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2013: April-June

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Play Party Club returns

Link Here 28th May 2013

Play Party Club is located on Walking Street with the entrance being a few paces down Soi Lucky Star.

The bar has now re-opened after a period of being closed. Not sure what the reason was.

The bar is luxuriously appointed with prices to match. It is basically a nightclub, but features a few coyote dancers for extra entertainment.



End of an Era...

Blues Factory up for sale

Link Here 23rd May 2013

The Blues Factory is a long established live music bar just off Walking Street on the alley to Soi Marine Plaza.

Following from the news that FLB is up for sale, Dave of The Blues Factory has also announced that he intends to sell his bar.

Blues Factory is perhaps best known for its resident rock guitarist Lam Morrison.



New York New York 2...

Plans are afoot for a re-opening

Link Here 20th May 2013

New York New York tucked away on Soi Marine Plaza tried to be a half night club and half coyote bar. It didn't quite pan out and the bar closed.

Now New York New York is aiming to re-open in July.

The information is from former staff so presumably the current owners are returning for another go.

The FOR SALE sign was taken off on 17 May.



End of an Era...

FLB up for sale

Link Here 19th May 2013

FLB is a long established hostess bar on Walking Street, just by the Walking Street Tree.

Owner Martin has just announced that he has thrown in the towel, and will put FLB Bar up for sale.

The bar has been round forever and was originally known as Freelance Bar. Maybe the name was more literally correct once, but has been more of hostess bar with salaried staff for as long as I can remember.

The bar's heyday was when it was the first to have success with its internet forum. This made FLB into a hangout bar where forum members would meet up. There were plenty of customers and the bar's parties were something of a Pattaya social occasion.

This hangout aspect was somewhat diluted with the break away set up of the similar, but more modern, Secrets Bar.

FLB has gently declined since. Last month it tried a new angle with coyote dancers, but presumably to no great effect.



Halo Reappears...

Halo Club re-opens on Walking Street

Link Here 18th May 2013

Halo Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street. The club has had a busy first year or so of openings, closings and changes of style. The bar has tried disco, GoGo and coyote formats  

Halo Club re-opened on 16th May. On the first day there were coyote dancers only.

But by the second day, the bar had become more GoGo like with most of the dancers donning bikinis. In all there were 17 dancers in the bar.

Interestingly there were a couple of East European coyote dancers, reportedly available for a short time at 4000 Baht.

Barfines for all are set at 1000 Baht.

There are now 83 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Smarter and Blacker...

Far East Rock re-opens after renovation

Link Here 14th May 2013

Far East Rock is a GoGo at the Beach Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Yamato).

The bar has re-opened after a few weeks of renovation.

It is now a little smarter and blacker but pretty much as before.

There are now 82 GoGos in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in Bikinis or less.



Extra Blu...

Club Blu sold to Pook Bar

Link Here 13th May 2013

Club Blu on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro has been closed ever since a police enforced closure a couple of months ago.

The bar has now been sold, and perhaps with a little bit of surprise, it has been sold to the Pook Bar team. This has been confirmed with staff at Pook Bar.

The group runs lady boy bars on Soi Buakhao and Soi 6. Pook Bar has flirted with girl coyote dancers upstairs at the Soi 6 venue, but once the boys move in, there is little chance for the girls.

So one has to guess that Soi LK Metro will soon have its first lady boy bar.



Fallen Star...

Jenny Star Bar closes on Walking Street

Link Here 8th May 2013

jenny Star Bar is a well known lady boy bar nestling under the escalator to the Marine Disco.

The bar seems to have been caught up in the redevelopment of the Marine site so joins Doll House as a famous name being closed in the name of progress.



Halo Re-mounting...

Halo advertises for GoGo staff

Link Here 7th May 2013

Halo is located on Walking Street about opposite Soi 14.

It started life as a disco, then tried the coyote club gig, then tried becoming a GoGo but none seemed to work and the bar closed in January of this year.

The bar now looks set for another try and is now advertising for GoGo staff.


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