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2010: February

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28th February   

Rodeo Remount...

4 closed bars set to re-open
Link Here

Welcome back to Rodeo Girls on Pattayaland 2 that has returned to life and is continuing as a GoGo.

The bar has a young management team who quite frankly have no idea what this particular customer wants out of a GoGo bar.

There are now 81 Pattaya area bars offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Meanwhile the re-opening of Kinnaree Palace, the stylish Pratamnak bar located between Soi 4 and Soi 5, has firmed up for 6th March.

Connections have posted: Kinnaree is reopening on March 6th at 1pm at the original Pratumnak location. It still has the same great Kinnaree style, great staff and affordable drinks. The reopening will include on the 6th of March a free buffet and other incentives, you will need to be there to find out what those are, but they will be good.

In Walking Street, Stickman reports that the bar above Champion will re-appear as a GoGo called Powers Club. The bar last saw business briefly as Maya Karaoke.

Stickman also reports that the recently closed lady boy bar, Limmatquai 80 has been acquired by the Happy Peppermint team. presumably they will have a girly bar idea in mind. Limmatquai is located on Soi Diamond between Gentleman's Club and Diamond A-GoGo.


28th February   

Saturday Stayback...

On-going police raids continue at Thai pub
Link Here

Just after 4am on Saturday morning, Pattaya Police, conducted a raid of the Zee Bar and Restaurant formerly known as the 93 mile Pub located just off Pattaya Third Road close to the South Pattaya Road intersection.

The raid took place following a number of complaints from residents who were angry over the late opening of the pub. During the raid patrons were checked for drugs and firearms and were also urine tested.


27th February   


Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Casnovy
Link Here

Casnovy is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street

The bar was one of the market leaders in setting up a loud and lively environment inside and a large team of very attractive welcome girls outside. The same spirit is now most popularly exploited by Airport and Iron Club but Casnovy is still pretty good.

The bar employs way too many dancers, hostesses and wait staff for the amount of customers but it gives the bar an illusion of being continually busy, even when it's not.

The bar usually has about a dozen dancers on the go spread across the 3 rows of stages. The less inhibited girls generally stay on the centre stage. The dancing is punctuated by naked shows that are not really so different from the standard dancing.

I've usually found some good, attractive and friendly company from amongst the dancers but it is not really a 100% guaranteed deal.

The draft beer is cheap and served in bigger glasses than most bars.

Usually this all adds up to a good time.


26th February   


Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Naughty Girls
Link Here

Naughty Girls is located on Soi Diamond

There's a certain symmetry to Soi Diamond, with the two centre bars on either side of the beer bar isle being somewhat berift of ideas. (And often, customers)

Naughty Girls is not too far off the mark. It is an attractive bar with a central stage. There is comfortable bench seating around the sides of the bar. There are table dancing positions set amongst this seating, but it is rarely used these days.

On my last couple of visits there have been some very attractive dancers on show too.

There's a 55 Baht draft beer and other drink prices are in line with Pattaya norms.

The flaws that I see are that the girls dance a very long stint, which is usually a cue to depart for anyone waiting for a particular girl.

Secondly in common with neighbours, The Sea and New Star, the bar seems to think that the most attractive girls should be given the onerous job of sitting by the door. If it were my bar, I would assign them the job of sitting with customers instead. Better to get at least a few customers with as smile on their face, rather than concentrating on getting people into the bar only to leave them lonely and bored.


25th February   

Can't Wait to Get Back...

Pattaya's Bar Reviews: Long Tail Bar
Link Here

The Long Tail Bar is located on Thappraya Road 50 metres from Jomtien beach

Fantastic little bar.

I've been going there for the last 3 years and will back in March with Long Tail Bar being my first port of call for a drink, the girls aren't lookers but really friendly and the owner is a great fella.

Always made to feel welcome a great place to go during the day for a beer and good conversation.

Can't wait to get back.


