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2011: July-Sept

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30th September   

Updated: Ex Ex X-Zone...

X-Zone A-GoGo re-opens after short closure
Link Here

There are rumours that changes are afoot at X-Zone A-GoGo located in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16. The intention seems to be to preserve the existing attractions but personalities clashed.

X-Zone has now re-opened after its short closure, presumably with a new team at the helm (and a new team on some of the dancing stages).

Meanwhile Mamasang Mikki and her girls are now to be found in Club Relaxxx. I wonder if they will set up a 'naughty table' there.

There are now 77 Pattaya bar with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Moved On

4th October 2011.

It is reported that Mamasang Mikki and her girls have now moved on to the Dollhouse A-GoGo on Walking Street.

Update: Maybe Moved On Again

5th October 2011.

No sign of Mamasang Mikki at the Dollhouse on Tuesday night

Update: Moved on to Windmill

12th October 2011.

Mamasang Mikki and her girls now seem to have taken residence at Windmill, the venue where she learned the hands on trade in the first place.


27th September   

Another Kiss...

New GoGo for Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Work has just started on another new GoGo on Soi LK Metro.

The new GoGo is another project from the connections of Kiss A-GoGo on the same soi.

It will be a double unit located nearly opposite, just up the soi nextdoor to the metro Apartments.


26th September   

Updated: Too Soon to Tell...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Mirage
Link Here

Club Mirage at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond has just re-opened its doors to trade.

The bar has undergone something of a refit in its long lay off. The current incarnation features a long thin stage with comfortable bench seating running down each side. This is becoming a very common design in Pattaya due mainly to just being sensible.

The bar has also fallen in line with a cheap beer to at least get customers in on a look-see. At the moment there is no draft but the bar is offering bottles of Chang at the very cheap price of 59 Baht.

On its second day the bar was quite lively with a fair few customers. A Thai manager and mamasang were enthusiastically coordinating the available resources.

The music is modern as per most bars, but is at levels that allow it to be dominant for dancing, but not so that customers need ear muffs.

It looks as if everything is more or less in place to have a decent stab at being a GoGo, but just for the moment it is woefully lacking ladies. There were just 6 on dance duty with 3 taking the stage at a time. There were a couple that would turn a few heads though. The dress code was bikini or topless.

It is way too soon to judge a bar on the dancers in the first few days of opening. It is very tough to get girls before a bar is established.

If the bar gets some good dancers, then it should do well, if it doesn't, it wont.


25th September   

Updated: Mum's Mirage...

Bars re-open is Soi Diamond
Link Here

Club Mirage at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond has re-opened its doors to trade. The GoGo had been sitting idle for about 18 months.

A review will follow.

There are now 76 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Mum Bar frontageMeanwhile at the other end of Soi Diamond, Mum Bar has re-opened after a few days of renovations.

Mum Bar has coyote dancers so doesn't affect the GoGo count.


24th September   

Roaring Trade...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tiger
Link Here

Tiger A-GoGo is located above Soi Diamond with stairs running up from Walking Street.

Another first visit after recent renovations. And it seems to have followed a bit of a trend that the bar is improved after renovation. I don't suppose that the improvement is much to do with the physical changes, but more to do with making an effort by employing more staff so as to get more from the changes.

The bar has been cut down in size by partitioning off the back section. Surely this makes the main section of the bar feel busier, not to see a cavernous empty space.

Also the new Jacuzzi adds to the sights to watch. It wasn't really dragging down any customers to sit close by, but it adds to the overall atmosphere as there are plenty of things going on.

The bar was actually as lively as I have seen it in recent times, with lots of girls dancing, but still lots of girls sitting with customers and generally being quite interactive.

Long time Pattaya mamasang Jesse (looks a bit like Tina Turner) was doing a good job ensuring that the girls were approaching customers.

All in all a lively venue which is worth a visit.


23rd September   

Old Friends...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Dream
Link Here

Dream A-GoGo is located in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 in the venue that was previously Catz/Toyz

My first visit since the change of management revealed a fair improvement since the days of Toyz.

The bar has added a little bit more variety to proceeding with the addition of a small Jacuzzi and a necessarily small cage for a dancer.

The bar has also ended the boringly long dance roster that Toyz used to employ. Now the dancing is split into two teams which swap over every few songs. At least the girls can then spend half their time entertaining the customers by sitting at their side (or maybe on their lap), rather than remotely from the stage.

