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2009: June

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29th June   

Cinderella Jomtien...

New bar hours mean lights out at midnight
Link Here

You've got to feel sorry for those who are trying to run a bar in Jomtien where new bar hours are being enforced.

There's a new sheriff in town and he sent his deputy to explain the new thinking to a meeting of bar owners.

The outcome was that as long as outside lights are off and music is turned off a blind eye would be turned. It should be added that several bars in Soi Welcome were raided after midnight last week and the owners taken to court where they were fined 5,000 baht for not having the correct license. But in typical local style, when they asked where they could purchase said license they were told by the court that it does not exist!


28th June   

Whistling On...

Byblos re-opens
Link Here

Byblos A-GoGo at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond re-opened on 27th June 2009

There are now 77 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less


28th June   

Incident on Soi LK Metro...

Fight at the Rock House
Link Here

The well known owner of the popular Rock House on Soi LK Metro hit a customer with a bottle causing a gash to his head.

The incident arose out of an ongoing argument between bar owner Alex (posting as Mulphy on Pattaya forums) and a board member using the handle Fondles.

The argument was said to be aggressive but verbal. At one point Alex said he felt threatened and Glaswegian survival reflexes kicked in, he overreacted and struck out with a bottle.

Fondles made a quick exit but was further attacked outside by the bar owners friends.

No serious injuries were sustained and the protagonists are reported to have reached a settlement.

This was the only time this has occurred in several years of running the bar.


24th June   

Tout Out...

Ping pong show touts arrested
Link Here

Police arrested Sampan Suthon and Sanae Chusri for allegedly using English-language and Thai profanity and showing explicit materials to passing tourists. While touts abound in the South Pattaya entertainment district, the pair's use of colorfully descriptive language and illustrated cards was deemed over the top for even Pattaya standards.

Pol. Capt. Somchai Chaikananukul said police checked out the bar in question, but found the sales pitch more risqué than the offerings inside and, thus, arrested only the pair for their obscene materials.


23rd June   

Final Whistle...

Byblos goes dark
Link Here

Byblos A-GoGo at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond is reported to have closed. As yet unclear whether this is down to lack of trade or maybe a police closure. There's an unlikely sounding 'closed for renovation' sign on the door.

The target audience for bells & whistles shows though has been hard hit by economic, political and flu woes.

Some of the ByBlos girls were said to have moved to Club Boesché but may have moved on already.

There are now 76 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less


18th June   

Imposing Religion...

Monks push for an official ban on alcohol on Buddhist days
Link Here

Monk development organisations have urged the government to implement the law to prohibit the sale of alcohol drinks on major religious holidays, starting from the July 7 Asanha Puja Day.

Some 30 representatives of 14 organisations and the Alcohol Watch Network in Bangkok submitted to Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai a request for Thai government to push forwards the ban of alcohol sales on the Makha Puja, Visakha Puja, and Asanha Puja days as well as the Buddhist Lent Day (Khao Phunsa).

The group also asked the ministry to spearhead a campaign to promote public's recognition of the National No Alcohol Day [which I think is Buddhist Lent Day]

The main are generally closed on Buddhist days but at the moment this is at he request of the authorities and recently bars have been pushing their luck and opening anyway.


13th June   

Opening Day Fun...

Fun Room A-GoGo re-opens on Soi 15
Link Here

The hosts for the re-opening of this small bar will be familiar with anybody that has been to BJ Club. The manager there and the mamasang seem to have done a good job at the poorly located BJ Club, so perhaps they can do something with a notoriously difficult small narrow bar.

The opening night perhaps demonstrates some of the problems. There were perhaps a couple of dozen girls in the bar with 4 on the central stage and a couple doing their own thing in the Jacuzzi. By the time the owners mates had claimed the best girls, then there weren't enough left to entertain the rest of the customers. No doubt on following days there will prove to be too many girls. It is hard to maintain a happy medium for a small bar

There were quite a good team of girls for an opening day, probably a few from BJ Club. They mostly danced in bikinis but a couple lost their tops.

Draft beer was 45 Baht. Heineken was 90 Baht and Thai whiskey at 80 Baht.

There are now 77 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


12th June   

Wrong Sort of Beach Clean Up...

Police round up the usual Beach Road suspects
Link Here

In the early hours of Thursday Morning a one-off clean-up operation on Pattaya Beach took place whereby officers were given orders to round-up as many suspected prostitutes as possible.

During the 2 hour operation a total of 105 people were arrested including 103 women and 2 transsexuals.

They were all packed into a processing room at Pattaya Police Station and paid fines of between 100 and 200 Baht and were then sent on their way with a stern warning not to be seen on Pattaya Beach again.


10th June   

Sex in the City...

More from Soi 6
Link Here

Sexy Soi Six has just been renamed Sex in the City. Not sure whether this reflects a change of ownership.

Meanwhile on Soi 15, there are signs of activity at the Fun Room. A small gogo next to Misty's that has been closed for quite a while.

Nana Bar on Soi Honey has gone dark.


9th June   

Smoke and Mirrors...

A new bar for Soi 6
Link Here

There's a new bar opened in Soi 6 next door to Love Club.

Not tried yet but it is a single unit presumably short time bar that follows the recent trend set by new bars Quicky & Soho. It has a small area out front for those that like to drink outside or take a cigarette and then the more traditional inside aircon area.


4th June   

Sin City...

A new gogo
Link Here

The latest addition to the GoGo list is Sin City A-GoGo. This will open in the Covenet Garden complex on Soi 16 just off Walking Street.

Surely a bit of a challenge though as previous GoGos there haven't lasted, Babe Watch, Taboo and Black & White.

The bar is set to open on Friday 5th June and will be the 76th Pattaya bar with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


4th June   

Stabbing on Soi 6...

Bar owner attacks partner after she leaves him
Link Here

The vindictive German co-owner of a Pattaya bar, outraged that his Thai partner had rejected him, sought vengeance, on 3 June 2009, by going to her new place of work, a beer bar in Soi 6, and slashing her neck in full view of customers and staff. He escaped immediately afterwards and police are still searching for him

Arriving at the bar, the police found a crowd of onlookers, both Thai and foreigners, gathered around. The victim, Miss. Sairoong Boonsomtop, [27], a waitress at the bar, had a 20 cm.-wide wound on her neck. The heavily bleeding wound was so deep that it had nearly reached her trachea. She was rushed to Pattaya International Hospital.

The actual attack happened while Miss Sairoong was playing snooker with a foreign customer in the bar. Miss Sairoong's partner, Mr Harry had apparently approached her from behind, held her in a neck lock and then slashed her neck with a knife, splashing blood everywhere right in front of everybody. Harry had apparently then run away to the end of the soi, caught a motorbike taxi and sped away.

Questioning Miss Sairoong's friends, police were told that Mr. Harry was the co-owner of the Poppy Beer Bar in Pattaya Soi 6. He was apparently a jealous individual who was always drunk. [The word on the Street is that it was Red Point Bar].

The police will continue their search for the suspect and arrest him as soon as possible.


2nd June   

More Beer Bars...

New Walking Street beer bar complex taking shape
Link Here

The row of shops previously housing Pinky Girl A-GoGo has been gutted and is now taking shape as a beer bar complex.

Bookings for the 15 bars are now being taken. There's still a few unsold just a few metre's down the street where Voodoo A-GoGo used to be.


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