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2008: May

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29th May   

My Baby's Come Back...

Baby Dolls changes hands
Link Here

Baby Dolls, the highly successful gogo on Soi 15, has changed hands and Ricky is now the frontman.

One of the mamasangs and her crew have now moved to Windmill.

I rather predict that the bar will go from strength to strength and that the only problems that it will face is overcrowding.

Word has got round quickly amongst the girls and many ex-Baby Dolls favourites, who had left the bar, are queuing up to return.

The bar has shifted from 7pm to 8pm opening but I didn't spot any other changes so far.


29th May   

Open to the World...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sweethearts
Link Here

The bar seems to have carved out a niche that is attracting a good crowd.

It is just a little bit more inviting than most gogos. It leaves the front door open so that passers by can see the table dancing within.

The open door policy probably provides a little encouragement for inquisitive tourists who maybe a little shy to venture into the unknown of a closed door bar.

The bar is more friendly than most to South Asian and Middle Eastern tourists too.

The downside for the more hardened gogo addict, is that the open door policy means that there is no nudity or naughty shows for passers by to see (or customers for that matter)

The girls are average but that still means that there are some good looking girls.

The music is oldie farang and the drinks prices are very reasonable.

Good to see a bar catering for a wider audience than most. There's plenty of room in Pattaya for a bit of variety.


25th May   

More Options...

Windmill Club upgrades
Link Here

Windmill Club A-GoGo is located on Soi Diamond.

The top table at Windmill has been redeveloped into a Jacuzzi stage.

So now the small bar has the full range of entertainment with Jacuzzi, mattress and traditional dancing stages.

It has also been reported that the lighting has been upgraded but somehow I missed noticing that. Must have been distracted!


22nd May   

Ghost of Marilyn's...

Highway Star A-GoGo re-invents itself as a very expensive showbar
Link Here

Highway Star A-GoGo is a very large bar located in the Pier Entertainment Complex at the junction of Walking Street and Beach Road

The bar has massively increased its prices and declared itself to be a show bar.

The draft beer has been taken off and bottled beer is now 150 Baht a small bottle even during a dead happy hour. This bar must now be the most expensive gogo in Walking Street

It was way too expensive to make me want to see what sort of show they do. So I made a quick U turn.


19th May   

Pattaya's Hootest Dancer Contest...

Is that the dancer with the best hooters?
Link Here

Rodeo Girls A Go Go, Paradise A Go Go and Honey Girls A Go Go are sponsoring a 5 round dance completion that culminates in a 6th Final Round with 15,500 Baht in prize money. From each of the 5 preliminary competitions the 3 top dancers will be selected. The Finals will consist of 15 girls.

The schedules for the contests are:

  • Paradise A Go Go - May 22nd
  • Honey Girls A Go Go - May 26th
  • Rodeo Girls A Go Go - May 29th
  • Paradise A Go Go - June 2nd
  • Rodeo Girls A Go Go - June 5th
  • Finals at Honey Girls A Go Go - June 7th


19th May   

Playing Blue on Soi 6?...

Snooker champ Stephen Hendry visits Pattaya
Link Here

Seven-time World Snooker Champion Stephen Hendry will visit Pattaya as a guest of John Smith'
s Bitter and Strongbow Draught Cider.

Stephen who comes from Edinburgh, Scotland will be making a series of one-hour appearances at pubs in Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Stephen will make himself available for a questions and answers session, as well as some exhibition frames.

John Smith'
s Extra Smooth Bitter and Strongbow Cider will be available for a special discount price at each venue.

His Pattaya visits will be on Thursday 22nd May:

  • Flannigans Thappraya Road Jomtien (17:00)
  • Shenanigans Avenue Mall (18:30)
  • Butchers Arms Soi Buakhao (20:00)
  • Queen Victoria Soi 6 (21:30)


19th May   

Wild About the Drinks Prices...

Wildcats set to open
Link Here

Wildcats Bar, Soho Square will be having it's soft opening on 20th May from 6.00pm.

