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2012: July-Sept

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Playing the Slots...

A first look at Las Vegas III

Link Here30th September 2012

Las Vegas III has just opened up at the centre of Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1).

I visited the new Las Vegas III a few nights before Las Vegas I was closed for renovation.

The bar is styled as a traditional Soi 13 area gogo. It has a central stage probably big enough for up to 5 dancers. One side of the bar has bench seating. The other side of the bar is designed to cater for more of a hangout crowd. The seats are high stools round small tables making it a little easier for groups of mates to have a chat.

I usually describe bench seating as 'comfortable seating' but in this case it isn't. It looks like there are cushions, but in the fact the seats are uncomfortably hard.

There were quite a few girls in the bar and they were well above the Soi 13 standard. Perhaps the bar is making a special efforts in the early days of opening.

The girls were dancing 3 at a time and were adopting all the dress options between bikinis and nothing.

I'm not sure that the girls were hands on friendly though, certainly none of the half dozen customers had started the ball rolling on that score.

It is probably not worth making any judgements as yet especially the bar has now temporarily been joined by the girls of Las Vegas 1. However the bar has started with some attractive girls so that should make a good basis for a new bar.



Update: Pe Pe Club A-GoGo...

Opened in the Covent Garden Complex

Link Here28th September 2012

A new GoGo has opened in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16, a few paces off Walking Street.

Pe P Club A-GoGo has opened in the small downstairs venue that was previously Dreams, ToyZ and Catz.

The first impression was that ear protection is required.

There were 12 dancers in the bar. 5 dancers were on the stage, 1 or 2 of them were topless and others were bikini clad. No coyote dancers. After the grand-opening, some dancers will be bottomless.

At the moment there is no draft beer and coke was 95 Baht. The drinks menu will be reconsidered after the Grand Opening  on 1st October.

There are currently 82 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less and a couple more are expected to open or re-open in the next few days.



Updated: Unexotic...

Pratamnak loses one of its gentlemen's clubs

Link Here26th September 2012

Exotica has closed on Pratamnak Hill.

It was a gentlemen's club which was pleasant enough but never really built up the required momentum.

It has been reported that the bar will be sold and will revert to housing.

It always strikes me that the main failing of gentlemen's clubs is that they lack a convenient way for customers to select the girls. Soi 6 works because customers select the girl on entry, and GoGos work because the girls circulate via dancing, and make themselves available for selection. In gentlemen's clubs, it is far more random and it is left to the girls to either hide away in the background or select the customers according to their wishes and pecking order. This makes it very hit or miss for customers, and I suspect mostly miss. This in turn seems to reduce the customer base to those guys coming along mostly for a chat with their mates.

Only Kinnaree has been able to build up enough momentum to provide the quantity of girls and the circulation required to make such a venture work for short time pursuits. Perhaps it is a natural monopoly where both customers and girls are attracted to the venue with the most momentum and it is hard for others to break into the market.



Updated: Pe Pe Club A-GoGo...

Coming soon to Covent Garden

Link Here26th September 2012

There's a new GoGo coming to the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16, a few paces off Walking Street.

Pe P Club A-GoGo is set to open in the small downstairs venue that was previously Dreams, ToyZ and Catz.

Update: The new bar is aiming to open 27th September 2012.



Worldwide Renovations...

Openings and re-openings

Link Here25th September 2012

World Wide A-GoGo on Beach road between Sois 7 and 8 is currently closed for renovations. The bar is targeting a re-opening on 1st October 2012.

Meanwhile the opening date for Pe Pé Club A-GoGo in the Covent Garden Complex has slipped to the same date, 1st October at 8:30pm.

And another snippet, the price of happy hour draft beer in the Windmill Club has gone up from 45 Baht, to a still good price of 50 Baht.




Winchester Gun Club closes for renovation

Link Here23rd September 2012

The Winchester Gun Club is one of the original daytime bars pre-dating gentlemen's clubs. It has been continuing in South Jomtien on Soi Wat Boon. However it has become a little shabby and is now closed for renovation.

