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2012: Jan-March

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29th March   

Searching for new ideas...

Guugle takes a very short break
Link Here

Guugle Show is located on Walking Street above Champion and with the entrance next door.

Guugle is having a bit of a rethink at the moment and is closed fro just a few days for some rework. It is set to re-open on 31st March.

Meanwhile Eazy A-GoGo on Soi 15 is again dark. It has been opening intermittently so maybe it too will also re-appear very shortly.

So just for a few days, Pattaya's GoGo count drops to 75.


25th March   

More Show...

Guugle Show becomes a little less exclusive
Link Here

Guugle Show is located on Walking Street above Champion and with the entrance next door.

The bar has been open some time as a coyote bar but now has a few topless dancers. The bar also seems to have taken a step down in prices with barfines previously reported as 1500, now 1000. Lady drinks were previously said to be 200, but 150 seems to be the current price. There is also a draft beer at 85 Baht (65 baht before 10pm).

The girls are reported to be attractive, but probably agency girls, and sometimes not available for bar fines. The bar also has a show.

Sounds like it hasn't been a great success as a high priced coyote bar, and is now trying to open out to a wider customer base. Still top end of gogo prices though.


24th March   

More to See...

Two coyote bars bow to the realties of Pattaya, nudity and cheap beer
Link Here

Club Relaxxx : Some dancers in the bathtub (without water) are now topless. Draught beer  is 59B (all night) from 21 March

Guugle at the venue that was previously Powers Club): Some dancers are now topless. Draught beer is 65B (8:30-10pm), 85B (after 10pm) from 22 March.

So now there are 77 bars in the Pattaya area with girls in bikinis or less


23rd March   

A Reprehensible Trade...

Pattaya tourist police arrest Cambodian beggars
Link Here

Pattaya tourist police have rounded up flower sellers and beggars from Pattaya streets.

Six mothers each of them carrying their infants aged, 1-2. Three old women, two handicapped men and 10 flower sellers. The police arrested them on Pattaya Second road and on the Walking street, South Pattaya.

The operation seems to be in response to recent news about a 7 year-old Cambodian boy who had allegedly been abducted and tortured. They had cut off his tongue, and removed his larynx and forced him to be a beggar in Pattaya.

The arrested beggars hailed from Cambodia and lived in rented rooms in South Pattaya.


20th March   

Diary: Pattaya International Music Festival 2012...

Updated dates: 27-29th April
Link Here

The Pattaya Music Festival will take place at venues throughout Pattaya on 27-29th April. (This is a late date by the Pattaya authorities that previously announced March 30-April 1).

To beautify Beach Road for the occasion Pattaya is planting cape lilies along the footpath. Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome's goal is to try to show Pattaya is an environmentally conscious city. But will the plant prove to be sustainable?

The city also has allocated funds for toilet and health facilities along the beach during the festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of people annually.


17th March   

Barren Baron...

Police raids at Destiny and Baron
Link Here

Baron Club on Soi Diamond has gone dark following a police raid. The bar closed on 15th march. The official reason for the closure is not yet clear, nor is the duration of the closure.

So there are now 75 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Meanwhile Destiny coyote bar opened on Soi LK Metro. It is an inward looking dancing bar modelled in Sugar Sugar on the same soi. Opening comments are mixed, but bars need a while to find their level, and it is unfair to read much into early comments.

Unfortunately for the bar, the police decided they would check it out too. The word is that fines may have been levied but that the bar will stay open.


17th March   

Dry Days...

Bars asked to close for the 3 days of a royal funeral
Link Here

Night entertainment venues will be asked to suspend their businesses from April 8-10 during the funeral of Princess Bejaratana, while other private enterprises will be asked to fly national flags at half-mast on their premises, PM's Office permanent secretary Thongthong Chandrangsu has said.

Princess Bejaratana was the only daughter of the late King Vajiravudh of Thailand. She was a first cousin of current King Bhumibol Adulyadej. She died aged 85 on 27th July 2011.

