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2008: September

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30th September   

Curtained Off...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Roxy
Link Here

Roxy is a show bar on Walking Street located over the road from Tony's Disco.

Since I last stopped by the bar has scaled down to half size by curtaining off about half the seating.

It was probably about the right size for the amount of customers, but I was unlucky and the comfortable seats were full. So I was guided to a stageside stool which means I was highly unlikely to stay beyond a single drink. I really really do like a comfortable seat for my money.

There were about 4 pretty showgirls doing the sexy shows and about a dozen girls doing the gogo dancing. Only one of the gogo dancers took off her top and none of them offered so much as a smile to the stageside audience of one.

There were a few dancers left over for hostess duties and these were all cornered by a party of Japanese.

So with no interaction and an uncomfortable seat, it made for a rapid departure. But apart from the always hated toilet jockey, there's nothing too amiss about the bar. If they could have spared a few girls for customer service I would probably be raving about the place.


29th September   

Pleasantly Surprised...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Playgirls
Link Here

Playgirls is the new upstairs Walking Street show bar above Airport Club. It is located opposite Soi Diamond.

I was rather suspecting a bar that was a bit more hardened to fleecing the bells and whistles crowd but the bar was not such a lost cause.

The steep steps up to the first floor bar wouldn't survive health and safety rules in Farangland. They are pretty unattractive as aesthetically too.

But inside the bar is bright and attractive along similar lines to Airport below.

There are 3 stages, 1 is for gogo, the other alternates between gogo and bells and whistles shows for the tourists. In the centre is a Jacuzzi complete with a a suitably soapy girl. There are no seats near, so no chance of any hands on fun.

All drinks prices are reasonable and the standard for the Nui's group bars. So no premium to watch a show you didn't want to see in the first place.

The gogo girls were a little reluctant to take their tops off and there are none of the the cuties that are reserved for downstairs duty at Airport Club.

I spoke to a couple of the dancing girls and it made for a very pleasant couple of drinks. They were not pushy and were charming hostesses with plenty of tales from a longish gogo careers.

The service was also good.


28th September   

One Fatal Flaw...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Rocket A-GoGo
Link Here

Rocket A-GoGo is an upstairs bar on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond.

There are many good things to say about the bar, particularly for a Thai run bar.

Drinks prices are good and there is a little hassle from the girls or staff. All the usual gogo entertainments are there including the almost inevitable Jacuzzi.

There seems just one thing missing, pretty girls!

Getting customers to upstairs bars is always difficult but its seems that getting the girls to climb the stairs is nigh on impossible.


27th September   

Hearty Good Byes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Casnovy A-GoGo
Link Here

There have been a few good words mentioned about the bar of late so I stopped by to have a look.

The drinks prices were fine and the service was good. Plenty of staff on hand to keep things ticking over efficiently.

Strangely nothing much had changed since my last visit. There were an awful lot of dancers on the tables at once, 15 I think. They were dancing 6 songs, 2 on each row of tables.

There were quite a range of girls and some were pretty. But only one took her top off.

None of the girls seemed to making much effort on schmoozing front and the pretty ones would vanish to the upstairs changing room after they had done their stint.

As before as soon as I gave up on the less than friendly girls, every staff member I passed on the way out gave me a cheery good bye. Pity they cant get the same enthusiasm to rub off on the dancing girls.


24th September   

A Gamble...

Bar 77 being converted to Las Vegas GoGo
Link Here

The recently opened aircon bar on Soi Yamato, Bar 77 , is being redeveloped into a GoGo. It is set to open on 1st October. It will be named Las Vegas GoGo and the signs are already up.

A rather strangely named Bamboo...Boo has opened at the site of the old Malibu Bar at the corner of 2nd Road and Soi Post Office..

It is a nicely furnished large open bar featuring a live band pumping out all the usual bar favourites.

It was previously reported that Peaches , a bar on Walking Street in front of Lollipop A-GoGo, was going to be another GoGo. It seems more likely to be a standard bar. The notice for staff mentions 3500 Baht per month + tips. Not high enough for dancing girls.


21st September   

Coping with Success...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Windmill Club
Link Here

Windmill is a regular stop on my rounds. It is one of the most consistently fun bars on Walking Street. And it is the surest bet when Walking Street is both busy or deserted.

If the bar is quiet (not often), then you'll soon get the offer of company, or else you can go play with the girls on the fun stages.

When the bar gets busy, the small bar is soon full. This restriction on customers ensures that there are always enough girls to go round. Perhaps compared with Baby Dolls which is similarly fun, but is big enough to allow in more customers than girls...(And then it may not be so much fun if you are unlucky enough to be left without a girl on your lap).

Another thing I like about a popular bar, is that the chances are that your regulars are busy and you get a chance to play with someone new girls without snubbing old friends. Of course if you simply fancy an old friend, you just have to visit a little earlier when the bar is quieter.

Some of the girls are troopers, but it almost a necessity of the bar to be good company and offer good customer care. The popularity of the bar ensures a good turn over of pretty girls to complement the longer stayers.

