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 2013: April-June
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30th June

  More Fun...

FunHouse A-GoGo set to appear to replace Club Blu
Link Here

funhouseThe closed Club Blu at the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro looks set to be transformed into FunHouse A-GoGo.

A previous deal with ladyboy specialist, Pook, fell through, and FunHouse is promising to be all girl.

So now there are 4 developments in Soi LK Metro that have been announced or are in progress:

  • Club Blu to be come FunHouse A-GoGo
  • Lolita's is taking shape as Crystal Club A-GoGo
  • Flandria bar next door is taking shape as Bachelor Pattaya, a GoGo associated with Queen Club opposite.
  • MASH is taking shape as the new venue Angelwitch 2


27th June

 Updated: Off the Table...

Beach Club re-opens after installing a central stage
Link Here

beach club renovationBeach Club is a long running table dancing GoGo just off Walking Street on Soi 15.

The bar is now closed with substantial rework underway. The bar will soon reappear with a new central stage. Beach Club will re-open on 25th June 2013. The dancers have been moved temporality to Happy A-GoGo.

It looks like the concept of table dancing is now consigned to the Pattaya Museum (at Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro).

For the moment there are 83 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Re-sanded

26th June 2013.

Beach Club looks set to re-open tonight with its news new central stage 'traditional' layout.

There will be a re-opening party on Saturday.

Update: Cavernous

27th June 2013.

The bar has now re-opened after rework and now features the central stage from the group's old Cavern A-GoGo. There are 3 small sub-stages featuring coyote dancers.

The cheap drinks are continuing but the barfine has reverted to the standard group price of 700 Baht.

There are now 85 bars around Pattaya with at least some Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.


23rd June

  Destined to be a GoGo...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Destiny
Link Here

Destiny frontageDestiny is located on Soi LK Metro.

I was informed that dancers at Destiny have been wearing a few less clothes of late, and that the bar now qualifies as a GoGo.

And indeed, that is what I found. About half the girls in the bar were dancing in bikinis or were topless. There were about dozen girls in the bar organised into 3 dance teams. There were some pretty girls and the bar is now competitive with several on the soi.

There's no draft beer per-se but bottled Leo  beer is 60 Baht, which is a better deal than most bars. The remainder of the drinks prices were reasonable.

Surely a big improvement on my previous visit, but the new hasn't quite clicked yet as it was quiet at a peak hour. Maybe it still has a coyote bar atmosphere, with the girls not being overly keen on the naughty stuff that goes down in a bar with a longer GoGo heritage.

So there are now 84 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less. There are 3 more on Soi Buakhao soon to add to the list.


22nd June

  Recurring Dream...

Dream Club A-GoGo set to Open on Soi Diamond
Link Here

dream clubDream Club A-GoGo is now recruiting at the Soi Diamond venue that was previously Carousel GoGo Club.

The bar is creating a totally new layout, which is probably a good idea as Carousel used the smallish space very inefficiently with lots of dead spots.

It is the 4th dancing bar to adopt the name Dream. The was once a Dream A-GoGo in the Prince Hotel on Soi 8. Dreams Bar A-GoGo briefly had dancing on the other side of the same soi. PePe A-GoGo  in the Covent Garden' Complex was previously Dream A-GoGo.


20th June

  Kiss Me Hardy!...

Lord Nelson sunk by a Thai landlord's broadside
Link Here

Lord Nelson PubAdmiral Lord Nelson was a hotel, restaurant and pub on Soi 6.

It was a fixture on Soi 6 for as long as I can remember. But it has now been the victim of an unfeasible rent increase at the end of a lease.

The bar is now up for rent and the fixtures are up for sale.


19th June


Club Mistys Happy Hour prices creep up
Link Here

mistys happy hourClub Mistys is located towards the centre of Soi 15.

The GoGo now offers Happy Hour from 8pm until 10pm with draft beer at 45 Baht, bottle beer at 90 Baht and house spirits at 60 Baht.