The bar will re-open in November and it is promising that it will be a new club.



Update: Two Out of Three Aint Bad...

Las Vegas III. A new GoGo on Sois 13

Link Here20th September 2012

Las Vegas III has just opened on Soi Yamato (Soi 13//1). It is located next door to the long forgotten Hot & Cold 2.

A review will follow but the first day seemed quite busy perhaps with the help of some temporary staff.

Prices are the same as sister Bar Las Vegas GoGo on the same soi.

So now there are 82 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less. Getting towards an historic high.

Updated: For some reason as yet unexplained this is Las Vegas III, not Las Vegas II as previously reported.



A New Cherry...

Cherry Bar moves from Soi 8 to Soi Diana

Link Here11th September 2012

Citing a declining walk by trade in Soi 8 and a inclining rent, Adam of Cherry Bar has decided to upsticks and move to Soi Diana.

So Cherry Bar is now located in the clutch of beer bars between Megabreak Pool and Papagayo.

Adam has always earned a good trade via proactive contribution to Pattaya nightlife and Pattaya forums and should do well in the upcoming Soi Buakhao area.



Updated: Introducing Private Dancer...

ToyZ meet at the Big EaZy

Link Here9th September 2012

Private Dancer is already running in the Soi 15 venue that was previously ToyZ.

From Private Dancer:

We bought the old Toyz bar from Robert and also bought the small bar next door called Easy Room. Builders are on site to renovate easy room that will include more seating, a Jacuzzi and play mat area. The two bars will be knocked into one hopefully by next week.

The new format will be standard gogo bar with bar fines at Bt6/7/800 and all bar fines 300 after 1.30pm. There will be no agency girls in the bar.

Manager and co-owner Ricky used to work in Babydolls next door is on hand every night.

Happy hour draft bt45 from 8-10pm and most bottled beers are bt70 to 115

Update: Merger Details

9th September 2012. See article from

The bar will offer customers happy hour prices ALL NIGHT on Monday.

Private Dancer will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week to allow time for the builders to work and the clean up.

Boss Ricky, new mamasan Da and all the girls will be back on Friday.

Once the work is finished the bar will hold an official opening party.

There is also a website taking shape at



Updated: Day Off...

Baron Club goes dark

Link Here6th September 2012

Baron Club, located at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond, was closed last night. The reason seemed to be something to do with the police bike parked in front.

Hopefully just a temporary closure.

Update: Re-opened

6th September 2012. Thanks to Ishi

The Bar has quickly re-opened, and the day off has been attributed to a power failure.




Starved of Oxygen

Link Here3rd September 2012

A recent Thai-Anxiety report mentioned a few upcoming new bars around Walking Street.

Well it looks like one of them won't be opening, at least for a while.

Ozone at Bali Hai is closed and up for sale (not rent) before it opened.



Updated: GoGo Shopping...

2 new gogos on Walking Street and the return of an oldie

Link Here2nd September 2012

Two new GoGos are taking shape on Walking Street.

There is an unnamed GoGo at the north corner of Walking Street and Soi 14. The bar is now advertising for dancers to start work in October.

The second new GoGo is on Walking Street next door to Nui's Club 2. It is now displaying a recruitment banner with the name Ginza A-GoGo. Mr Google reveals that this is an upmarket shopping area in Tokyo, so presumably this gives a clue to the target market.

And news from the downmarket end of the scale, Smile Rock Girls A-GoGo re-opened on Soi 15 after a short renovation.

So whilst we are waiting for the newcomers to get going, there are 81 existing bars in Pattaya featuring girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Smile Retoothed...


Link Here28th August 2012

Smile Rock Girls A-GoGo is located on Soi 15 next door to Misty's

Smile Rock is currently closed for a much needed renovation. Hopefully the renovation extends to winding back the clock a bit for some of the dancers.

For the duration of the rework, there are 81 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.