Bars in East Pattaya (The Dark Side) are expected to close on Sunday 18th March due to a local election.


15th March   

The Destiny of Soi LK Metro is...

More bars and too many clothes
Link Here

The new Destiny coyote dancing bar is set to open on Friday 16th March. It is located on Soi LK Metro opposite Paradise A-GoGo.

It will be the 3rd coyote bar on the Soi (after Club Blu and Sugar Sugar). And is said to have been modelled on Sugar Sugar. Presumably this means a mostly enclosed bar with a central stage, rather than the older generation of bars with girls dancing in the windows.

Soi LK Metro is also home to 6 GoGo bars (Champagne, MASH, Office, Submarine, Paradise and Kiss)


11th March   

Wishing for a Good Night...

Nightwish renovated on Soi 6
Link Here

Nightwish is located in central Soi 6.

Anyone who visited the Nightwish in 2011 or before will not recognise it from the run down bar of old"

  • All new outdoor bar area with seating to watch enjoy a beer, and watch the sights of Soi 6.
  • All new indoor bar, air-conditioned with new seating.
  • Very Nice and clean downstairs toilet. (they are not all this nice on soi 6)
  • Flat screen TV's with True Vision to watch Football, F1 in both bars.
  •  New sound system, but not too loud so you can at least talk to the ladies.
  • Fully stocked beer fridge and a good selection of spirits.
  • 4 good sized bedrooms to visit for an hour or so (you know what I mean).
  • ALL 4 have private toilets and showers, air-conditioning, clean sheets and towels, mirrors etc.

Nearly all the staff are ex. Rubys 1 and 2 , so they know how to take care of customers upstairs and downstairs.


10th March   

A Star is Reborn...

Silver Star 3 re-opens
Link Here

Silver Star 3 is the Walking Street GoGo closest to the Beach Road end.

Silver Star 3 has now re-opened after a police 30 day closure.

Despite the banner proclaiming renovation, everything is the same as before, except for the dancers on the stage near the entrance. Coyotes have made an appearance. There are two coyotes on the stage there. An unwelcome first for the bar.

There are now 76 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


2nd March   


New website address for the Happy group of GoGos
Link Here

The website address has been changed for the Happy group of GoGos to .

The website includes pages for:

  • Baccara
  • Beach Club
  • Cavern
  • Happy
  • Peppermint


1st March   


Silver Star 3 announces re-opening date
Link Here

Silver Star 3 is the Walking Street GoGo closest to the Beach Road end.

Silver Star 3 has announced that it will re-open after police closure on 9th March.

The banner also says that the bar will return with a new format, and promises fun fun fun.


29th February   

No Sexy Models...

Basaya Model Club
Link Here

Pattaya-at-night reports that the Basaya Club has given up on the idea of dancing girls, and now operates as a restaurant.

Not that I ever noticed, but the website looked promising.

The venue is located on Beach Road a few metres north of the Pattaya Klang junction.

There are now 75 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


28th February   

Worth a Try...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tiger
Link Here

Tiger seems a long term middling sort of venue that most often gets mentioned in conjunction with its senior partners Shark and Fahrenheit.

It usually has 6-8 girls dancing which seems to be about half of the dancing girls available. They are about an average team, but the Walking Street average is pretty good. The dress codes seems to be the common mix of topless and bikini clad.

The bar is a bit mixed in terms of friendly girls but not too bad. The long dancing stint can put a bit of a dampener on budding romances though.

It is certainly a bar where I have had good times, but it not really consistent, due mostly to the restricted number of girls. It is worth a try though.

There is a cheap draft beer and other drinks prices are near the top end of the 'reasonable' range.


27th February   

A Couple of Changes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: OMG Club
Link Here

OMG Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

The bar still has a minimal number of dancers, about enough for two shifts on stage of 3 or 4 girls at a time.