18th June


Champion introduces a 35 Baht double happy hour
Link Here

champion happy june 2013Champion is a long running Walking Street GoGo.

The bar has now introduced a 35 Baht double happy hour from 8-10pm and again from 00:30-3am. The promotion applies to draft beer soft drinks and Thai whisky.


17th June

  Not So Happy...

Sugar Baby A-GoGo ends its happy hour
Link Here

sugar babySugar Baby is newish on Walking Street and has connections with Windmill A-GoGo.

The bar has recently ended its very cheap happy hour from 7 until 10pm. Previously draft beer and unbranded spirits were available at about the 50 Baht mark.

The GoGo has made quite an impact on Walking Street, bringing off-Walking Street hands-on fun to the street itself. Given that it is popular and gets up to speed earlier than most bars, then there is probably little commercial reason to have a very cheap happy hour.

However, for expats and regulars, the bar is offering a discount card to restore the previous happy hour bargains.

It seems to be a bit of fashion at the moment to try and get the best of both worlds by offering high drinks prices to tourists whilst having a discount card for more price conscious ex-pats. I suspect that they make little difference. The underlying characteristics of the bar will always dominate, and this includes general price policy and the target audience. Eg there seems little point offering a discount card in a gogo with high barfines, tequila girls and dancers who reserve themselves for high rollers.


13th June

  Hot Dough A-GoGo...

Hot and Cold raided by police
Link Here

Hot and Cold signPolice from Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit conducted an undercover operation at a Hot and Cold GoGo Bar in the early hours of Sunday following very unlikely sound reports of underage girls being employed there.  A very unlikely sounding scenario as the bar has a reputation for employing over aged dancers rather than anything else.

Nevertheless, owner Khun Bunatee was arrested after a 500 Baht barfine was handed over for a 16 year old girl. Khun Bunatee was charged at Pattaya Police Station and awaits a Court appearance.

Update: Vacancy for a Proof Reader at Pattaya People magazine

13th June 2013.  See  article from  pattayapeople.com

According to the Pattaya People:

Police announced on Tuesday the arrest of Panatree, the owner of a bar, Hot Dough A-Go-Go on Soi Post Office in South Pattaya, accused of employing girls under the age of 18 and organizing underage sex on the premises.


8th June


Coming around for another try
Link Here

Carousel GoGoCarousel GoGo Club has been lying empty on Soi Diamond for quite a while now. But now the workmen are in doing a bit of a demolition job.

The word on the forums is that the bar will be returning as a GoGo.


5th June

  Dress Down Fridays...

Less clothes
Link Here

Bada Bing A-GoGo signsSeveral bars suffering from over dressing have upped their game a little.

Bada Bing on Soi BJ

Fridays and Saturdays are now bikini days. Its a good job, as the bar was rapidly heading for coyote bar status.

Ginza on Walking Street

The bar now has some bottomless dancers on the upper floor. The upper bar is used when the ground floor is full. It's a  good job as the downstairs bars is coyote only.

Destiny on Soi LK Metro

The Bar has been classified as a GoGo since opening but Ishi reports that there were half a dozen dancing topless and in lingerie on his last visit.

Maybe a candidate for the GoGo list.


3rd June

  A Coyote Dressed in Sheep's Clothing...

Rehab coyote bar announces itself to be an A-GoGo
Link Here

rehab gogo signRehab is located on Soi Buakhao, a couple of blocks south of Soi Diana.

The bar has now erected a new large neon sign claiming to be an A-GoGo. However, by the Thai-Anxiety definition GoGos are bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Hopefully the sign is an indication of an upcoming change of policy at Rehab and that soon a few excess clothes will come off.

However the latest report from the Thai-Anxiety team was from the 17th May when the bar was still coyote. Ishi reports:

I saw 26 coyote dancers in the bar. It was still a 100% coyote bar. I didn't see any dancers in bikinis or less.