A Quick Look...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: X-Zone

Link Here27th August 2012

X-Zone is located upstairs in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16.

I stopped by at prime time to check on the bar now that Phil has moved onto Baby Dolls.

The bar seemed to be doing quite nicely with: a fair spattering of customers; a particularly lively group in one of the bays; and most of the dancing points being occupied. The area with the large stage was pretty much deserted by customers though.

There was some decent looking girls. And the dress code averages just one piece.

For some reason the naughty table was lacking in custom. There were a few props at hand suggesting that the naughtiness continues when the demand arises.

New manager John stopped by with a friendly greeting.

There were some friendly service girls on hand too.

All seemed well except for just one thing. The dancers were spread a bit thinly and there weren't enough girls left on hostess duty to share a drink with. Actually this is more or less a permanent characteristic of X-Zone so I have rarely stayed for more than a quick look.

So I moved rapidly downstairs to the rather Good Club Relaxxx, where there were enough girls on hand to tempt to stay for the rest of the evening.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Nui's 2

Link Here26th August 2012

Nui's 2 is located on Walking Street nearly opposite Soi Diamond

I stopped by and the bar was totally bereft of customers. I ordered a beer anyway and was soon double teamed by a pretty girl and her mom (well old enough to be her mom anyway).

The bar is a little bit hasslesome but not in a nasty way. I have occasionally had a good time there, but the odds of this are not great. I have met some interesting girls there and it is sometimes worth a draft beer to take a look see.

The Nui's group has wide range of styles, from the mega success and attractive girls at Airport to some of the most notables dives on Walking Street, not to mention the ping pong show bar at Playgirls.

Sometimes it is this disparity of bars that spawns some of the hasslesome characteristics. The girls in Nui's are well aware of what the girls at Airport can get away with, and maybe set their sights, expectations, (and prices) unrealistically high.

On a previous visit I had a fascinating chat with a girl who also preys on Asian coach party tourists at Playgirls. On this occasion, I couldn't shake the mom, so made a rapid departure. I'll give it another go though.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark Club

Link Here25th August 2012

Shark is located upstairs on Soi Diamond also with an entrance in Soi 15.

As I entered I let myself be guided to a seat by the obliging service staff and sat down to enjoy a beer.

After observing the bar for a while I noted that the bar seems to have a two tier customer service scheme going on. Or maybe just coincidence. All customers guided to seating on the Soi 15 side of the bar were immediately greeted with a pretty girl offering her services.

Customers guided to the Soi Diamond side of the bar seemed to be left to sit alone, mostly undisturbed by the girls. The criteria seemed to be based on age, and/or perceived cash resources.

So there I was sitting on the lonely side, but it gave me a chance to survey the bar in peace.

There were two shifts of girls working with about a dozen in each shift. The girls were wearing from bikinis to nothing. A good show on the nudity front. There were several very pretty girls too. So good standards on the dancing front.

I spotted one girl who looked familiar and she obligingly came across to the darkside for a chat. I recognised her from the old table dancing incarnation of Shark Club, and we had a good time reminiscing about the old version of the bar. It had a lot more character then, and was quite hands on. But saying that the current version seemed to be doing quite well in terms of customers, and is probably more popular then before. So one has got to move with the times.

Anyway I enjoyed a couple of drinks before it was time for her to dance. She let me know that she would be gone some time, 30 minutes in fact, so I made my excuses and departed.

Surely I will make a rapid return to the bar, and I will be experimenting to see if the ushers try to shunt me to the darkside again.



Ticking Over...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Nevada

Link Here21st August 2012

Club Nevada is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

The bar is still ticking over in its minimalist sort of way. Its probably the weakest of the clutch of GoGos in this soi and next. Far East Rock scores as a hangout bar while Hot & Cold and Las Vegas offer the best hands on fun.

Las Vegas generally has 3 or 4 dancers at a time and 3 or 4 more waiting their turn. The dress code is nude, topless or bikini depending on the girl. The music is oldie rock and it doesn't inspire the dancers very much.