24th February   


Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Club Misty's
Link Here

Club Misty's is unmissable on Soi 15

The bar is still one of Pattaya's more impressive GoGo designs. The mix of neon, chrome, spiral staircase, balcony, table dancing stages and centre stage looks the Biz.

On my last visit there were plenty of girls and there were several that were well attractive.

There's a reasonably priced draft beer and the rest of the prices are typical of many competing bars.

There's an affable host who seems to be a centre of attention.

And yet with all these good thing in place, the bar is pretty near a 100% guaranteed failure for me to attract the attention of a drinking partner. And looking around the bar I am not the only abject failure in town. The bar rarely seems busy in terms of customer count and a fair few fellow customers are usually sharing my Mr Lonely posture.

Probably just me, but maybe the girls need a nudge to become a little bit more pro-active bout taking care of customers.


22nd February   

Desert Oasis...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Club Nevada
Link Here

Club Nevada is located at the Beach Road of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

This bar is another on my circuit where my favourite thing on offer is the aircon. There are actually not really many bars around South Pattaya that provide a bit of cool air during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Several years ago it was quite a lively daytime haunt but it has scaled down somewhat. Most of the time there aren't really enough girls to go round, and the chances are that customers are in for a lonely drink.

That's not to say that there isn't fun to be had. There are some friendly and attractive girls there, just not enough.

Anyway drinks are cheap, the bar is well run in terms no hassle and usually about half of the 3 to 6 girls on stage dance in very little.

If they could just up the momentum a bit it could easily be an afternoon highlight rather than just a decent place for  brief respite in the cool.


20th February   

Little Competition...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: We Are No 1
Link Here

We Are No 1 is located on Thapraya Road a few metres from Jomtien Beach

There is not really much on offer in this bar. The girls are a little below average and there is now showing. The girls are friendly enough, but too many are set to dancing, and any girl sitting at your side will soon be recalled to the stage.

The bar does offer decent rock videos on two large screens and these have been recently supplemented by 2 large TVs for customers at the other end of the bar.

If the bar was in Pattaya, it would stand no chance. But in fact there is little aircon competition in Jomtien, so I still drop buy every couple of months when I have exhausted the alternative options.

On my last visit I was entertained most by watching dancers arrive at the bar in civvies.  They'd appear a few minutes later in dance attire. One girl in particular arrived looking just like a prim and proper office middle manger. Great to see the transformation to GoGo dancer.


19th February   

A Little Bit Different...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: ByBlos
Link Here

ByBlos is located on Pratamnak Road at the corner of Soi Diamond.

At first glance the downstairs bar operates pretty much as per most Walking Street GoGos. There is a small dancing area in the middle of the bar were a few girls dance in the usual range of attire.

The remainder of the girls circulate amongst the customers in the comfortable seating arranged in bays. And hands on fun is definitely available at this bar.

There is usually a mix of girls with a similar range to nearby bars.

But there seems to be a different set of rules with regards to interactions with the girls and tipping.

No doubt down to attracting more Asian customers than farangs, due to its Pratamnak Road location. Perhaps understandably, the bar has adapted to these changing needs.

My impression is that one has to be very quick to buy a lady drink, lest you get categorised as a time waster.

Having made the upfront investment, things return pretty much to the usual pattern for a while with the girls being good fun. However after an unspecified while, I got asked for some outlandish requests for hundreds of Baht tips. No problems in refusing these requests but time to leave anyway.

Anyway a pleasant enough couple of visits, but not on my regular circuit.


18th February   

Smouldering Issue...

Charges over fatal Santika pub fire
Link Here

Four people have been formally charged over a New Year's Eve nightclub fire in Bangkok that left 67 people dead.

More than 200 people, including tourists from Australia, Britain and France, were injured in the Santika club blaze in the early hours of 2009.

Three Santika employees and the lead singer of the band on stage when the fire broke out have been charged with various counts of gross negligence.