There were 4 dance teams, each team danced for 15 minutes on stage.

Bar Fines are 1,000B. But some (for example No.29) are 2,000B until 1am (1,500B after 1am).

The bar doesn't have draught beer. Soft drinks are 100B, and a lady drink is 140B.

For the moment the bar is not considered to be an A-GoGo and the GoGO count remains at 84.


28th May


Play Party Club returns
Link Here

play party club Play Party Club is located on Walking Street with the entrance being a few paces down Soi Lucky Star.

The bar has now re-opened after a period of being closed. Not sure what the reason was.

The bar is luxuriously appointed with prices to match. It is basically a nightclub, but features a few coyote dancers for extra entertainment.


23rd May

  End of an Era...

Blues Factory up for sale
Link Here

Blues Factory logo The Blues Factory is a long established live music bar just off Walking Street on the alley to Soi Marine Plaza.

Following from the news that FLB is up for sale, Dave of The Blues Factory has also announced that he intends to sell his bar.

Blues Factory is perhaps best known for its resident rock guitarist Lam Morrison.


20th May

  New York New York 2...

Plans are afoot for a re-opening
Link Here

new york New York New York tucked away on Soi Marine Plaza tried to be a half night club and half coyote bar. It didn't quite pan out and the bar closed.

Now New York New York is aiming to re-open in July.

The information is from former staff so presumably the current owners are returning for another go.

The FOR SALE sign was taken off on 17 May.


19th May

  End of an Era...

FLB up for sale
Link Here

flb sign FLB is a long established hostess bar on Walking Street, just by the Walking Street Tree.

Owner Martin has just announced that he has thrown in the towel, and will put FLB Bar up for sale.

The bar has been round forever and was originally known as Freelance Bar. Maybe the name was more literally correct once, but has been more of hostess bar with salaried staff for as long as I can remember.

The bar's heyday was when it was the first to have success with its internet forum. This made FLB into a hangout bar where forum members would meet up. There were plenty of customers and the bar's parties were something of a Pattaya social occasion.

This hangout aspect was somewhat diluted with the break away set up of the similar, but more modern, Secrets Bar.

FLB has gently declined since. Last month it tried a new angle with coyote dancers, but presumably to no great effect.


18th May

  Halo Reappears...

Halo Club re-opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Halo Club frontage Halo Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street. The club has had a busy first year or so of openings, closings and changes of style. The bar has tried disco, GoGo and coyote formats  

Halo Club re-opened on 16th May. On the first day there were coyote dancers only.

But by the second day, the bar had become more GoGo like with most of the dancers donning bikinis. In all there were 17 dancers in the bar.

Interestingly there were a couple of East European coyote dancers, reportedly available for a short time at 4000 Baht.

Barfines for all are set at 1000 Baht.

There are now 83 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.


14th May

  Smarter and Blacker...

Far East Rock re-opens after renovation
Link Here

Far East Rock Far East Rock is a GoGo at the Beach Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Yamato).

The bar has re-opened after a few weeks of renovation.

It is now a little smarter and blacker but pretty much as before.

There are now 82 GoGos in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in Bikinis or less.


13th May

  Extra Blu...

Club Blu sold to Pook Bar
Link Here

Club Blu front Club Blu on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro has been closed ever since a police enforced closure a couple of months ago.

The bar has now been sold, and perhaps with a little bit of surprise, it has been sold to the Pook Bar team. This has been confirmed with staff at Pook Bar.

The group runs lady boy bars on Soi Buakhao and Soi 6. Pook Bar has flirted with girl coyote dancers upstairs at the Soi 6 venue, but once the boys move in, there is little chance for the girls.

So one has to guess that Soi LK Metro will soon have its first lady boy bar.


8th May

  Fallen Star...

Jenny Star Bar closes on Walking Street
Link Here

jenny star bar sign jenny Star Bar is a well known lady boy bar nestling under the escalator to the Marine Disco.