The girls are friendly enough, but sometimes they seem to prefer to vanish off upstairs or outside rather than looking after customers.

Drinks are cheap though, and overall the bar provides a pleasant rather than enthralling experience.



Happiness Is Not an Expensive Draft Beer...

News from Soi 7 and 8

Link Here20th August 2012

Soi 7

Happiness A-GoGo is a newish bar located at the centre of Soi 7

Happiness has introduced a draft beer. It's 50 Baht during Happy Hour until 10pm, but is nearly the most expensive in town at 100 Baht once Happy Hour ends.

Other contenders in the expensive draft stakes are Living Dolls Showcase, TQ1 and Classroom.

Soi 8

Meanwhile a few metres away in Soi 8, the coyote bar, Club 23, is presumably is planning something new. At the moment it is just a gutted shell.

So Soi 8 is down to just one dancing bar at Sexy Girls A-GoGo. Silver Star is on a low season shutdown but is expected to return with the next high season.



Double Teamed...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Airport

Link Here18th August 2012

Airport A-GoGo is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

I have rarely had a worthwhile visit to Airport in peak time. Mainly because the bar is too popular, and I tend to avoid the crowds.

On an unexpected afternoon visit, inspired by being caught in a downpour, the 'crowd' was limited to just 2 customers.

There were 8 ladies on duty, none of whom would likely make the grade for the night time shift. They were dancing 3 at a time in way too many clothes.

And for some reason, that I cynically put down to well schooled hassle, I was approached by a double team of girls. These were well experienced girls and there was absolutely no reason why they should need to hold hands with someone else.

Anyway the rain had cleared by the time I had finished my drink and I rapidly moved on.

Airport may score highly in the nighttime league, but its flounders in the relegation zone in the afternoon league.



Updated: Discarded ToyZ...

New names appear on the Pattaya nightlife scene

Link Here17th August 2012

ToyZ A-GoGo has been open on Soi 15 since December of last year. However the bar has now become Private Dancer A-GoGo .

It is not yet clear what is behind the change but for the moment everything seems pretty much the same as before.

The Private Dancer name has been used once before on Walking Street. In the dim distant past, the venue that is now Guugle used the name.

Meanwhile on Soi LK Metro the new and smart looking multi level dance bar is now sporting a sign proclaiming the bar to be called Showgirls. The last I heard, the bar will open as a coyote bar just as soon as it can recruit enough staff.

Update: Eazy Private

16th August 2012.

The builders are in at Eazy bar next door to Private Dancer/ToyZ. The reports are that the two bars will be merged to make for a more viably sized bar than the two constituents.

Update: Who's In Charge?

17th August 2012.

It is reported on the Pattaya Forums that Robert the previous ToyZ owner has sold his stake in the bar.

Also Ricky, previously the long running manager at Baby Dolls is now at Private Dancer.




Renovations at Mum Bar on Soi Diamond

Link Here14th August 2012

Mum Bar is being renovated ready for a come back. The bar is located on Soi Diamond between Carousel A-GoGo and Rocket A-GoGo.

The bar is now installing a glass front and will re-open soon, presumably still with coyotes dancers, but now with aircon.



Looking Up?...

Changes at Alcatraz A-GoGo

Link Here13th August 2012

Alcatraz A-GoGo is located on Walking Street between Soi 14 and Soi 15.

The bar is making a few changes. First of all the 2000 Baht agency models have been given the push and barfines are now in the 600-800 Baht range.

Secondly the bar is emphasising its shows. The welcome staff now have boards advertising the next shows in 10 minutes or whatever. The bar is adopting the acrobatic pole show as introduced by Iron Club (and also seen in sister bar Queen Club on Soi LK Metro).

It does seem a wise move as there are many more passers by these days more into shows than barfines. Also one has to notice that the existing show bars of Amgelwitch and What's Up are the bars that can get away with the highest drinks prices.