The bar has also added a few more girls to the line up. This has help far more than just the quantity of girls. Several of the new girls that have been employed, have learned their trade in far more lively bars than ever Toyz was.

And of course it was these fun girls that made my visit well enjoyable.

The bar hasn't made a massive impact in terms of customer numbers yet, but it is an awful lot better than it was before.


21st September   

Burning Issue...

Owner of Santika Pub jailed for 3 years over lack of fire safety
Link Here

The Bangkok Southern Criminal Court has sentenced the owner of a Santika pub to three years in jail for negligence leading to dozens of deaths at a 2008 New Year's Eve party.

The court found Wisuk Setsawat guilty of negligence causing deaths of 67 people for failing to obey building regulations and provide safety equipment and emergency exits at his Santika pub.

Hopefully this will do a little towards fire safety in Pattaya too.


20th September   

Updated: Staying Mum...

Shutters down at Mum Bar for the installation of a pool table
Link Here

Mum Bar is a open coyote bar on Soi Diamond at the location that was once Paris and Atlantis A-GoGo.

It has only been going a month or so but the shutters were down last night. Hopefully a temporary glitch.

Update: Pool Table

20th September 2011. Thanks to Brian

In fact the bar is closed for four days during the installation of a pool table. It will then re-open with coyote dancing as before.


Meanwhile Pattaya Addicts has got an article announcing plans for a new BJ bar appropriately tagged Lick Bar. It interestingly plans to bring back some good old traditional Pattaya sleaze. Sounds great!. Plans are for a November opening.


18th September   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: OMG
Link Here

OMG Club is a GoGo located on Soi 6 opposite Passion Dance Club

My first visit wasn't really very much better than the previous incarnation of the bar, Wanthanna's.

But saying that the line up of 6 girls was very good. They were dancing 3 at a time with a change of shift every few songs. The girls were mostly bikini clad, but a couple were wearing less.

There was a cheap draft beer at 55 Baht served in a large glass.

The problem with the bar seems to be with just having 6 girls. The normal pattern was 3 dancing and the rest would sit outside trying to attract more customers in. This really left the bar inside rather dead with too few spare girls to mingle with the handful of customers.

Actually one of the girls made a half hearted attempt to be friendly but her heart wasn't into making much of an effort.

Really a GoGo bar needs a bit more momentum than was apparent on this visit. But there was nothing particular to fault about the bar. If it can build up a bit of a customer base and get a few more girls in, then it could well become a good venue.


16th September   

Afternoon Delight...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Las Vegas
Link Here

Las Vegas A-GoGo is located on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

The rumor of knickerless Las Vegas girls is confirmed. Spent an enjoyable afternoon with two cuties from SiSaKet who spent more time out of their costumes than in; not that there was much there to begin with.

From 1300 til 1800 there are about 10 ladies who are more than willing to entertain both on the dance floor and the bench. Only dancing three song sets allows plenty of time for hands-on fun.

There was a steady flow of customers, most of whom were regulars, judging from the reaction of the ladies. Some were welcomed with open arms and others were kept at arms length. I'll never understand the rationale of guys who go to lady bars, order drinks and sit there and talk. Two sat watching the dancers but talked between themselves and ignored (and were ignored by) the ladies. Two more sat at the bar with their backs to the action. Puzzling......

Biggest drawback was the expensive (125 B) LDs which were only a shot glass of SangSom.


15th September   

Cheapest in Town...

Happy Hour at Climax A-GoGo
Link Here

Climax A-GoGo is located on Soi 15 nextdoor to Baby Dolls A-GoGo.

Climax have now introduced a happy hour (from 8:30pm to 10:30pm).

  • Draught Beer in a large glass (300ml-330ml): 29B
  • Thai Whisky: 49B
  • Bottled Beer : 69B
  • Others (spirit & mixer): 99B
  • Lady drinks: 120B

I think the 29B draught beer is the cheapest drink in Pattaya.


12th September   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Far East Rock
Link Here

Far East Rock A-GoGo is located on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

My first visit since the change of management was in the afternoon, and I can report a definite improvement.

There were enough girls in the bar, so that they did not spend most of the time dancing. and so could spend a little bit of time sitting with the customers.

And indeed there were more customers there than I have seen for a couple of years. Not in any sense overcrowded though.