Band singer Saravuth Ariya has been charged with setting off the fireworks that police believe sparked the blaze.

The fire broke out in the packed club as about 1,000 people were celebrating the start of the new year. Hundreds of people were trapped inside the building, which had no proper fire exits, no sprinkler system and no emergency lights. Witnesses said people were trying to find their way to the single exit using their mobile phones for light.

Both the Thai police and the justice ministry carried out investigations into the disaster. Rescue workers carry a body from the Bangkok nightclub. The ministry found the club had been registered as a private residence and not an entertainment venue, so was not subject to safety inspections. The club had been operating in a zone where nightclubs were banned and a city architect's signature approving the building design had been forged, said investigators.

Three more people have been indicted over the fire but were not in court. Santika's co-owner and the head of the company that installed the pyrotechnics both said they were too ill to attend court, while a third person remains on the run.


17th February   

Reverse Bar Fines...

Free food and drink for hooking up with freelancers on daytime Friday
Link Here

Surely a note worthy offer in these politically correct times. Pattaya Beer Garden on Beach Road just at the entrance to Walking Street  is trying to encourage a bit more daytime action.

Based on posting from

For the girls we will be offering free drinks (yes free) between 4pm and 9 pm on Friday nights. This offer is for unaccompanied girls sitting at either of the two bars.

For the guys we are offering Reverse Bar Fines between these times. WE will pay YOU the bar fine. If you hook up with a freelancer in the Beer Garden between 4 pm and 9 pm on Friday nights, WE will pay YOU a 200 baht bar fine. The 200 baht will be credited to your bill, so that's 3 or 4 extra beers for free.

If you do not use the full 200 baht credit, we will not pay it back in cash. You need to spend it or lose it. You can use it on any of our food or drink products.

So, the girls drink free and the guys get paid 200 baht for picking up a girl. That has to be a good deal. If it works well on Fridays we may introduce it as a nightly promotion but with shorter hours.

Comment: Sceptical

From DavidT

Friday again, sweetheart. You know what to do?

Yes, I go Pattaya Beer Garden and sit bar. Order free drink.

Don't forget to keep stool next to you free

Yes I know. I wait you 2 minutes

OK, we have a few drinks and something to eat. I tell boss bar I barfine you and ask for checkbin with reverse bar fine

So we do not need to pay food and drink

I hope they soon do same every day


16th February   

Last Chance Saloon...

Less Fun in Pattaya
Link Here

For the umpteenth time in the last couple of years Fun Room A-GoGo has gone dark. Fun Room is a small GoGo on Soi 15 opposite What's Up.

So Pattaya's GoGo count now stands at 80 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Club Mirage on Soi Diamond looked to be in dire straits. The welcome staff were gamely trying to get people inside with 55 Baht draft signs but no draft was available once inside the bar. There were just 3 girls in the bar at 9:30, 2 dancing and one waiting.

Club Nevada on Soi Post Office had the same dancer count half an hour before. But this was put down to a run on the girls from some of the many US Navy guys in town at the moment.

On s slightly more positive note, there were people milling round outside the recently closed Rodeo Girls GoGo on Soi Pattayaland 2. The bar wasn't operating as a gogo. It had the door curtain pinned back to reveal an empty but lighted bar. Perhaps there are plans to re-open in some form or another.


15th February   

Pit Stop...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Sexy A-GoGo
Link Here

Sexy A-GoGo is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi 7.

So many bars and so little aircon. My strolls around town require frequent pit stops for air and liquid fuel. And I find few in the Soi 7/8 area that have aircon. So Sexy A-GoGo gets a few more visits than strictly speaking it deserves.

It is a very narrow bar with a central stage. It has bench seating that has got the angles wrong and seems to make one sit bolt upright.

The stage usually has 3 or 4 dancers, topless or bikini clad. I'd guess that not many rack up significant bar fine counts.

But on the other hand the draft beer is cheap at 50 Baht and I usually find some one for a hassle free chat.

