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2008: November

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30th November   

Wakey Wakey...

Club Insomnia opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Club Insomnia made a good name for itself as a very late night disco venue on Soi Marine Plaza. It has now relocated into Walking Street and is now a bigger venue with the disco at the top and a lounge area below. It is located opposite Tony's Disco.

The new place is large bar down stairs, very chic, DJ's & open from 8pm every night, they have a couple of pool tables & loads of space. Upstairs is the club, open from 11 until 8am, it looks like it could hold around 700 people, is huge, high ceiling, loads of air con, sounds system & lighting system are top notch, has a raised VIP area with own bar, they clearly spent a few bucks building & decorating the place.

My first impressions of the place: I think they have done an excellent job of creating a proper super club in Pattaya, they have really raised the bar & I reckon it will be a free lancers's heaven within a very short period of time.


26th November   

Just a Mirage?...

No, Club Mirage is drawing a crowd
Link Here

We are still in infancy stage, lots of things to do, problems to solve. But in the mean time, it shows that Club Mirage hits the spot already.

We believe we are competitive:

Happy Hour 8-10 pm:

  • Draft Tiger Heineken 45
  • Bottled Chang 55
  • Bottled Singha, Singha Ligt, Tiger 65
  • Bottled San Mig Lite, San Miguel Pilsener, Heineken, Asahi 75

Standard prices:

  • Draft 65
  • Bottled Chang 85
  • Bottled Singha, Singha Light, Tiger 95
  • Bottled San Mig Lite, San Miguel Pilsener, Heineken, Asahi 105
  • House Spirits 95
  • Brand Spirits 120 and up (some, like Sambuca or Sierra Tequila, go for 95)
  • Soft Drinks 75
  • Lady Drinks 110
  • Bar Fines 600, 300 after 1 AM.

We are still stocking all the rare Tequilas and Whiskys and Vodkas Shooters was famous for. We continue to give decent 1.1 fl oz (33 ml) shots for all spirits.


25th November   

Prices Increase at Windmill Club...

But still good value
Link Here

The Windmill Club on Soi Diamond has increased some of their prices.

Draft Change after happy hour is now 75 Baht.

Still good value for money as the entertainment is surely more intense than at most gogos.

Long time bar fines before midnight are now set at 1000 Baht (£19!). Short time barfines at this time stay at 500/600/700.

To offset the costs there is a VIP discount card for a 10% discount on all drinks and bar fines. Chang Draft, after happy hour is 65baht for all card holders.

Apply for your member card at any time for instant membership and your discount will apply immediately. Just needs full name and email address.


24th November   

Early Days...

A new gogo on Soi Diamond
Link Here

Club Mirage has opened as a GoGo in the Soi Diamond venue that was previously Shooters. It is the 78th GoGo in Pattaya where there are girls dancing in bikinis or less.

I stopped by on the bar's 3rd day. The bar looks good in side and an awful lot bigger than you would think from visiting the previous Shooters incarnation.

It is attractively laid out with a fair amount of comfy seating around the outside of a double stage. There is a Jacuzzi further back but this wasn't powered up on my visit.

The drinks prices were competitive complete with a cheap draft beer.

Manager Russ has done good work at previous GoGos so given the good basis, then this should become a good gogo.

It wasn't particularly entertaining on this visit as there were only 8 girls in attendance. A couple were good looking but it is never fair to make any judgements in the early days. A bar has to be up and running before it can attract the girls.

The dancers were all bikini clad or topless.

The Hip Hop - House Dance Music tag prominent on the door seems a little misleading. It suggests more of a disco type environment than the bar actually is. It was dance music but no louder or prominent than any other typical gogo.

Oh and a word to the bar ushers...don't cram people into a small area of seating when there is plenty of space spread round the puts reviewers in a bad frame of mind.


23rd November   

Just Don't Expect a BJ...

A new gogo at BJ Club
Link Here

Pattaya's 77th bar GoGo bar has just opened on Soi BJ off Walking Street.

The BJ Club A-GoGo is so named as it is located on Soi BJ as opposed to the more obvious meaning to the name.

Anyway the bar has just converted to an A-GoGo. Its last appearance was as a coyote bar/night club.

Of course the first problem will be persuade customers to venture down a soi unfortunately guarded by lady boys in the bar next door who can sometimes be a bit of pest when touting for business. I was told that BJ Club has made an arrangement such that they don't hassle customers bound for BJ Club.

The club is quite large for the currently small operation with about 8 dancers on show.

The girls were hands on friendly and most of the bar policies seem customer friendly. The drinks prices are reasonable (typical cheap end draft price) and lady drinks are 100 Baht. Bar fines are 500 Baht.

Half the girls were dancing, bikini clad or topless but they only dance for a short stint so will soon be back when it is their turn to dance.

The bar has found a couple of pretty girls to do a licky feely lesbian show,

The mamasang was doing a very good job of corralling her girls to best advantage for the girls and customers.

There was a service girl who was undoing the good hostessing of the mamasang by hassling for tips and drinks for both herself and way too quickly on behalf of the dancers.

The music selection was pretty typical but the guys in the driving seat looked to be enjoying playing with their mixer toys.

I enjoyed the visit. It makes a big difference when the girls and management are enthusiastic to make a good first impression.

But will they be able to persuade people down a dead end, lady boy guarded soi?


19th November   

Builders In...

A bit of rework at Buffalo Bar
Link Here

Buffalo Bar is located on 3rd Road about half way between Pattaya Tai and Pattaya Klang

In the past weeks, they have put up full height mirrors on the remaining walls, hung international flags over the bar, wooden pailing (fence) on the outside hedge walls onto Soi Vinai and tonight put up a Gogo type spinning light ball on the ceiling.