However the bar has now supplemented these with a few non-dancing hostesses that offer a bit of company. This extra option for company seems to have increased the audience from one on the previous visit, to a handful this time.

On the negative side, there was no draft beer available. If a bar offers hit and miss entertainment, then it could do with a cheap drink offering to make it worthwhile to give the bar a try for a quick look see.

But hopefully the hostessing idea will overcome inertia and allow the bar to build up a bit of momentum.


24th February   

Coyotee's Coyote Bar...

New venue takes shape on Soi Marine Plaza
Link Here

Builders are in at the long unused bar that was previously Coyotee's A-GoGo. It is located on Soi Marine Plaza just where the alley/Soi Lucky Star goes through to Walking Street.

The initial word is that it will become a coyote bar.

The development is now displaying the venue's news name: New York New York Night Club


23rd February   

For Appearances' Sake...

Police undertake one of their regular round ups of lady boys
Link Here

43 lady boys were rounded-up by Pattaya Police in the early hours of Wednesday.

Police and Volunteers began their sweep at the Northern end of Pattaya Beach and went straight through to the Bali Hai Port at the southern-end of Pattaya Beach and escorted the detainees to Pattaya Police Station where they were profiled and later released after paying a fine of 100 Baht each for loitering in a public place.


22nd February   

Coyote Bar...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Sapphire Lodge
Link Here

Sapphire Lodge is located on Pratamnak Soi 4 (Soi Asia), a few metres from the beach.

The bar has evolved massively since I last visited. Previously it seemed to be set up as a gentlemen's club along the lines of Kinnaree or Exotica but a previous lack of girls seems to have given the bar owners a chance for a rethink.

The bar has now recruited a very attractive team of girls that betters most bars in town in terms of lookers. The bar has also installed a dancing stage and may of the girls take their turn as coyote dancers.

The bar now seems to have the feel of Club Blu or Papagayo. If you like this style of bar, then Sapphire Lounge should fit the bill admirably. May even be better, given the possibility of food provided on several days of the week (to those spending 300+ Baht on drinks), and the very strong line up of girls.

However there is a downside, anyone (probably older guys) who finds that coyote girls are a bit unfriendly, or selective, or whatever, will probably find the same here. That was my experience anyway.


21st February   

Updated: GoGo Metropolis...

Plans for more new GoGos on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

Building work for the new Destiny coyote bar is now nearing completion on Soi LK Metro. Work has also started on a new bar replacing the old Thai Archer guesthouse.

But now Mulphy of Pattaya-Live reveals a few more plans on the drawing board.

  • Red 5 bar and the shop next door have just sold and will be a gogo.
  • Billabong has been sold and will be a gogo
  • Travellers Rest hands over to its new owners very soon and it will also become a gogo.

Update: Billabong Rumours

20th February 2012.

The owner of Billabong has said that the bar has not been sol and plans to stay as an open bar.

Probably good news for those that prefer girl gogos, as there is another rumour that Billabong was bought by the people behind Pook's Bar, with the intention of it becoming a lady boy gogo.


19th February   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Far East Rock
Link Here

Far East Rock is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

After a period of enthusiasm after being taken into new ownership, the bar seems to have peaked and gone into a bit of a decline.

There were four girls dancing at a time, being either bikini clad or topless depending on the choice of the girls. Generally a bit below average, but there were two or three that could be beckoned over.

However they didn't seem overly keen on interacting with customers and seemed to prefer huddling together at the back left of the bar, safely out of range of customer signals. Not a 100% policy though, a couple of girls seemed to find customers to chat to.

Cheap drinks and a general lack of aircon daytime competition seems to keep the bar going during that period. But once the competition winds up in the evening, there are few that elect to drink at Far East Rock, and hence the early closing policy.


18th February   

Spanky's Unspanked...

Re-opens after police closure
Link Here

Spanky's has re-opened on central Soi Diamond presumably having got its paper work sorted or whatever.