Up and Down...

Changing beer prices and Dollhouse and ToyZ

Link Here12th August 2012

ToyZ A-GoGo on Soi 15 has reduced its draft beer prices. Perhaps in response to the downward move by Baby Dolls next door.

Draft beer is now 45 Baht for Happy Hour until 10pm and 60 Baht thereafter.

Meanwhile The Dollhouse has stopped serving draft beer. However it has introduced a reasonably priced bottled beer with Leo at 85 Baht.

Both bars would probably do better if the girls were a bit more proactive in seeking out customers to schmooze with.



No Expense Spared...

And all passed on to the customer at the new Rehab coyote bar

Link Here11th August 2012

A new coyote bar has opened on Soi Buakhao in front of the Blue Rahtree Beer Bar Complex. This is located at about a third of the way along Soi Buakhao starting from the south end at Pattaya Tai.

The bar is very nicely presented with a good view of the central stage from comfortable seating.

The dancers are strictly coyote, and are decent looking agency dancers that come with an expensive bar fine of 1500 Baht. There are reports that the agency girls and high barfines may be a temporary measure whilst the bar employs its own dancers. The music is loud.

The drinks are priced at high end Walking Street levels with no draft, 120-130 bottled beer and 130 Baht lady drinks. And of course these will be just about the highest in the area, as the Soi Buakhao area is typically cheaper then Walking Street.

And unsurprisingly the high prices have been the talking point on Pattaya's forums. First impressions and all that!



Ringing in a New Format...

Halo Club set to offer GoGo dancing

Link Here9th August 2012

Halo Club is located on Walking Street towards the Beach Road end.

The bar has been open as a disco since September 2011. Now according to Pattaya-at-night it has announced that it will be hosting coyote and GoGo dancing.

This will have to be checked out for bikinis before it is added to the GoGo count.

Halo Club has been offering cheap draft beer for quite a while during pre-disco times, so perhaps it is looking to better fill the club in the early hours.



OK in Small Doses...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Clinic

Link Here7th August 2012

Clinic A-GoGo is located on Soi 7 near Beach Road.

I stopped by in Happy Hour when draft beer was 59 Baht. This is perhaps a little too early for a full review, and the bar may be better at peak time.

The bar had some pretty girls on stage and is above average on that front. There were about 5 girls on stage at a time, and there were enough girls in the bar for 2 shifts. There was one topless dancer and the rest were bikini clad.

There was also a less clothed lady soaping herself down in a Jacuzzi.

The girls were ignoring the customers though. After dancing some of the girls would get dressed and go and join the welcome crew out front.

The attractive girls on stage made for a pleasant drink, but the lack of interaction soon had me moving on.



Holding Up...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Oasis

Link Here6th August 2012

Club Oasis is located on Soi Buakao just down from the junction with Soi Leng Kee and Soi Diana.

I have neglected the long running Club Oasis for a while due to the distractions of seeing how the proliferation of new bars is getting on. But on a recent visit Oasis is still doing fine.

It offers more or less the same mix as it has done for a while. Certainly less customers than in the past, but from my slightly selfish view, this was a good thing. There was a better chance of a little company.

The bar still had a stage full of dancers organised in two teams. The dress code is bikini or less, with no signs of coyotes. There were several attractive girls on the stage in both teams.

The Tina Turner look alike mamasang was back in charge. And from my observations she generally brings a bit of life to a bar.

I'm not sure whether the decline in customers is seasonal, or a reflection of the western world going bankrupt; or else an upsurge in nearby competing gogos. However, I don't think any of the new bars have brought anything particularly new that will dominate the area. So I think Oasis, keeping to its long running way of doing things, will continue doing just fine.



Not quite paradise but a good place to be...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Paradise

Link Here5th August 2012

Paradise A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro.

I visited quite early in the evening a day or two before a police raid, so things may have changed.

Everything seemed to be ticking along quite nicely. the bar had fair amount of girls and customers, but was not really what you would call busy.