Drinks prices are reasonable, as are all the usual customer policies. Thus ensuring that customers who enjoy this style of entertainment become regulars.


20th September   

A Hot Quicky...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Quicky Bar
Link Here

Quicky Bar is a new short time bar in the centre of Soi 6.

It is a little different from its immediate neighbours in that it features a prominent outside bar counter.

There is a back canoodling room but its existence isn't prominently signposted. It has rather a small neon sign to the lounge.

Inside there are a couple of poles, some sofa seating and a water feature. Even though one of the girls was well worthy of an interview, there was no way I could stay in the backroom due to a lack of aircon. I don't know if this was temporary or permanent, but it was impossibly hot.

The beer prices were reasonable.

The beer is already up for sale. Presumably due to it being done by a property developer rather than an indictment on the first few days of trading.


19th September   

Mandarin More Spicy...

Mandarin Club to re-name
Link Here

It seems that Mandarin Club are about to rename as Spicy A-GoGo.

Of course it will now get confusing with both Spicy A-GoGo and Spicy Girls A-GoGo. But the precedent was already set with both Sexy A-GoGo and Sexy Girls A-GoGo.

The Soi 6 half short time/half gogo is clearly intent on becoming a full gogo.

They will have to do something about their line up of bikini clad 30 years olds though. They are not really up to the Pattaya par with the entertainment.


18th September   

No Money No Honey...

Honey Girls A-GoGo Gone
Link Here

Honey Girls A-GoGo was located on Soi Honey Inn half way between 2nd Road and Soi Buakhao.

It is now dark with a for sale sign on the door.

So now there are 76 Pattaya bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


17th September   

Cats and Pooks...

News shorts
Link Here

It seems that Pook's lady boy bar on Soi 6 has new ideas for the upstairs which used to be a GoGo. The windows are being knocked out and it looks like it will be some sort of open bar.

Thinking of lady boys, the old location of the Malibu show bar on the corner of Soi Post Office and 2nd Road is being redeveloped. It will soon become another Bamboo Bar, so hopefully it will continue the tradition for entertainment albeit with a live band.

Taffy's Bar on the junction of Soi 14 & Soi 15, nearly next door to What's Up, has now renamed to Cats Corner.


16th September   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Sea
Link Here

The Sea is located on Soi Diamond just off Walking Street.

It is a perfectly good GoGo bar that has rarely persuaded me to stay for a second beer.

There are always plenty of girls on hand, of which there are always a few pleasing on the eye.

Without studying it for long, I have a feeling that one of the failings of the bar is that the cutest girls are given the job of hanging around the door. Their job is attract in newcomers rather than socialise with the oldie customers.

Sometimes I have visited and the girls have been very slow to glance around at the customers let along stop by for a chat. This is not a hard and fast rule, it just seems the average.

Otherwise beer prices are good, the music is slightly loud dance and the girls dress in the range of bikinis to nothing.

Perhaps unusually these days, there are no signs of Jacuzzis, showers or play stages.


14th September   

Love Club Goes all Shy...

Love Club covers its front
Link Here

Love Club on Soi 6 has been keeping the local bar fitters busy.

It only took 3 weeks for Love Club to realise that open fronted bars are not very successful on Soi 6 (although Pook lady boy bar opposite seems to do well).

So Love Club have now restored their front and therefore privacy for its short timers

The only (girl) bar that seems to have made a success of an open bar is the Soi 6 Corner Bar. But perhaps its location on 2nd Road may make it a special case.

Love Club now adds to the list of closed-open-closed joining the recent entries by Bus Stop and Mandarin Beer Bar.

Meanwhile a new small short time bar will soon appear in the vicinity of Foxy/Roxy/Red Light. It boasts the witty name, Quicky Bar


13th September   


Pattaya Bar Reviews: Wonderful Bar 1
Link Here

I spent many early evenings and some afternoons in Wonderful Bar 1 on the corner of Second Rd and Soi 13/1 during my August 2008 stay drinking bottles of singha beer for 40 baht.

The staff are very friendly and the bar girls arrive at 5.00pm about 25 altogether. Although some are average they are great company.

Two bands play every night starting at 6.00pm changing half way during the evening and both play good music and sound great.

This is a very popular bar mostly busy unlike a lot of Pattaya bars. They obviously have a fair swag of local expats drink there regularly and most bars I am sure would envy the business this bar generates.

Recommended and lady drinks are also reasonable at 95 baht and they don't accept the drink and then bugger off.


12th September   

Post Refit...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mandarin Club
Link Here

Mandarin Club is a half GoGo half sort time bar on Soi 6.

I visited soon after after a refit of the bar. Not really a very dramatic refit as it seemed limited to new soft seating and a disco ball.

Things had improved on the girl front and there were 12 dancers on duty. There were even a couple of pretty ones amongst them. They danced 3 or 4 at a time all on the ground floor stage.

However simple bikini clad dancing hardly meets the current Pattaya entertainment standard. There are no Jacuzzis, no play stages, no shows, no nudity, no hands on fun.

My drinking partner was friendly enough and wasn't the slightest bit pushy. However my mate didn't fair so well and his girl turned out to be a drinks monster. She got herself a drink on his tab even though he categorically said no.