Some of the girls were young and attractive. Probably the best line up amongst the GoGos in that area. They seemed a little shy though, and the dress code was always bikini.

The bar has sensibly ended the idea of katoey welcome staff.

The bar has always been more of a daytime place than an evening place so any improvement in evening fare has still to be checked out.


11th September   

Mostly Battened Down...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Submarine
Link Here

Submarine A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro

I stopped by a little early and encountered a pretty average GoGo.

It was not quite as small as I was expecting from previous comments. There were 5 girls dancing on small podiums spread across the floor area between the two rows of bench seating. There are comfortable stools dotted around these podium stages.

I was unimpressed by the standard dance wear . It is styled on a hardly sexy sailor uniform but involves the girls being well covered up by blouse and solid bra. However there were two girls revealing all, and they were well impressive.

It seems a feature of the MASH/Submarine/Office group that the girls are mostly overdressed, but there are always a few undressed girls as a bit of a concession.

Submarine is otherwise basically sound with reasonable drinks prices and customer centric management.

The service girls made a good effort to be friendly too.


9th September   

Open and Closed...

A few changes around town
Link Here

Ruby Club on Soi 6 has closed. It was reported that it occurred with very little notice, even for the girls working there.

LuckyLove on Soi 6 has magically transformed it self from lady boy bar to lady bar. It re-opened after renovations today.

Joy's Beer Bar has been well known in Pattaya for a long time. It became well established on Second Road in the Soi 2 bar area. The bar then a few hundred metres north to Drinking Street. A rent increase at that complex has resulted in another move, this time to Soi Buakhao.

And meanwhile on Walking Street, Halo Club opened as scheduled at the location that was previously the Nok Beer Bar Complex. Halo is a night club/disco.


8th September   

A Fun Bar...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Mango Pub
Link Here

Mango Pub/Bar is located on Soi Khao Noi near Sukhumvit Road.

The girls are noted for missing items of underwear and an invite to check for yourselves.

jj adds:

Mango Bar lives up to the comment above. The ladies tend to lack certain items of clothing and are more than willing to lose even more.

The arrangement of the bar with a series of internal walls allows any interaction with the ladies to be discrete. Take 2-3 out the back door to play pool at your peril; they win most of the time, but even losing can be fun when clothing is constantly being adjusted.

A fun bar with reasonable prices and very friendly ladies; definitely hands-on.


6th September   

Happier for Some...

Happy group raises drinks prices by 5 Baht
Link Here

The Happy Group of Happy, Baccara, Cavern and Beach Club has raised most of its drinks prices by 5 Baht.

The draft beer remains at 59 baht though. Bottled Beer is now125B and Lady Drinks  are now 115B.

Beach Club and The Cavern have ended their Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion on Draught Beer.

Still very good value though.


5th September   

Something Different...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Sugar Sugar
Link Here

Sugar Sugar is a coyote dancing bar located on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro (opposite Club Blu).

It is an impressive looking new venue designed very much along the lines of a GoGo bar. It has a central stage and tiered comfortable seating, mostly overlooking the stage. There is however a seating area consisting of clusters of stools around tables.

It all looks familiar in terms of a GoGo bar, but is actually a bit of a departure from the norm for coyote bars.

It is not so obvious that watching fully dressed dancers can command so much attention as to be the main focus point of a bar.

More traditional coyote bars tend to be a place where primarily people go for a chat with their friends and the coyotes are there more as an attractive decoration to add a bit of style or ambience to the bar. As such coyote bars tend to have dancing podiums dotted around the outside of the bar rather than trying to be a central attraction.

Other coyote bars have their dancers in conjunction with a live band, again suggesting that coyote dancing doesn't really make for a complete entertainment solution.

Sugar Sugar does have one extra attraction, it has cheap drinks, eg draft Heineken at 50 Baht .

Coyote girls don't have the best track record of mingling with customers, and none of the girls at Sugar Sugar looked likely to dispel my generalisations, so I enjoyed my cheap drink whilst watching the overdressed dancers and moved quietly on.

However for anyone looking for a stylish place to go with a few mates, then Sugar Sugar looks to be a welcome addition to the Soi LK Metro scene.


4th September   

Jacuzzi Dream...

An update for Dream A-GoGo
Link Here

Dream A-GoGo is the latest incarnation of the Covent Garden GoGo that was previously Catz and Toyz.