There were 5 dancers on the central stage at anyone time. They were wearing various amounts of clothes but typically less clothes than the average for Soi LK Metro, where coyote dancers abound.

There were several girls that were well attractive and the rest were probably average. Surely not a bad line up.

The were several girls doing the rounds looking for customers to entertain, and there were several that seemed to prefer hiding away in the dressing rooms. Most customers seemed to have been given an offer of company so good marks on the hostessing front.

Drinks prices were reasonable.

It Would be a shame if the venue has been messed up by the police visit.



Big Mistake...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Lounge Bar

Link Here3rd August 2012

The Lounge Bar is located on the square with the Harley Shop on Pratamnak, a few metres from Soi 4.

The bar has now been extended with a large new area appearing to the right of the bar (as pictured). It has plenty of new comfortable seating, a pool table and an extended bar counter.

From my perspective the new extension has been a big mistake. My previous visit at the unextended bar was a success possibly because of the small size. The management wandering around the bar seemed well in control of tight ship. There was nowhere or the girls to hide, and the manager was aware of how the customers were faring.

In the bigger bar, customers in search of girls were left totally ignored as the 4 pretty girls of the bar were enjoying themselves playing on the new pool table. Not once did they cast their eyes around the bar to see if there was any work to do. Older girls didn't seem invited to this pool party and were still being customer friendly though.

But maybe this little criticism is not a major issue for the bar. It does seem to be a popular bar with those not necessarily seeking girly company. And in fact the newly extended bar counter was a big hit. Plenty of customers enjoying a chinwag there.

The bar is very much worth a look, and I am sure that the management will have broken up the exclusive pool party by now, so adding four pretty girls into the mix.



Babydolls Going to Work on an Egg...

New manager at Babydolls A-GoGo

Link Here1st August 2012

Phil the jovial manager recently seen at Windmill and the X-Zone has found a new calling at Babydolls A-GoGo on Soi 15.

He will be already well known to customers of Pattaya's most interactive bars, and will be well known to Pattaya forum members by his online alter ego, Mr Egg.



A Teach-in about Dry Days...

Bars closed on Thursday and Friday

Link Here1st August 2012

Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd are important Buddha days and the bars, or at least the major bars, will be shut.

2nd August. Asarnha Bucha Day celebrates Buddha's first teach-in and seems to be considered as the first day of the religion. This is also a public holiday.

3rd August. Khao Pansa is the first day of Buddhist Lent which then continues for 3 months. It is not a public holiday, so it seems that bars alone carry the responsibility of closing to mark the day.



More a Hostess Bar than a GoGo...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Papa GoGo

Link Here28th July 2012

Papa GOGO is attached to Papagayo on Soi Diana

The bar is not really much of a GoGo.

It is a very narrow bar with a bar counter down one side. The seating is mostly comfortable swivel bar stools facing the bar counter. There are a few more similar seats down the other side of the bar.

The bar has three or four podiums behind the bar of which 2 were occupied by topless dancers. They were more or less at opposite ends of the bar and this limited customers view to watching just one dancing girl. And for the moment the dancers were nothing to write home about.

There is a draft beer at 69 Baht and bottled beers are around 110 Baht.

As a GoGo it pretty much a write-off, but thankfully this is not the whole story. The bar is perhaps better thought of as a hostess bar.

As I entered a girl was attached to me via some unseen protocol and acted as my escort for the visit. She was an attractive girl, well talented in the art of small talk, and she made for a pleasant visit.

There seemed to be quite a few girls sitting around that didn't look like dancers, so presumably the hostess thing will be a key part of the Papa GoGo experience.



Papa GoGo...

New GoGo opens associated with Papagayo coyote bar

Link Here27th July 2012

Papagayo is located on Soi Diana at the end of a small shopping mall opposite Mike's on 2nd Road.

The long established coyote dancing bar has now opened a GoGo next door.

It is small and features 4 mini stages with topless dancers. A review will follow shortly.