The bar seems to have been caught up in the redevelopment of the Marine site so joins Doll House as a famous name being closed in the name of progress.


7th May

  Halo Re-mounting...

Halo advertises for GoGo staff
Link Here

Halo sign Halo is located on Walking Street about opposite Soi 14.

It started life as a disco, then tried the coyote club gig, then tried becoming a GoGo but none seemed to work and the bar closed in January of this year.

The bar now looks set for another try and is now advertising for GoGo staff.


27th April

  Far from Rocking...

Far East Rock closes for renovation
Link Here

Far East RockFar East Rock is located at the beach end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office).

It is reported that the bar has closed for renovation. The work is expected to take about a month.

In the meantime there are now 82 bars in Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Saying that, there are now bars that are on notice of being demoted from the GoGo list on the grounds that dancers are wearing too many clothes.

Recent visits to Bada Bing and Ginza have been 100% coyote. The bars will be revisited to check for improvements in dress code before being relegated from the list.


26th April

  Halo Slips...

Halo nightclub and coyote bar closes
Link Here

halo frontageHalo is located on Walking Street towards the Beach Road end.

The bar has gone dark. Classy Inn on the floor above Halo has also closed. The venue may yet change to something new.

The venue has had a very poor track record of success. It was previously Snowice coyote bar and then GoGo, Voodoo A-GoGo, and the Nok beer bar complex.

Possibly the space is too narrow and the inner venues have always been set a long way back from Walking Street. First timers don't really like to venture too far from the safety of the crowd, whether it be going upstairs or down a long corridor.


25th April

  Dark Blu...

Club Blu still closed
Link Here

Club Blu frontClub Blu is located on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro.

Club Blue was closed with a police notice announcing a 30 day closure from about 20th March.

The police order has now completed, and the bar could have re-opened a week ago, but didn't.


23rd April

  Coconut Bar...

New for Soi 6
Link Here

Pattaya Soi 6 sgnA new bar has got the publicity machine at PattayaOne working to produce a little news piece and video about a new opening on Soi 6.

The new Coconut Bar looks like a lean to in the space next to Soho Bar.

It seems a bit of shame to hijack the name 'Coconut Bar', hitherto this has been a nickname for the freelance scene on Beach Road.


21st April

  Over Relaxxxed...

Club Relaxxx and Papa A-GoGo go dark
Link Here

Club Relaxxx signClub Relaxxx has gone dark in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16. It pulled up the shutters on 11th April and some of the dancers moved across to PePe A-GoGo opposite.

The bar has opened and closed quite often seemingly opening in the hope of finding a long term buyer.

Meanwhile Papa A-GoGo has again closed on Soi Diana. It is part of Papagayo which continues as normal. The GoGo is said to be hoping to re-open in May.

So Pattaya's GoGo count drops to 83.


17th April

  Mini Metro Walking Street...

More bars set for Soi LK Metro
Link Here

soi lk metroStickman on Sunday mentioned that Angelwitch look set to open a branch on Soi LK Metro at the Bulldog Bar next to Champagne.

This adds to the current building work at the venue that was previously Lolita's. This will be called Crystal Club. It is reported that it will be a nightclub as opposed to a GoGo. It is reported that there are connections with Alcatraz.

Also up for redevelopment is Flandria Bar just by Lolita's. This is reported to be linked to Queen Club.

We now just need to convince Windmill or Baby Doll connections to make for a more complete range of bars in a mini version of Walking Street.


16th April

  More Partying...

Bangkok police ask for 4am closing times
Link Here

4amBangkok'sMetropolitan Police Bureau has proposed the extension as part of preparations for the Asean Economic Community (AEC) launch in 2015.

Deputy chief Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak said last week the bureau is preparing to submit the proposal to the Interior Ministry. The proposal seeks to amend the law controlling entertainment venues so bar and nightclub closing times can be extended.