The bar now has a small Jacuzzi (one lady in a small bath) and a small cage (one lady)

The draught beer is now 75 Baht all night.


31st August   

Halo Club...

A new club for Walking Street
Link Here

Walking Street is set to see a new disco/club opening on 7th September 2011.

Halo Club is located at the location that was previously the Nok Beer Bar complex towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.


27th August   

Good Luck...

LuckyLove Bar being refurbished on Soi 6
Link Here

LuckyLove Bar on Soi 6 is being refurbished and will re-open as a girly bar rather than the current lady boy bar.

The opening date is set for early September.

The existing lady boys have now been moved to sister bar So What further up Soi 6.

It is not always easy to change a bars gender. Some customers preferring real girls will be used to giving it a wide berth, and others, will probably be very suspicious of the girls for years to come.


18th August   

GoGos Booming...

Baby Boom re-opens
Link Here

Baby Boom A-GoGo is located on just off Soi Buakhao just north of Soi LM Metro.

Pattaya-at-Night has reported that the GoGo has just re-opened after a few weeks of building work.

So the relentless increase in the GoGo count continues upwards to 76.


16th August   

Champion Shower...

Champion A-GoGo installs a shower cubicle
Link Here

Champion A-GoGo is located on central Walking Street near Soi BJ.

A couple of weeks ago, Champion installed a shower room. It's at the far end of the bar. Two naked ladies take a shower together.

Meanwhile after a break, Fahrenheit shows have returned with 4 coyotes take off their costumes one by one. Fahrenheit is located on Walking Street between Soi 14 and 15.


15th August   

Not So Eazy...

Opening cancelled for Eazy Room A-GoGo
Link Here

Eazy Room A-GoGo was set to open on Saturday 13th August. However there was a last minute change of mind. The bar never opened and instead the for sale signs reappeared. This time with the sign has the added extra that the bar has been newly renovated and could be opened immediately.

The bar is located on Soi 15 next door to Climax A-GoGo. The venue was last known as Fun Room.


14th August   

Two to Go...

Bars in Pattaya Soi 2 being demolished
Link Here

The bars on Pattaya Soi 2 are being closed on demolished to make way for another new hotel.

Perhaps the most well known, Honey Pot closed a short while ago but the beer bar complex opposite is being raised to the ground.

The bars will all be closed by the end of August 2011.


9th August   

U-Too 2...

U Too Bar announces a new incarnation
Link Here

The U-Too Bar was a popular bar on 2nd Road opposite Alcazar. The bar closed when the who block was closed for rebuilding.

The bar has announced that it will return at a new location and with a new name.

The name will be The Friendship Bar . It will be located in Drinking Street, further north on Second Road opposite Tiffany Show. It  will be open in mid August.

The opening will be marked by the usual U-Too party.


4th August   

Boom and Bust...

The builders are in at Baby Boom A-GoGo
Link Here

Baby Boom A-GoGo is located just off Soi Buakhao opposite Soi Honey.

Pattaya at Night is reporting that the bar is closed and the builders are in. No information yet on what is happening

So for the moment there are 75 bars in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


3rd August   


Sexy A-GoGo re-opens after renovations
Link Here

Sexy A-GoGo is located near the 2nd Road end of Soi 7.

The bar has re-opened as promised on 1st August 2011. Changes to reported after the first visit

So there are now 76 bars in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less. (Also corrected by 1 after a recount)


1st August   


Silver Star closed for 3 months
Link Here

As previously reported, the Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 is closed for renovation.

Further information reveals that the bar is closed for 3 months for major renovation. Sounds more like the bar is on ice until trade picks up.

Maybe the lowest of low seasons for Pattaya's GoGo bars.

A sign on the Silver Star door says girls are now working at Silver Star 2 on Soi 7. But in fact only a few the girls/staff are actually working in the sister bar. Perhaps further evidence of a low season down sizing.


1st August   

Updated: Stage Centre...

The Cavern returns after renovations
Link Here

The Cavern is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

The bar re-opened on the 30th July after renovations. The former main stage is changed to the seats, except the palm part which has become a sub stage.

There were 9 dancers on the new center stage which has 9 poles. The existing small stages have been retained, so there are no 3 sub stages and a larger central stage.

The Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion has finished. But there is some possibility that it will be back. It depends on the numbers of the customers.

So Pattaya's GoGo count has crept back up to 74.