So now there are 81 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Orange is the New Blue...

Pattaya Massage News: Sabai Room and VIP

Link Here25th July 2012

Sabai Room is body massage parlour located just south of the Big C on 2nd Road in North Pattaya.

Sabai Room is doing some internal renovation, but business is going on as usual. It was a bit noisy during the daytime when I visited.

Now the red and blue badge cost the same at 1800 Baht. They have a new orange badge which costs 2200 Baht. The girls quality isn't really categorized according to the badge color. To me some blue girls are even better than the orange.

VIP Massage on Soi Diamond is currently closed. It is being renovated and has been closed since May.



Too Few or Too Many but Always Spot On...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Babydolls

Link Here19th July 2012

Babdolls A-GoGo is located in Soi 15

Babydolls is more or less spot on as the almost prefect hands on bar.

When I last wrote in January, the only downside to the bar was that it was a bit too popular, and sometimes there weren't enough girls in the bar to tend to all the customers.

So as a contrast I thought it was the time for comments from the low season.

And the bar is pretty much perfect as usual. The only minor downside in low season is that there are too many girls available. As a regular, I have built up a fair few 'friends'. And now its quiet, they all seem to be available and keen to offer their services. So each new session starts with having to turn down a few of the volunteers.

But thereafter all is good.

The beer prices have dropped a bit too.



Great Expectations...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Windmill

Link Here17th July 2012

Windmill Club is located at about the centre of Soi Diamond.

I had a good visit around midnight and everything seemed to be pretty much as you would expect, (Assuming you have been to Windmill before). Actually, anyone not having been to Windmill before, would be very unlikely to expect the hardcore hands on fun that goes down there.

But actually thing weren't exactly like I was expecting. In particular there were dancers in coyote gear. Somehow my brand of cod bar psychology suggests that coyotes and Windmill don't mix. I see the coyote dress code as an outward sign of being in the ascendancy in a power relationship. It sort of says that the girl chooses to dress modestly because she can. Maybe she can dictate terms because of a shortage of girls, maybe because she is extraordinarily good looking or perhaps she has a sponsorship income to fall back on and doesn't really need to put out. Whatever the reason, coyotes tend to be expensive, choosy or just not available.

So it was something of a surprise to see coyotes in Windmill. If a girl doesn't want to take off, then she's hardly likely to want to put up with hands on fun associated with the bar. But I was assured that the coyotes there have a good attitude to customer care.

As I was being well looked after by a traditionally undressed dancer, I didn't pursue my musings any further. But perhaps on my next visit I will have interview one the coyotes and probe her motivations, and see for myself.



Possibility of a Kiss...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kiss

Link Here15th July 2012

Kiss A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro

Kiss is one of those bars that is a hit and miss as it depends on who is around at the time.

On the downside the bar has a high proportion of dancers older than average. Saying that, there  are sometimes some attractive girls too. On the upside, the bar has a good ethic and the girls are friendly. So if you are lucky and can snare a pretty girl, then all is good at Kiss. On another occasion, then it is a one drink and go sort of place.

The bar is one of the few remaining where table dancing is the main attraction. It is clear why such bars are getting rarer. The girl may be dancing right in front of you, but she is way too high and you end up not being able to see much, while also being made uncomfortable in the process.

The girls in Kiss dance in less than average GoGo clothing, but its not really the attraction that it should be. The best entertainment at Kiss is the girl who's sitting by your side. It can get quite hands on (but not quite like Baby Doll and the like), and the girls seem to know how to click with customers.

The beer is cheap and the music is old.



A Beer and Aircon Break...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: World Wide

Link Here12th July 2012

World Wide A-GoGo is located on Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8..

I stopped by at an early hour, as I always do, mostly because it is the only aircon bar open at the time.

Anyway I thought it polite to report on a couple of improvements since my last visit.

Firstly there were a few more attractive girls doing the slow perambulation across the GoGo stage. The prettier girls help the show too. No particularly original or exciting, but that's not so important if the girls are pretty.

