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2011: April-June

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30th June   

Take it Eazy...

Eazy Room A-GoGo to open on Soi 15
Link Here

Eazy A-GoGo is set to open on Soi 15 in July.

The small venue was previously Fun Room A-GoGo. The bar had its moments in the last incarnation, but was probably a bit too small to be consistent.

Soi 15 is more popular these days so maybe a better basis than before.


29th June   

Updated: Heavenly Signs...

New GoGo takes shape on Walking Street
Link Here

The new GoGo mentioned previously on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond is set to be named The Moon Club.

Perhaps a companion bar to New Star on the opposite corner.

The Moon Club belongs to the same Thai lady who owns Rocket Club A-GoGo upstairs.

The new GoGo is looking good inside at the moment, but still a lot of work to do. The center stage looks good. The outside will also look good when it is finished.


Moon Club now has a sign proclaiming the opening day to be 9th July 2011.


28th June   

Shower Block...

Alcatraz cleans up
Link Here

Alcatraz A-GoGo is located on Walking Street between Soi 14 and Soi 15.

A couple of weeks ago Alcatraz has introduced a Jacuzzi. Two ladies are now usually seen soaping up at a time.


27th June   

Changing Side...

Cavern set for a mid-July rework
Link Here

The Cavern will close July 13-17 for a refit. The bar plans to demolish it's wall-side stage and create a center stage similar to that on the first floor of Baccara. The left-side sofa seating will be retained and new sofas installed on the right wall.

The Cavern and Beach Club have been the weakest links in the chain of bars that also includes Baccara, Peppermint Palace and Happy a-Go-Go. Rumors suggest The Cavern is being actively pimped for sale, but in-house management denied it, saying making the bar more like Baccara should result in more customers.

The Cavern certainly has a great location and a number of very attractive dancers. Add in crazy-cheap draft beer prices (2 for 59 baht) and a happy hour that runs until 10 p.m. and it would seem all the elements are there for success. Perhaps it really is only the Flintstones theme that turned off the punters.


23rd June   

End of Class...

Lek's Classroom converts from GoGo to coyote
Link Here

Lek's Classroom on Soi 2 has re-opened after a refit.

Unfortunately the venue has decided to go coyote. The bar now has windows open to the world, with coyote dancers doing their stuff to entertain the passers by.

Presumably sister bar the Honey Pot has been outperforming the GoGo.


22nd June   


A little more on bar closures for elections
Link Here

Fri 24th - Sun 26th June. This is a weekend of pre-election voting for people living away from their constituencies. Last time bars were closed on Friday evening until most opened on Sunday evening. There's no mention of Friday being affected this time, and bars are hoping to open from 6pm on Sunday.

Sat 2nd - Sun 3rd July. Election day proper. Saturday evening is sure to be a write off, but again bars are hoping to open on Sunday evening at 6pm

Sun 10th July. Local bi-elections are affecting Pattaya but I don't think the areas up for election include South Pattaya and Walking Street. However I have no idea whether this matters or not in terms of bar closures.


21st June   

A Stampede of New GoGos?...

Rhino GoGo Club opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Rhin o GoGo Club opened on 20th June 2011 in the venue that was previously Hot Tuna Pool and before that a GoGo called Teasers. The bar has ownership connections with the Hot Tuna beer bars.

The bar features two centre stages with about half a dozen dancers on each. The dress code is mixed from bikini to very little.

There's a water feature with dancers in wet t-shirts.

The decor is dark with mirrors.

An average line up for the opening day but that is often the case as a bar has to gain momentum before being able to attract top notch girls.

There was no draft beer at opening leaving an unattractively expensive 120 Baht option for bottled beer. However the bar has stated that a cheap draft beer will be laid on shortly.

The GoGo count has now returned to 72 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


21st June   

Pattaya Elections...

Maybe will mean bar closures?
Link Here

Pattaya voters will choose new city council members for zones 2 and 3 in a special city election on July 10.

Candidates for the seats vacated by Zone 2 Councilman Adison Phonlookin and Zone 3 Councilman Wittaya Phonlookin - who both resigned to run for parliament.


20th June   


More on Soi 8 bar closures
Link Here

The B52 Bar has been closed down at the 2nd Road end of Soi 8, next to the Eastiny Place hotel. However the B.52 bar near the Beach Road end of Soi 8, is still up and running as usual.

In fact this is just one closure amongst several in that section of Soi 8. The reason is down to the landlord of that section substantially increasing the rent there. Hopefully the landlord will see that the new rents are driving people out and reconsider the increase.


19th June   


The latest dancing bar on walking Street
Link Here

A new dancing bar is set to open on Walking Street.

The unlikely sounding name will be Rhino , and it will open up at the south Walking Street venue previously Hot Tuna Pool, between Simon Beer Bar Complex and Nang Nual sea food restaurant.

Before Becoming a pool bar it was once a GoGo called Teasers. It didn't pan out at the time but perhaps the new incarnation will 'be different'.

Rhino is set to open on 20th June.


17th June   

The 3 R's: Ruining, Righting and Renovating...