Update: Double as Good

Thanks to eyebee

Last night I was in The Cavern at 10:30. Ordered a draught and got two. So the 2-for-1 promotion is back...


31st July   

Over the Moon...

Prices from the Moon and Utopia
Link Here

The Moon Club is located on the corner of Soi Diamond and Walking Street and opened on 9th July.

The Bar fine is from B800 (coyote) to B5000 (show dancer). And the short time service charge for the show dancer is B10,000

Meanwhile at Utopia A-GoGo at the southern end of Walking Street, the draft beer has gone up to a still reasonable 59 Baht


29th July   

Updated: Mum Bar...

New bar for Soi Diamond
Link Here

Mum Bar is ready to go on Soi Diamond at the location that was previously Atlantis A-GoGo, and before that, Paris A-GoGo.

The bar is currently recruiting and will launch as an open bar with coyote dancers.

Hopefully the bar will bring something new for Soi Diamond.

The bar is now set to open on 1st August 2011.


28th July   

Model Pub...

Basaya Model Club opens on Beach Road
Link Here

Basaya Club is located on Beach Road just north of Pattaya Klang.

A new dancing bar has opened on Beach Road. It is a Thai style pub with food, drink, a band and dancers.

The bar's Facebook page suggests that dancers wear a little less than coyotes.

Drinks prices are reported as high end.

Assuming the Facebook clues are true then the bar becomes Pattaya's 73rd with dancers in bikinis or less.


26th July   

Sent to the Back of the Classroom...

Reports that Lek's Classroom still has GoGo dancing
Link Here

Lek's Classroom is located at the 2nd Road end of  Soi 2.

The sister bar, Honey Pot has closed to make way for a new hotel. The coyote dancers moved up the Soi to Lek's Classroom which obligingly made windows for them to dance in.

A previous news item suggested that Lek's Classroom has become a coyote bar.

However it seems that there is still part of the bar away from gaze of the passing public as it is shielded by an internal curtiain.

So it seems that GoGo dancing has survived at the venue and therefore the GoGo count creeps back up by 1 to 72.


25th July   


Cavern and Silver Star closed for renovation
Link Here

The Cavern on Walking Street has closed for renovation.

A sign at the entrance says, Re-open on 29th July. The ladies and staff have move to Peppermint and Beach Club.

The original Soi 8 Silver Star is also closed for renovation. A sign on door says girls are now working at Silver Star 2 on Soi 7.

So the Soi 7 bar is rammed with girls. Too bad nearly all of them were pretty sub-par.

So for the moment Pattaya's GoGo count has dropped to 71.


24th July   

The time has come to talk of many things...

Of shows and sticks and sealing Nok's, of mirages and kings, and why The Sea is boiling hot, and whether Rhinos have drafts
Link Here

Rhino A-GoGo is a newly located GoGo on Walking Street opposite Tony's disco

The bar has now introduced a cheap draft beer at 60 Baht all night. It may help to make for the expensive lady drinks there, with 150 Baht for a standard lady drink and 200 Baht for a lady tequila.

Meanwhile Stickman reports that Mirage Club at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond is due to re-open shortly.

The Nok Beer Bar Complex at the Beach Road end of Walking Street has closed. A little bird told me it will be redeveloped into a disco.


23rd July   


Tiger A-GoGo re-opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Tiger A-GoGo is located above Soi Diamond with the main entrance via stairs up from Walking Street.

The bar re-opened on 22nd July after a month or so of renovations.

The main stage (with 4 dancers) has not changed, but the remainder of the bar has been down sized using a curtain.

The bar counter has moved next to the entrance up from Walking Street.

A Jacuzzi with 3 dancers has been installed close to the main stage.

The GoGo count has therefore edged up to 73 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


20th July   

George Washington...

US Navy set to visit Pattaya
Link Here

Welcome to the US navy who will soon be able to enjoy some of Pattaya's delights.

The USS George Washington aircraft carrier group will be arriving in Pattaya the first week of August. Expected around Aug. 6 or 7.


17th July   


Sexy A-GoGo closes again for renovations
Link Here

Sexy A-GoGo is located near the 2nd Road end of Soi 7.

The bar has closed for renovation, the second time this year. A notice on the bar promises a re-opening on 1st August 2011 and suggests that in the meantime the staff may be found working at Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro.

So for the moment there are just 72 bars in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


15th July   

Candy Trap...