The police are keeping a very close eye on the venue with frequent visits. So for the moment, bikinis rule the day. The bar will also have to regain momentum as the bar was down to 3 or 4 dancers at about 10pm last night.

Also Silver Star 3 now has a re-opening date of 8th March.

There are now 76 Pattaya area bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Returning

20th February 2012.

According to the bar, the number of girls has increased back up to about 18.


17th February   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Submarine
Link Here

Submarine A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly Submarine A-GoGo is my current favourite in the Soi Buakhao area.

It is probably a little small to be a totally consistent performer, as there are not really enough girls in attendance to make up the numbers should there be a run on bar fines.

But on the other hand, the small size has its up side. In particular it means that the girls dance in good close proximity to the customers. And as a definite improvement over its sister bars, MASH and Office it does not suffer from excess clothes and coyote dancing. There's very few clothes on show here.

The close proximity of the dancers also allows for easy requests for a bit of company from the girls. And that makes for a friendly interactive sort of bar. A couple of the girls are quite hands on too.

And there are a few decent looking girls too. All is therefore pretty good, provided that there are sufficient girls in the bar.


15th February   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Heaven Above
Link Here

Heaven Above is located upstairs on Soi Diamond.

A bit of rare visit as I have had little success with the girls. However the bar provided a pleasant environment for a beer.

There were about 10 girls on stage and a couple on show podiums, albeit one of them just on the ledge around the side of the stage. The show girls were more or less naked with just a negligee for decoration. The dancers were bikini clad or topless. The girls were a little above average and several of them were playing the audience well with a few smiles, and maybe checks for interest in a lady drink later on.

The service was notably good, with the little bonus of the girls bringing around dishes of savoury popcorn.

I reckon this rates as one of the better 'watching' bars, but when it comes to something more interactive, then there is a knack that I haven't found yet. Some customers had found the secret though, so maybe just me.


14th February   

Where the Action Is...

Action Street
Link Here

A new beer bar area has appeared towards the southern end of Soi Buakhao.

Following the naming convention of Walking Street and Drinking Street, the new styles itself as Action Street.

It is located a couple of hundred metres from the southern end of Soi Buakhao at Pattaya Tai  (South Pattaya Road).

There are quite a few bars, but it is not the most obvious place for passing trade, as there is nothing particularly notable nearby. However a few other new bar areas on Soi Buakhao may gradually draw people towards the south end.


13th February   

Coming Around...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Carousel
Link Here

Carousel is located on Soi Diamond.

I have stopped by the Carousel A-gogo a few times now, and can report a big improvement.

The bar now has a new manager who is very friendly towards customers.

The bar also has a lot more girls now, dancing topless and lot more naked than before. The better looking girls are now keeping customers very happy.

Three girls sit at the door at all times. must be a bar policy? The rest are mixing with customers a lot more.

Bottled Heineken is 120 baht.


12th February   

Silver Scarcity...

Silver Star 3 closed by police action
Link Here

S Silver Star 3 is Walking Street GoGo closest to the Beach Road end.

A few days after a police raid registering several transgression, the bar was closed with a police notice appearing on the door. The bar has added its own notice suggesting 'closed for renovations'. No doubt these will take more or less 30 days.

In the meantime may of the girls will relocate to the two Silver Star GoGos in Soi 7 and Soi 8. However a couple of hostesses are to be found in front of the GoGo and at the bar just next to the entrance.

There are now 75 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


11th February   

Spanky's Spanked...

Closed by police action
Link Here

Recently opened Spanky's on Soi Diamond has been hit with a police closure.

It is reported that this is a 30 day police closure order. Several rumours are doing the rounds as to the reason for the order, so for the moment this will be recorded as for unknown reasons.

So now there are 77 bars with dancing bikini girls in the Pattaya area.

This includes a closure I had missed, being the Polo Entertainment striptease bar. I guess the previous Russian girls/crazy prices venue had put an end to any great numbers of people climbing the stairs. And the return of the Polo format suffered from this past reputation.