Secondly the bar had restored its cheap (and decent draft) beer.

No improvement in the interactiveness of the girls though. Still a place where the majority of customers drink alone.

Still, the positives work fine for just a beer and aircon break.



Developing a Niche...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happiness

Link Here11th July 2012

Happiness A-GoGo is located at the centre of Pattaya Soi 7.

I visited at 10pm on a weekday evening.

The bar has the almost mandatory modern layout of a central stage with bench seating around the sides of the room. Otherwise there were stools around the stage.

When I entered there were 8 or so dancers. They were quite a mixed bunch but there were a few that caught the eye. They were mostly bikini clad. The vibe was good as the girls were playing to the audience, and they seemed to have a good rapport with the stage side spectators.

After a while the GoGo dancers gave way to a team of showgirls. These attractive girls started off in negligees and worked down to nothing. Again they seemed to chiming well with the audience.

The bar features loudish (but not silly loud dance music) and the overall atmosphere was quite lively

Actually the bar may be claiming a bit of niche as show place, the back bench was full with farang couples and there were a fair few Asian customers appreciating the show from stage side.

I suspect that more traditional GoGo farang customers were not so impressed. The few single westerners that stopped by while I was there departed after a single drink (and 2 were unimpressed by the lack of a draft beer). Given the positive show aspects of the bar, I think that the probable reason for short visits was the lack of interaction. There was not a single girl sitting with a customer.

I don't suppose for a moment that the girls were unfriendly or anything. I amused myself by dreaming up the silly theory that the lack of a draft beer drives away the customers searching for girls (and hence sitting with them buying lady drinks etc), whilst not being an issue to those getting their value from having a lively show to watch.

The bar seems to have made a positive start but I suspect that they will soon be introducing a draft beer so as to appeal to a wider customer base.



Lively Relaxxxed...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Relaxxx

Link Here10th July 2012

Club Relaxxx is located on the ground floor of the Covent garden Complex on Soi 16.

I stopped by at a prime time on a weekday night. It was my first visit for the bar in its current incarnation. And first impressions were very good.

There are two central entertainment attractions, a 3 lady Jacuzzi show and GoGo dancers on the central stage.

There were 6 dancers on stage at a time, with 2 shifts alternating every few songs. They were an attractive bunch, maybe above the Walking Street average. The girls were wearing very few clothes with just a couple of girls being a bit shy.

Mamasang Miki was doing a good job directing the girls to seek customers in need of a little personal care and attention. And indeed it seemed a popular option, with plenty of guys with a girl on their laps taking very good care.

And if Miki wasn't around for a moment then the service girls were standing in as care coordinators.

There's a very cheap draft and other drinks prices are reasonable.

The bar can be a bit of challenge as it is not particularly well laid out. Seating bays are very inefficient and the stage is a bit too far away from some of the seats, which makes for a bit of a dead area.

But the current emphasis on personal care means that watching the stage is not the primary entertainment anyway.

As I said, a good first impression.



The GoGo Next Door...

Another new GoGo on the way

Link Here3rd July 2012

Papagayo is a well known coyote bar on Soi Diana. It recently expanded into the next door bar which it called Next Door.

However the Next Door extension has now been closed and the builders have moved in. It is set to become a GoGo ready for opening some time in August.



Low Ebb...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mandarin Club

Link Here2nd July 2012

Mandarin Club is short time bar with dancing girls at the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

I occasional read of a few visitors that have had a good time in Mandarin. But unfortunately it has lost too much momentum of late to make it worthwhile taking a look.

It is hasn't lost its potential for a fun time, it is just not very probable these days. There's been a bit of a slow down and there aren't enough girls in the bar to hope to find one that clicks.

The bar is not off the menu though, I always take a look as I pass to see if they have any attractive girls. But more often than not, the best I can do is remember the good old days there. I have fond memories of the place though. One of the naughtiest in Pattaya.

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