A pleasant unassuming bar that makes for good pit stop on a walk around town.


14th February   

Lucky Dip...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: X Zone
Link Here

X-Zone is located upstairs in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 just off Walking Street

X-Zone is a fairly popular bar that caters for those that like a  bit of hands on fun.

It is also a very large gogo that maybe requires a few too many girls dancing just to fill the stages and make it seem lively and atmospheric.

The net result is that I have often stopped by and there have not been enough girls to go round. So now I pause at the door and survey the bar. I just check that there are a few girls available for customer care.

Assuming that this is the case then the bar is good fun. There is always a naughty table on the go with a few toys to play with. Otherwise the table dancers are generally a fun loving crew with a fair few that are well attractive.

The serving girls can be fun too.


13th February   

Second Attempt at First A-GoGo...

Under new management
Link Here

First A-GoGo is located at the back of a beer bar complex in central Soi 8 (nearly opposite Cherry Bar)

The bar has just had a change of management so time to have a look if anything had changed.

I didn't spot any physical changes to the bar. It still suffers a little from a rather high stage that is located a bit too far from the comfy seats.

On the plus side, the bar had a fair amount of good looking dancers. There were perhaps 15 girls in all of which 6 were dancing. They wore bikinis or less depending on their preferences. Most would don pleated skirts as they ended their dancing stint.

To me the long term failing of the bar is that the girls never seem very interested in interacting with the customers. Taking a quick look round the bar, I think there has probably been a bit of an improvement on that front, as a couple of guys were enjoying a chat.

The much travelled Thai bar manager Kuhn Saatit was on duty but somehow his presence rarely correlates with the sort of bar I like to drink in.

The bar didn't click for me on this visit, but I think there is an improved chance of this happening on a subsequent visit.


12th February   

Mythical Trafficking...

Police raid TQ1
Link Here

On Thursday night Police Anti-Trafficking Division conducted a raid on the Tahitian Queen Bar following a report that explicit shows were taking place at the venue, located on Pattaya Beach Road.

The team of officers arrived and noticed a show was taking place on a stage. The female performers were not wearing any cloths and were detained along with the manager of the venue.

The arrestees were taken to Pattaya Police Station for processing, however the venue is expected to be open for business as usual over the weekend


11th February   

Immigration Teazers...

Immigration police on patrol in Walking Street
Link Here

Immigration police are on patrol in Walking Street presumably seeking out farang bar keeps without the necessary work permits etc.

Last night Teazers coyote bar suffered a raid. By all accounts, issues have now been settled and the bar is open as usual.


10th February   

Short Break...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Beaver's
Link Here

Beaver's is a small table dancing bar located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street

The bar closed for a few days last week reportedly for a bit of rework. But if it that was the reason, I couldn't spot anything that had changed.

There was a good crowd in the bar and 6 of the tables were being used for dancing. Unfortunately there were not really enough spare girls left over to look after the amount of customers in the bar.

The girls were dancing 2 songs at each table making a dance stint of 12 songs. Ludicrously long for anyone waiting for a girl to finish.

This was probably not a major issue though, as there weren't really that many girls that would inspire such a marathon wait.

Still, the girls were friendly enough and the customers seemed to be enjoying themselves. So I left them to it.


9th February   


Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Tramp's
Link Here

Tramps A-GoGo is located on Soi Diamond above Windmill Club.

It's never easy to start an upstairs bar, at least until people start to feel confident that the fun will be worth the climb.

Sure enough the bar has yet to get an awful lot of momentum going and there were just 7 dancers on duty. 4 were dancing, 2 were resting and 1 girl was doing her thing on a play mat.

The girls were a mixed crew but a couple were attractive enough.

Not really setting Soi Diamond alight but the girls were friendly and the management seemed flexible enough to get the girls sitting with customers rather than dancing.