Opening times are 6.00pm till 3.00am

We are located on Walking Street in the new Soho Square development which is just behind Covent Garden. You can also access the bar from Soi 16 by walking between Morning Star and Rodeo Bar.

We have 3 Pool Tables, Large LCD TV, we play Classic Rock and Pop Music.

Our concept is cheap booze with good service in a fun modern bar with barfineable ladies.

So please pop in for a beer or two and if you make yourself known to the boss Kevin, you will receive your second drink FREE

Heineken 60 bt Singha 60 bt
San Miguel Light 60 bt Tiger 60 bt
Chang 50 bt

Glass 40 baht Jug 130 bt

SPIRITS (incl mixer)
Vodka (Smirnoff) Gin (Gordons)
Jack Daniels Brandy
JW Red Label Malibu
Tequila Rum (bundy)
Sang Som/Mekong (double) Jim Beam
Bacardi Zambucca
Kahlua/ Baileys Campari
All Spirits 65 bt Doubles 100 bt

Bicardi Breezer 75 bt WineCooler/Spy 50bt

All Soft Drinks 40 baht

Ladies Drinks 80 baht Ladies Barfine 300 baht


17th May   

Tramping Away...

Tramps Showbar goes dark
Link Here

Tramps Showbar on Soi Diamond above Windmill has gone dark.

The Pattaya gogo count is now down to 75 operating bars with girls.


13th May   

Bee There...

Queen Bee Bar opening amongst a clutch of new bars on Soi Arunotai
Link Here

A clutch of bars has appeared on Soi Arunotai which runs south from Carrefour on Pattaya Klang.

They are in the vicinity of the well known Shagwell Mansions noted for its Darcy Bar and the associated Outback Bar.

The Soi Arunotai bars are:

  • Relax Bar
  • Smitty's Place
  • Sar's Bar
  • Nice Bar 2
  • Queen Bee Bar which is set for a soft opening on Friday 16th May. The grand opening party is on Sunday 18th May, with food and lots of new ladies

There are also bars in Nirun Condo on Soi Arunotai:

  • John's Bar
  • Legends Bar


12th May   

Marine Police...

Police raid Walking Street bars and then late opening karaoke bars
Link Here

Banglamung District Officers were on patrol in the South Pattaya area on Friday Night. They checked a number of Bars on Walking Street and also checked a number of establishments outside of the main entertainment zone which, by law, must close by 1am.

In Walking Street they visited a number of bars and discotheques including Marine. Licenses were checked and staff members from a number of the venues underwent urine tests. We can report that two female members of staff from a bar on the street failed a urine test. No other irregularities were found on Walking Street.

The group then went to a number of Karaoke Bars outside of the main entertainment zone and found that they were operating after 1am which is in contravention of their licenses. 10 Bars were closed down and district officials tell us they will now be subject to a minimum 30 day closure pending authorization by the Chief of Banglamung District.


10th May   

After Dark 6...

Latest issue of Pattaya nightlife magazine
Link Here

The latest issue of After Dark, Volume 6, has been published. It is widely available in bars and bookshops across Pattaya.

It is good to see that the editors have a similar taste in bars as myself. They are well up to date with spotting the buzzing Wet 'n' Wild and X-Zone.

In fact, it is very much the selling point of the magazine that the girls featured are currently working at the bars.

It can be strange to actually meet the girls featured in a glamour magazine. One of the girls I know is very much the life and soul of her bar, and the glamour pics capture good memories.

Another featured dancer I know is actually a lot more sultry in real life and the magazine captures her beauty rather that her character. A photo would have to include an angry or disdainful or affectionate glance to do her justice.

Anyway, it is great to see some of the gogo girls you actually know in a glamour magazine, but I always wish someone would publish an X rated version.


10th May   

Dark Voodoo...

Voodoo A-GoGo closed
Link Here

Voodoo A-Gogo has remained dark for a few nights now. So one assumes the worst and Pattaya's girl gogo count drops to 76.

The half dozen beer bars in the same complex are also closed so the problem is not specific to the gogo.