Lek's Classroom closes
Link Here

Lek's Classroom is a GoGo located on Soi 2

The bar has now closed and the builders are in for re-development.

Hopefully the new design will be a little better than the previous version. The bar is quite big yet there were hardly any seats with a decent view of the stage.

Whilst the owners are planning something new Pattaya's GoGo count has dropped to a very low 71. There should be a few openings soon to push the count back up a bit.


16th June   

Sugar Sugar...

New dancing bar for Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Sugar Sugar is a dancing bar set to open with a party on Friday 1st of July.

It is located at the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro and is a new development of the venue that was previously Liquid Lounge.


15th June   

Kissing the Blarney Stone Goodbye...

Blarney Stone in Jomtien Complex closes
Link Here

The Blarney Stone located at the north side of the Jomtien Complex has closed after the sad death of the owner, Jimmy.

The bar has been round a few years. Previous to the Blarney Stone it was the Blue Room.


12th June   


Bar closures
Link Here

The B52 Bar has been closed down at the 2nd Road end of Soi 8, next to the Eastiny Place hotel. However the B.52 bar near the Beach Road end of Soi 8, is still up and running as usual.

Meanwhile Silhouettes has closed down on 2nd Road opposite Royal Garden Plaza. It was intended to be a fairly up-market sort of bar but never seemed to take off.

DiDi's Bar was originally a German owned beer bar on 2nd Road near the corner with Soi 8. At the time it had quite a web presence. It more recently moved round the corner onto Pattaya Klang heading towards the Beach. But now it is reported to be another bar on the summer's list of closures.


10th June   

Short Time Rooms...

Long Time Bans
Link Here

Pattaya entertainment businesses were warned of a crack down on drugs, weapons, minors and short time rooms as Banglamung District this month joins police in inspecting bars and clubs for violations.

The authorities told about 200 area bar owners that bureaucrats would be joining police in impromptu inspections, looking for unlicensed venues, drug sales or use, and checking identification cards.

Police noted that entertainment venues continue to flout city regulations on closing times and serving customers under age 20. Specifically, many entertainment venues are still operating without licenses and he suggested they get licensed before they get caught. Further, officials want clubs to better check for weapons and ID cards before allowing customers in.

Operators were warned that they are subject to fines and at least temporarily closure. If facilities are found to have short-time room rentals, they will be closed permanently.


8th June   

U Too Old...

Developments in North Pattaya
Link Here

U Too Bar is a popular bar in north Pattaya on 2nd Road between Soi 4 and Soi 5 opposite the Alcazar lady boy show.

The bar has now closed for rebuilding along with half a dozen neighbouring bars. In due course a new beer bar complex will appear and existing bars will have a choice to return.

Meanwhile the high end Thai bar Fashion Club has given way to a new venture called Barzia Club. The new club has erected a sign with its logo in distinctly Arabic looking lettering.


4th June   

No Show...

Hooty's reported closed
Link Here

Hooty's A-GoGo is located on Walking Street next door to Insomnia and Roxy.

Pattaya-at-night is reporting that Hooty's A-GoGo has gone dark. No reason as yet as to why.

There are now just 72 bars currently open with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


3rd June   

What Goes Around, Comes Around...

Cheep beer at Carousel A-GoGo
Link Here

Carousel Club is located on Soi Diamond towards the Walking Street end

The GoGo has now introduced a very cheap draft beer at 39 Baht until 11pm. Maybe the cheapest GoGo draft beer in town at the moment.


31st May   

Just a Fantasy...

No Demand for GoGo on Demand
Link Here
Fantasy A-GoGo is in the New Simon Beer bar Complex on Walking Street.

The concept of a GoGo on demand has been dropped and Fantasy A-GoGo is now closed. The adjoining Fantasy Bar is still going strong.

There are now 73 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


30th May   

New Stripes...

Tiger A-GoGo set for a refurb
Link Here
Tiger A-GoGo is on the top floor of Soi Diamond with stairs leading up from Walking Street.

Unconfirmed news from one of Tiger's dancers reveals that the bar is set for a month of refurbishment. It will be closed from the 31st May for about one month.

The dancers will temporarily relocate to the adjoining sister bar, Shark A-GoGo, but the service staff will be laid off for the month. The Mamasang is set for a move to the other sister bar, Fahrenheit.

I would guess that the bar will be remodeled around the successful centre stage layout that has proved popular at Fahrenheit and Shark.


28th May   

Rose Apple...

New massage shop
Link Here
Fans of traditional massage with extras will be interested to know that Tammy, the forum favourite from Yellow House in Jomtien, has branched out on her own.

She has opened up a shop in the Foodmart shopping square near the junction of Thappraya and Theprassit.


24th May   


Noted bars depart the scene
Link Here
Liquid Lounge on the cornet of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro has closed. The builders moved in and now the bar is being converted to either a GoGo or a coyote bar.

On the subject of Soi LK Metro there is a street party in aid of Pattaya Orphans there on Friday night (27th May).

Meanwhile the highly regarded U Too bar on 2nd Road in North Pattaya is set to close. It is the victim of the end of the lease and a landlord with ideas for redevelopment.