The drinks prices were reasonable and a friendly hands on girl easily convinced me to stay for a few drinks.

Hopefully the friendly staff will be a good basis to build up a bit of momentum for the bar.


8th February   

Bar Psychology...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Baccara
Link Here

Baccara A-GoGo is located directly on central Walking Street

This GoGo must be one of the most focused bar designs in Pattaya. The downstairs floor is totally dominated by the large central stage sporting a dozen girls with plenty of space for more.

On one side of the plush bar there is tiered comfortable seating overlooking the auditorium stage. The bar goes one step further than most, by providing ring side armchairs. Inevitably these are facing the stage and this adds to the domineering focus of the dancing stage.

There were a dozen dancers on stage either topless or bikini clad depending n the wishes of the girl. They were surely above average and were putting more effort into their dancing than most bars. The music was dance friendly and set quite loud but sensibly not as loud as some.

There is an upstairs bar area where the dance floor is transparent and located directly above the downstairs stage. Presumably if you are sitting around the main stage you can look up to the upper floor dancers and see that they are wearing less than their downstairs sisters. I couldn't see anything of note from the side seats though.

The wait staff is male and they are dressed in striking polo shirts. Presumably not intended, but this is very reminiscent of bouncers and security staff at Farangland venues. The fact that these guys tend to circulate around the stage whilst serving, gives the impression of them patrolling and guarding the girls.

The whole bar design reminded me so much of the places back home where I really would rather not be. With unattainable pretty girls hiding behind glass or else guarded by bouncers ready to slap you down should you make any attempt to get near the dancers.

Of course this is simply not the reality at Baccara. The girls are as friendly and approachable as you would expect. And the guys really are there just to serve you a drink.

Maybe just me, but I didn't really enjoy being reminded of the restricted fun allowed in strip bars back home.


7th February   

Catz Toyz...

Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Toyz
Link Here

Toyz A-GoGo is located in the Covent Garden Complex just off Walking Street on Soi 16.

Catz A-GoGo is now Toyz A-GoGo. A few familiar faces suggest that it is more a re-branding than a total change of direction. Nothing has changed in terms of layout or decor anyway.

Perhaps early days, but the bar was operating below my minimum threshold of a worth while venue. There were just 6 dancers present in the bar at about midnight... And 4 of them were dancing.

As has usually been the case at Catz the girls were attractive. But I prefer a bar where the attractive girls have time enough to sit at your side.

Hopefully will get enough momentum going in the near future.


6th February   


Pattaya's GoGo Reviews: Baby Boom
Link Here

Baby Boom A-GoGo is located just off Soi Buakhao but visible from the road at about the junction with Soi Honey.

I was well surprised on my visit to the bar. Rather than few older girls reported my previous visitors, the bar was full pretty girls. There were about 20 dancers and perhaps 15 of them would get a job anywhere on Walking Street.

I rather suspect that there was something temporary going on as it was left to the older girls to go and ply their trade and sit with the customers.

The small bar is well laid out with comfortable seating mostly with a good view of the side stage.

There were 6 dancers at a time on stage wearing a bikini or half according to their wishes. The music was a little loud and selected for the benefit of the dancers rather than the customers.

With cheap drinks, surely the recipe to attract a few customers from Soi Buakhao. It will be interesting to see if the current attractive dancing troupe can be maintained.


5th February   

GoGo's De-listed...

Hottie's stays coyote and Rodeo goes dark
Link Here

Hottie's Club is located at the back of the beer bar complex on 2nd Road opposite the main Mike's Mall.

I had read that Hottie's Club were trying a re-branding  as an A-GoGo but I didn't spot much evidence of this beyond one of the welcome signs proclaiming Hottie's A-GoGo.

The girls were dressed up in cropped blouses, bras, light skirts and knickers. In my book this is coyote wear so the bar has been de-listed from the GoGos section.

The girls were dancing on 2 stages with a couple of girls on each. They didn't seem very interested in the few customers so I enjoyed my cheap draft beer and departed pronto.