It has been reported that many of the girls have moved to Coyotee's A-GoGo


8th May   

Misty A-GoGo Go to Walking Street...

Misty A-GoGo relocates
Link Here

Misty A-GoGo is moving from Pattayaland to Walking Street Soi 15. The bar is ste to open at the new location on Friday 9th May. This will be a soft opening and an official opening is set for a couple of weeks time.

The bar seems to be renamed from Misty A-GoGo to Club Mistys.

All the staff and girls are moving with the bar.

And on the subject of gogos opening and closing, Vodoo A-GoGo was dark on the evening of 7th May.


8th May   

Super Expensive Sisterz...

Sisterz substantially increases beer prices
Link Here

Sisterz has substantially increased drinks prices with draft beer at 85 Baht (it was previously 55 Baht and sold in a pretty small glass too).

The happy hour has changed. Previously cheap drinks were on offer but this has now changed to a 2 for 1 offer. Not such a good deal should it be only worth staying for one drink.

Sisterz is also causing a bit of a stir on Pattaya forums with the news that they have introduced a 1500 Baht barfine. Unsurprisingly the idea had not been well received by the customers.

This applies to what the bar has called superstars.

The barfine menu now reads:

  • superstars until midnight 1500
  • superstars after midnight 1000
  • showgirls 700
  • dancers 600


7th May   

A Tall Story...

Police round up East European working girls
Link Here

In the early hours of Tuesday Morning, Police Major Witaya was on routine patrol when he received a complaint regarding a group of foreign women suspected of engaging in Prostitution. T

he Officer made his way to Walking Street where he spotted the women, who were later found to be from Uzbekistan. They were seen approaching tourists; however the exact details of discussions were not heard.

A total of 12 women were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station where they confessed to engaging in prostitution. They further revealed that customers would pay between 2,500 and 3,000 Baht for their services and they had been operating for the last 2 months.

They will be sent to court and it is expected they will be deported if they are found guilty of charges brought against them.


6th May   

Update: Mayoral Morals...

Mayor seeks to eradicate the red lights of Pattaya
Link Here

New moralist mayor Ittipon Khunpluem has listed his policies as:

  • the eradication of Pattaya's red-light venue Walking Street
  • environmental improvement
  • the implementation of an effective water supply for the city and Kho Larn
  • a 12-year free education system
  • low-cost housing for low income groups
  • a new, improved traffic system
  • a tramline transportation system
  • flood prevention
  • job opportunities to decrease poverty
  • the establishment of a drug-observation and prevention centre
  • the encouragement of ecotourism
  • the construction of a sports centre
  • the establishment of a tourism festival
  • the encouragement of world-class entertainment


5th May   

Update: 19th Hole Closes...

Walking Street bar changes hands
Link Here

19th Hole logo The 19th Hole Superpub above the alley from Walking Street to Soi Marine Plaza has closed.

In fact 19th hole was bought by a Swiss and a French guy. They are calling it Goodfellows and it will be a sports bar with freelancers encouraged to visit (no bar fines). The Planned opening is sometime next month.


4th May   

Malibu Moves North...

Malibu cabaret on the move
Link Here

The Malibu cabaret bar has moved from its long time location on the corner of 2nd Road and Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office).

It is now located further north on 2nd road in a new row of shop houses near the Soi 10 corner.

The show is the miming katoey variety most notable for a Tina Turner take off. Last time I stopped by there were a couple of girls on stage too.


3rd May   

Signing X on the Dotted Line...

X Zone changes hands
Link Here

X Zone A-GoGo in Covent Garden has been sold to new Belgian owners. Hopefully they will maintain the momentum of the last few months and retain the popularity.

The previous owners are said to be planning on a new Walking Street gogo ready for the start of this years high season.


2nd May   

Gorkle's Gone...

Gorkle Club closes on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

It is reported that Gorkle Club, a GoGo on Soi LK Metro has been dark for a week. It has been rumoured that the bar is in the process of being sold.

There are now 78 girl gogos operating.


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