23rd May   

Come as You Are...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Bird Cage
Link Here

L ocated on the lower end of Soi Khao Talo across from Soi 18, Bird ,  Bird Cage thankfully did not follow the lead of the movie of the same name. All 7 of the staff seemed to be the real thing although one was questionable.

Newly open in April 2011, not much happening as yet. Has seating for only about 10 punters at bar and two tables. Pool table takes up most of the floor space. Should consider putting a sofa against the back wall.

Ladies were friendly (LD 80 baht) if a bit over the hill. Of course, often with age comes experience but hopefully not boredom. The two gals playing pool were totally inept so it seems that a punter could make a few points if he knows his way around a table.

Discreet location could be a plus as soon as they find their niche. Off road parking in rear. ST room(s) upstairs.


18th May   

Holier than Usual...

A quiet Visakha Bucha Day in Pattaya
Link Here
May 17th was Visakha Bucha Day . It is a day to mark the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha and so is one of the more important Buddha days.

As such it is pretty much a done deal that the police will go out and enforce their 'voluntary' ban on the sale of alcohol. Nearly all major bars have been closed on this day for several years but there are always a few beer bars open for either soft drinks and perhaps half heartedly disguised alcoholic drinks.

The bar closures usually result in an upsurge in freelancers on Beach Road. But this year the police went one step further, and did regular patrols along Beach Road, sending the freelancers scurrying away, lest they be fined 500 Baht for loitering.


13th May   

Rocky Times!...

Cavern A-GoGo introduces 2 for 1 offer in draft beer
Link Here
Cavern A-GoGo on Walking Street has introduced a 2 for 1 promotion on draft beer. This will operate from opening time at around 8pm until midnight.

It is also reported that Misty A-GoGo has ended shows for low season.


8th May   

Shock Horror!...

Police raid topless bars on Walking Street
Link Here
On Friday night/Saturday morning at 4:30 am, Pattaya Police and Police Volunteers, were asked to back police from the Human Trafficking Prevention Department. They inspected the Go Go Bars on Walking Street, and 2 of the bars were found having sex shows.

2 of the Showgirls aged 18 and 20 were found performing a topless show, and were arrested with their lady Manager.

In a second bar, a showgirl aged 30 was arrested for doing a topless performance, along with her Manager.

All were taken to the Pattaya Police station for legal proceedings. The 3 showgirls were charged with indecent exposure, and the 2 managers were charged with operating illegally, as both bars failed to produced a license to operate to the police.


4th May   


GoGo on Demand
Link Here
Fantasy A-GoGo is in the New Simon Beer bar Complex on Walking Street.

It is an on-demand GoGo in that girls only dance as required. Coyote dancers from the associated beer bar outside will dance inside in bikinis.

The prices of the drinks are the same as at the associated beer bar.


3rd May   

Atlantis Set to Sink Without Trace...

A new plan for the Atlantis A-GoGo venue
Link Here
Atlantis A-GoGo on Soi Diamond closed some months ago but has stayed empty since.

However it is now set to be redeveloped as an open bar. The plan is to have coyote dancing.

However the open bar next door (presumably on the corner of Walking Street) is set to become a new GoGo.


2nd May   

Beaver Fantasy...

New for old on Walking Street
Link Here
As previously mentioned the lease is up for Beavers table dancing bar and it has closed. Dancers and staff may now be found at Club Mistys just around the corner on Soi 15.

However the GoGo count remains at 75 as the tiny little Fantasy A-GoGo  has re-opened. It is located in the New Simon Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street opposite Soi 14/


3rd April   

Dive Dive Dive...

Submarine A-GoGo launches on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Submarine A-GoGo has opened on Soi LK Metro right next door to Kiss A-GoGo.

Draft beer is 60 Baht and a more comprehensive report will follow.

In the meantime there are now 75 bars on my list of dancing bars but this may change according to a temporary closure at Wanthanna's and an imminent re-opening at Sexy A-GoGo on Soi 7.


2nd April   

Draft Prices...

Ever changing on Walking Street
Link Here

Utopia A-GoGo, the most southerly GoGo on Walking Street at Soho Square is now charging 49 Baht for draft beer all night. The last time I dropped in it was 65 baht discounted to 52 Baht as an opening offer.

In a more subtle price change Beach Club and The Cavern have extended their happy hour by an extra half hour until 10pm. The more popular bars of the chain, Happy, Peppermint and Baccara, are sticking with the 9:30 end to happy hour.


1st April   

Kissed Goodbye...

Kiss Kool closes for redevelopment and a new format
Link Here

Kiss Kool is a short time Soi 6 bar listed as a GoGo on the grounds that has bikini clad dancers.

However the bar has now closed for redevelopment. This will take about a month and it is expected to re-open as an open bar, which seems to be quite a fad on Soi 6 at the moment.

So now the GoGo count has dropped to 74.

And on a related subject the GoGo across the way, Wanthana's, is now part of the O Bar and O2 Bar chain. It we be ranamed shortly.

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