University student Aitsaya Harakarn, 18, said later closing times could help cut crime.

Changing the closing time to 4am could reduce crime, particularly rape and robbery, because it will be morning by the time would-be burglars and rapists leave the bars, she said.

She believed they would be less likely to commit crimes after 4am because it is the start of a new day and some early-risers would already be up and about.


14th April

  Beach Challenge...

Beach Club substantially reduces its prices
Link Here

Beach Club signThe Beach Club is a table dancing GoGo located on Soi 15, just a few paces off Walking Street.

The bar has introduced a substantial price reduction. All basic drinks are now 95 Baht with draft beer being reduced to 59 Baht.

Lady drinks are now the lowest in Walking Street at 95 Baht and barfines are just 500 Baht.

It is not that the bar has been forced to take action as it is always reasonably popular. Perhaps it is more to do with identifying the opportunity to corner an upcoming market in those caught up by western economies doing their best to suffocate their economies to death.

Perhaps it is taking inspiration from the enormously popular Wetherspoons pubs in the UK that have established themselves as a major pub chain on the back of discount prices.


12th April

 Updated The Crystal Ball Reveals...

The bar replacing Lolita's will be named Crystal Club
Link Here

Lolita'sThe famed blowjob bar, Lolita's on Soi LK Metro, recently closed and was sold off.

It has now been announced that the bar will be named Crystal Club.. Initially it was assumed that this would be another GoGo, but now Pattaya forums are reporting that it will be a disco.


11th April

  Annual Exodus...

Black Sheep proves the exception to the rule
Link Here

black sheepThe annual exodus of the ladies has begun in earnest.

Hit a few darkside bars on Wednesday the 10th, only to be disappointed with what was on offer.

You'd think that the ladies who are not travelling (or not yet travelling ?) would be working harder while the competition is away, but that does not generally seem to be the case.

The exception was BLACK SHEEP on Soi Khao Noi. There seemed to be a full complement and they were working hard to please the steady stream of customers. Word must be passing about that this is the place to be in these pre-Songkran days. A tip of the hat to the ladies there.


8th April

  Barren Baron...

Baron A-GoGo goes dark
Link Here

baron club neonBaron A-GoGo is located on Soi Diamond near the Pratamnak end.

The bar closed in early April with the consensus from nearby staff that the closure is permanent.

The bar was a pretty standard GoGo when perhaps the remotish location dictated that it needed to find a niche.

Pattaya's GoGo count has now dropped top 85 bars with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.


7th April

  From the Darkside...

KiK needs a kick while Mango may get juicy
Link Here

kikKiK is on Soi Khao Talo at the corner of Soi Khao Noi.

The previous review on Thai-Anxiety was apparently written 2-3 owners and 3-4 managers ago.

Today KIK is a shadow of its coyote days.

It's now a typical Darkside bar where the ladies lounge around until the customers come then continue to lounge around unless pressured to get off the couch.

Compared to many Darkside bars it is fairly large and well appointed with a number of comfortable and discrete couches; largely unused.

You know things are NOT going well when the lady doesn't even drink her LD; just lets the ice melt.

Seems that if you are not a chum of the Brit manager, you ain't.......

When the next owner takes over, he needs somehow to tap the potential that is not there now.

Updated: Things are looking up at Mango Bar

Word is that Phillipe of TELEPHONE bar is re-opening MANGO on SUNDAY 31st March

Telephone Bar is a very popular and very naughty bar that is hidden away in central Pattaya. It sounds very promising if the concept is able to transport itself successfully to the Darkside.

However the opening didn't happen as advertised, but still hoping for a Darkside Telephone Bar.


3rd April

  Freelance Coyote Dancers...

FLB Bar goes coyote
Link Here

flb signFLB is located just by the Walking Street Tree

The hostess bar format is not as popular as it once was, so FLB are now trying out coyote dancers. The bar is starting off with a mix of salaried dancers and some expensive agency girls.


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