a few more substantial stools at the back though. The bar has crammed in too many stools and it felt overly full even though most stools weren't taken.

I instantly dismissed the music as too dance oriented and too loud. The clear success of the noisy Air Port Club seems to be tempting all the new bars to follow the lead with heavy tunes and disco level noise.

I spotted one of my pretty friends on the dance floor but I wasn't tempted to wait as she was about 6 long dance songs off finishing. There were 7 girls dancing with just a couple taking their top off. There weren't really enough girls for the amount of customers, but this aspect soon changes if the bar is seen to be a success by the girls who will then sign up.

The beer was cheap with bottled Chang at 55 Baht.

But really on this visit, it was too crowded and too noisy to stay in bar with only standard gogo shuffling to watch.


2nd November   

First Impression...

Passion: a new GoGo for Soi 6
Link Here

Passion Dance Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

They say first impressions count, and mine was to trip up over a not very visible step at the front door.

But once safely inside, things soon looked up. The bar is a little smaller than Betty Boup opposite and is attractively decorated with a chrome theme. It is basically a square with comfortable bench seating around the walls. The square central stage is quite large and is set lower than most. There are stools with backs around the stage.

The music covers a fair range of genres but is basically there to be danced to. It is perhaps a little loud but it is after all, a dance club.

The girls made for a very impressive line up, probably about the best I've seen for an opening day. One of the advantages of running two bars is the flexibility to move girls around as needed.

There were only 2 or 3 girls dancing as most were occupied being hands-on friendly with the customers. Exactly as it ought to be. A quick look at the white board, showing plenty of barfines and the likes, suggest that this approach was working well.

The drinks prices are very customer friendly too.

With Cosy's A-GoGo opening on Walking Street, there are now 81 Pattaya bars with dancing girls in bikinis or less.

So a good first impression, apart from the doorstep that is.


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