I really can't see this venue do anything but sink back into its minimal existence that it maintained prior to the refit.


11th September   

Horizontal Sports Bar...

Hot Legs, a new bar in progress for the Jomtien Complex
Link Here

New bar on the way in the corner venue that was previously a Hungarian restaurant.

The bar should have influences from Jade/Kineree/Secrets/Honey pot. Coyote dancing will depend on the strange Jomtien licensing laws.

We will have newly done up ST rooms, and all the usual big screens, pool tables etc, prices, we wont be in the Fantasy bracket, but we we certainly wont be expensive, there will be one or two deals going on that you will only find in HOT LEGs Horizontal Sports Bar, but you will have to come and check them out.

Lady drinks, if its alcoholic, then the usual prices, non-alcoholic, then the BG has to tell the customer and this drink will be 20/30 baht cheaper.

Aiming for short time girl + room for an hour + a couple of beers for 1000 Baht.

Will also be looking for some good pool players to make up a team.


10th September   

New GoGo or Not...

Ingo's Bar featured on Pattaya One News
Link Here

Howard was doing one of his Pattaya One News promo features on Ingos Bar and Restaurant, opposite the Buffalo Bar. Ingo's is a Scandinavian Bar.

He claimed following renovation, it was now a Restaurant in the day and an A-GoGo in the evening.

Last night at about 1:00am, looked across the road and saw ONE COYOTE (i.e.: fully clothed) girl on a pole. I have yet to do a visit to the place to confirm the situation.

Watching the TV promo, there appeared to be 2 poles.

Our belief is anything less that 3 poles and continual dancing is NOT an A-GoGo Bar.

Judge your self, but that is my view.

[The Thai-Anxiety view is that GoGos must feature dancing girls wearing bikinis or less]


9th September   

Updated: Sky High Prices...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Air Port Club
Link Here

I visited Air Port Club last night. Yes it could be successful.
Everything one likes in a gogo...except...

Coke or Soft drinks at 110 Baht! :(

Until now I think the most expensive was 100 Baht
in Super Baby and Super Girls

110 baht for a glass with little Coke and lot of water/ice!

Some girls seem to alternate between Air Port Club and Playgirls upstairs. But the end result is that Playgirls ends up with poor girls compared with the very nice ladies at Air Port Club.

Update: Down to Earth

I returned last night to Air Port Club.

Surprise : Coke is now 95 baht :))

I suppose they made a try during first days but had too many complaints about this price. Good that they changed :)

Yesterday there were many many Japanese guys and many many people smoking. The aeration/aircon is not correct or strong enough. Really smoky inside. but nice and fun girls, so we stayed.


6th September   

Flying High...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Air Port Club
Link Here

Air Port Club is a new Walking Street GoGo situated opposite Soi Diamond

Nui's seem to have done their homework and have been scouting Walking Street for some of the most. popular attractions in other bars.

They have come up with something akin to What's Up & Lollipop. One first comes across standard gogo dancing on a central stage but towards the back is a Jacuzzi and also a soft mattress play stage.

The gogo dancing is either bikini clad or topless depending on the girl. And the back play areas feature girls showing off their all. And they have even learnt well the number one lesson that pretty girls are what makes a Walking Street bar.

There is comfortable bench seating down the sides and cylindrical soft seats around the play areas.

Nui must also have learnt the lesson with Rock Girls and Fun Room that small gogos don't really work. I think this bar is big enough to work out fine.

On an early visit, customers seemed to be ushered into the gogo dancing area of the bar and the girls at the back seemed a little ignored but I am sure its early days.

I was soon approached by a girl who introduced herself by telling me which previous bars she had spotted me in. I had never said a word to her but she seemed to know me. All seemed friendly with no undue hassle.

Draft beer is set at the usual reasonable price for Nui's bars at 65 Baht which is standard give or take 10 Baht for happy hour offers etc.

Seems a promising venue, I think Nui must have learnt her lessons well.

...Except of course elementary spelling.


5th September   

Out of the Red into the Black...

Mandarin re-opened
Link Here

The half way gogo cum short time bar on Soi 6 has re-opened after a short refit.

They have been advertising for staff and it seems that the intention is to become a full gogo. Hopefully at the very least they can attract a few more attractive girls. They have been struggling on this front for a fair few months now.

The bar hardly set Soi 6 alight on its first afternoon with just 4 dancing girls on duty.

And as far as decor is concerned, black is the new red.

There are now 77 bars in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less


2nd September   

Afterdark 7...

Magazine featuring girls from Pattaya's gogos
Link Here

The latest edition of After Dark is now available at plenty of outlets around Pattaya. It features good quality glossies of girls currently working in Pattaya and Bangkok gogos (mostly Pattaya).

Also look for the After Dark Calendar - 2009, available in October.

A little disappointing to see Kitten Club featured in this issue. The reviews of this bar are nearly all bad with rarely a customer enjoying a satisfying evening at a reasonable price. It seems a little mean on readers to entice them into the bar in search of featured girls

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