Soi LK Metro bar owner falls victim to police sting
Link Here

An Australian man and his Thai wife were arrested by undercover police for allegedly opening a beer bar to sell sexual services. A Thai woman working for them was also arrested.

Greg of Candy's Bar, and Billabong Bar opposite, on Soi LK Metro was arrested on Wednesday night/Thursday morning after an entrapment operation resulted in an offer of paid for sex.

Greg denies the accusation but the police charged him with working without work permit and involvement in selling sexual services with his wife.

Unfortunately court closures, due to the Buddha holidays, means that bail cannot be arranged until Tuesday.


15th July   

Changing Side...

Cavern set for a late-July rework
Link Here

The reported refit for The Cavern A-GoGo has slipped by a week or two from the previously scheduled July 13-17.

The bar plans to demolish it's wall-side stage and create a center stage similar to that on the first floor of Baccara. The left-side sofa seating will be retained and new sofas installed on the right wall.


14th July   

What Will You Give Up for Lent?...

Link Here

The Public Health Ministry has ordered public health offices throughout the country to coordinate with police and other authorities to make sure the ban on the sale of alcohol is strictly observed on July 15 and 16, an important Buddhist holiday.

Violators are liable to a six-month jail sentence and/or a 10,000 baht fine.

A Prime Minister's Office's order issued in 2009 bans sale of all kinds of alcohol on four important days of for Buddhists - Makha Bucha Day, Wisakha Bucha Day, Asanha Bucha Day and the Buddhist Lent Day.


11th July   

Barfines in Orbit...

The Moon Club opens on Walking Street
Link Here

The Moon Club is located on the corner of Soi Diamond and Walking Street and opened on 9th July.

The bar has opened with very attractive agency coyote dancers. There are also slightly more appropriately dressed show girls that are a bit shy and hide their bits behind pasties.

The bars seems to be modelling itself more as a no take away show bar rather than most bars and have set extremely high barfines to maintain a full cast of dancers. Barfines are 2000 Baht until midnight and 1000 baht after,

The show has yet to impress beyond the attractiveness of the girls

There's talk also of lady boys but this is unconfirmed.

Drinks prices are suitably high with no draft, 130-135 baht bottled beers, 120 baht soft drinks and 150 baht lady drinks. Customers have to settle the bill as soon as they receive a drink.

The decor seems to have impressed. It has a the theme of spaceships and is mostly white. the girls are dressed in costumes alluding to space suits.

Presumably the bar is targetting tourist couples rather than western guys.

There are now 73 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less. Note that the new Sugar Sugar has been removed from the list as it seems to be all coyote.


4th July   

First Taste...

Sugar Sugar on Soi Buakhao
Link Here

Sugar Sugar is located on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro.

The new bar opened 1st July 2011 replacing Liquid Lounge.

Well the first impressions were that the dance music is very loud indeed. Too loud for anything resembling normal conversation.

Saying that the opening night seems to have been packed to the rafters.

The bar has started with a bang in terms of the number of girls with several spotted from Club Blu across the road and also from the recently demolished U Too Bar in north Pattaya.

The influx of coyote girls seems to have resulted in way too many clothes being on show on the dancing stages.

The bar has got a central stage with 2 tiers of comfortable seating down one side and the other side having chairs and tables.

Drinks prices were very reasonable.

The bar just about qualifies as a GoGo with some girls in bikinis. Maybe the close association with coyote bars will prove a problem, but for now it is the 73rd dancing bar in Pattaya featuring girls in bikinis or less.


2nd July   

Dream ToyZ...

ToyZ A-GoGo changes hands
Link Here

ToyZ A-GoGo (previously Catz) in Covent Garden on Soi 16, just off Walking Street, has been sold. The bar has now become Dream A-GoGo.

There was once a very short lived GoGo on Soi 8 named Dream A-GoGo but I guess that is just a coincidence.

Meanwhile Sugar Sugar opened on 2st July on the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao. It has not yet been investigated as to whether it is a GoGo or coyote bar.

So there are currently 72 or 73 bars in Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


1st July   

Worker Bees...

Honey Pot makes way for another hotel development
Link Here

Honey Pot is a popular coyote bar on Soi 2.

The bar has now had to make way for another hotel development.

However all is not lost for fans, as the sister bar, Lek's Classroom A-GoGo, has been transformed into a coyote bar to replace Honey Pot.

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