Pattayaland 2

Things weren't looking too cheery on Pattaya land 2 last night. In particular, Rodeo Girls had gone dark.

Kitten Club was very subdued too as they seem to have had dispensed with their previous large team of welcome staff.

The old Popcorn A-GoGo on the same soi is currently being re-developed. It looks unlikely that it will stay as a bar. I guess a shop.

So the count of GoGos where girls are dancing in bikinis or less drops to 81.


4th February   

Work in Progress...

Around town
Link Here

Beaver's on Walking Street is closed for a few days presumably for a bit of repair work on their dams. After some refurbishment the bar will re-open on Friday.

As reported before Sisterz is undergoing some substantially rework ready to clot into the Happy A-GoGo family of bars.

There is a new nightclub set to open across from X-Zone in Covent Garden. It will be called Irony International Discotheque. But the Arabic script on the sign is likely to suggest that there will only be a subset of nationals interested.

Up on Soi 6 Love Club is yet again under re-development. It's had more refits than its had customers.

The Red Door Bar nearly opposite is still undergoing a major re-development.


3rd February   

The Start of the Raiding Season...

Police raid bars on Theprassit and then Soi 6
Link Here

At approximately 1:00am on Monday night, the police raided the karaoke bar district of Soi 17, Thepprasit Road, Pattaya.

The taskforce was instructed to check the licenses of 10 establishments and search from drug taking at each bar.

Arriving at the scene, police went about there investigation, checking the bar licenses, searching the premise for drugs and testing the staff members for drug use.

One bar did not hold a current license and illegal drugs and drug taking paraphernalia was discovered in almost all of the establishments. Urine testing revealed that seven members of staff from the various bars tested positive to drug use.

On Tuesday night the police raided bars on Pattaya Soi 6. Again licenses, drug testing and age checks were the business of the evening.


2nd February   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: What's Up Imagine and Tramps
Link Here

Not So Cheerful at What's Up Imagine

The opening time has been changed from the 9pm previously (I think) to 10pm.

I was in the Imagine from 10:30 to 11:10 on Saturday night. There were always less than 10 customers. There were about 7 dancers.

Imagine is not so cheerful because of high prices and few ladies.

Lady Drinks are 135 Baht and the bar fine is 1000 Baht.

Tips at Tramps

Tramps A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was re-visited on Sunday. They now had 7 dancers. The play mat was being brought into play should any of the customers be willing to cough up a tip.

Barfines are an expensive 1000 Baht with a minor concession of 500 Baht for short time.


1st February   

Sign of the Times...

News snippets from Walking Street
Link Here

Happy A-GoGo on Walking Street is now sporting a flashy new electronic sign.

Sisterz also on Walking Street is now being forcibly inducted into the Happy A-GoGo family. It is set to close for building work from 1st February.

Meanwhile Pattaya-At-Night is reporting that Catz A-GoGo in the Covent Garden complex on Soi 16 has morphed into Toyz A-GoGo


1st February   

World Police...

Sunee Plaza raided by police and the US FBI
Link Here

In what was reported to be the first night of the Pattaya police crackdown, bars were checked and arrests were made in Pattaya's Sunee Plaza, which attracts mostly a gay clientele.

With cooperation from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), agents from the Department of Special Investigation (SDI) with cooperation from Pattaya Police, Chonburi Immigration Bureau and the Women and Children's Protective Service agents based in Banglamung, the massive police force checked many bars then raided a particular bar snubbed by other Sunee Plaza owners and arrested the alleged owner and some of his staff.

An eyewitness walking through Sunee Plaza located behind TukCom IT Center and near Soi VC said, The police swarmed seemingly out of nowhere. They were on a mission. They went in and out of many bars without incident, but when they got to two bars they really were looking for something. They found it and came out with a middle-aged white guy, a computer, a box of DVDs and some underage boys.

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