During the "Closure" period they were working hard in the bar to finish off the upgrades. In the bar they have repaired seats and replaced the seat cushions, changed the Podiums again with colourful lighted bases.

Next they will upgrade the upstairs slum rooms.


17th November   

Builders In...

A bit of rework over the funeral weekend
Link Here

A few bars took the opportunity of a bit of renovation work during mid November's shutdown for the royal funeral.

Casino Club in Soi Diamond are facing up to impending competition from two new coyote bars opposite. So presumably they think a facelift may help.

Meanwhile Champion A-GoGo on Walking Street have also been having ideas. The main stage has been altered slightly and some new wide tables fitted. Looks like its going for table dancing on the sides.


16th November   

Maximum A-GoGo...

The next new GoGo in north Pattaya
Link Here

The 3 well established beer bars on 2nd Road between Soi 2 & Soi 3 have re-opened. Cosy Bar, Noi One and Mr Krit are now open in rebuilt bars.

Pattaya At Night is reporting that these will be joined by Maximum A-GoGo in the basement of this new development. May be a few weeks before opening though.


15th November   

Orange is the New Blu...

Mandarin Beer Bar goes coyote
Link Here

Mandarin Beer Bar on Soi 6 (next door to Mandarin Club) is taking advantage of the royal lay off to try something new.

The bar is adding clearish windows and is installing stages for coyote dancing.

It will be interesting to see if coyote dancing can be a hit on Soi 6. My guess is not.


14th November   

Cool Idea...

Ice coyote bar to go GoGo
Link Here

Ice coyote bar is a recently opened coyote bar on Soi LK Metro. It was previously Gorkle A-GoGo and before that, Memories A-GoGo.

The coyote bar never quite attained the popularity of Club Blu down the road and now it is rumoured that the owner will convert the bar to Ice A-GoGo. The previously open windows have already been replaced by frosted glass.

These big windowed see in bars look good when busy but can prove disastrous if potential customers can see that there's no life in the bar.


13th November   

Updated: National Mourning...

One day of bar closures for royal funeral
Link Here

Bars Howard of Pattaya One News reports

Bars MUST be closed on 15th

Bars may open on 14th and 16th but cannot serve alcohol and the music must be soft

The Letter encourages bar owners to close for all three days but the District Chief has informed the local Police not to prosecute anyone open on 14th and 16th, only if they are open on 15th which seems to be a BIG No No.

Obviously some bars will interpret this in their own way, and that is up to them. Personally I think most bars will be open on 14th and 16th and will serve alcohol and will probably not have a problem doing that.

Oh and the staff are required to wear black.


11th November   

Shooters Next Door...

Before Bar coming to Soi Diamond
Link Here

Next door to Shooters bar at the Pratamnuk Road end of Soi Diamond is set to become B4 or Before Bar. The bar is located above the 7/11

The poster proclaims a bar with a disco, DJ and nymphets.

Sounds as if it has been inspired by the popularity of Casino Bar opposite.

The Replacement Shooter's bar is set to open next week. Somebody mentioned the name Club Mirage.


9th November   

On the Move on Walking Street...

Insomnia Angels and Sisterz
Link Here

The new development on Walking Street between Roxy/Hooties and Ocean 10/FLB will be a new location for the very popular late night disco, Club Insomnia.

The old Angels A-GoGo (and before that Circus A-GoGo) is being redeveloped as an Indian restaurant.

Sisterz has some very good value deals on the drinks front. There is a 45 Baht happy hour on draft, Thai bottled beer, soft drinks and house spirits. The Happy hour is until 11pm and even after this, basic drinks are a very good deal at 59 Baht.

There's a couple of new bars appeared on Soi 14, a beer bar named Night Star and an aircon bar called Blue Star Club.

The girls of New Star A-GoGo have dropped their short time rates so the all in package in now 1950 (600 barfine + 350 room + 1000 short time). Previously the total was 2450 with the girl's share being 1500 Baht.


4th November   

More Sparkle...

Papagayo set for renovation
Link Here

Papagayo is a coyote bar on Soi Diana Inn.

The bar now has 3 new owners, Ivan, Justin and Dirk. They celebrated their acquisition with a party on the 1st November.

They also announced the refurbishment of the venue including adding more sparkle to their lively Coyote Dance Show. The new bar plans to re-open later this month.


1st November   

Spirited Away...

Pattaya Ghost blog comes to a close
Link Here

Pattaya Ghost closed his blog today:

Almost exactly four months ago I wrote that The Pattaya Ghost blog might only run six months. Blogs take a lot of time and effort and, after my first month doing it, I wasn't sure if I could keep up the pace. As I suspected, I couldn't. So, several weeks ago - as I saw Halloween approaching - I decided to mark the holiday of ghosts and goblins by end this surprisingly successful publication.

Everyone always talks about going out on a high note. Blogs rarely do. Most times they die slowly, posts coming ever more slowly and with quality decreasing. I didn't want that to happen. So, instead, The Pattaya Ghost is closing at the zenith of its popularity.

Clearly the hard work paid off in getting a good readership in a relatively short space of time. The blog succeeded in bringing a good quality journalistic style to Pattaya's nightlife news, something which few others have attempted to do.

Perhaps knowing that it can be done, may tempt others to give it a try, but I guess the amount of time it must take will make this somewhat unlikely.

Anyway thanks Ghost. You did good.


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