9th February   

Lighter Drinks Prices...

Lighthouse lightens up
Link Here

The Lighthouse A-GoGo opened on Walking Street 20th January 2012. It started with a 10 Baht premium to drinks prices at sister bars, Tiger, Shark and Fahrenheit.

However from 4th February, this premium was dropped and drinks prices are now the same as the sister bars.

In particular, discounted happy hour drinks are now 60 Baht instead of 70. Outside of Happy Hour draft beer is now 70 Baht instead of 80.


8th February   

Coyotee's Coyote Bar...

Building work around Walking Street
Link Here

Builders are in at the long unused bar that was previously Coyotee's A-GoGo. It is located on Soi Marine Plaza just where the alley/Soi Lucky Star goes through to Walking Street.

The initial word is that it will become a coyote bar, but there is also a possibility that it will be A-GoGo.

Meanwhile the upstairs bar at Byblos on the corner of Soi Diamond and Pratamnak is being redeveloped. It will re-open in March.

As previously mentioned, the old Hammer Disco/Pleasure Dome looks set to become a GoGo.

There are several other sites with the builders in on Walking Street but no word yet as to what will appear.


7th February   

New U Too...

U Too bar now on Drinking Street
Link Here

U Too was a trend setting outdoor coyote bar located on 2nd Road opposite the Alcazar lady boy show theatre on 2nd Road in north Pattaya.

The bar was born from connections with the Atlantic Bar a couple of blocks further north. The bar was a big hit and ideas conceived their went into the creation of the trend setting Club Blu on Soi Buakhao.

The bar was terminated when the block was emptied and is currently being redeveloped into shop units.

However the familiar logo is now to be seen at the bar's new location on Drinking Street, a couple of blocks north of the North Pattaya Big C.


6th February   

GoGo Target...

Plans for another new GoGo on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

The Thai Archer guesthouse on Soi LK Metro has been sold.

The new owners are planning a 2 storey GoGo and work will start in mid February.


4th February   

Cinderella Police...

Continuing campaign against late night Pattaya
Link Here

A popular Thai Pub was raided by Pattaya Police in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Chonburi Provincial Police raided the Damnan Chon Pub at the north-end of Pattaya Third Road.

At the time over 300 customers were inside. Police checked for underage adults and for drugs.

Three customers were arrested for drugs, and 15 customers fell victim to minimum age requirement of 20. 


3rd February   

Off the Radar...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Roxy
Link Here

Roxy is located on south Walking Street almost next door to Insomnia disco.

My recent visits at ever declining frequency have not really been very successful. There's nothing whatsoever that's strikingly obvious as to why, its just a bunch of little things that add up.

There's usually a sprinkling of good looking girls on hand but they are a little bit choosy as who they approach, if anyone at all.

The high seating to the left of the bar as you walk in is a little too far from the action, and the moment you sit down you know that you will be ignored.

Best to sit on the right where you are closer to the stage and the main foot traffic that passes by.

It's one of those bars that would be so much better if the girls were just a little bit more interactive.


3rd February   

Updated: Not So Eazy...

Intermittent opening and a lack of girls
Link Here

Eazy A-GoGo is a very small GoGo on Soi 15.

It has opened intermittently for a while now. And it has now been dark for a couple of nights.

It seems likely that the sporadic opening is down to a lack of girls.

For the moment the bar shall remain in the GoGo count and so this stands at 78.

Update: Re-opened

3rd February 2012.

And indeed the bar reopened on 2nd February.


1st February   

Police Raiding Season Continues Unabated...

30 more venues fall victim
Link Here

On orders of the Chonburi Police Commander over 30 late night venues were raided by Police and District Officials in the early hours of Tuesday and many irregularities were found.

Police raided bars in North Pattaya, Walking Street in South Pattaya and Jomtien.

They checked staff, customers and licences. 15 venues were found to be unlicensed and the managers and owners of them were detained and taken to Pattaya Police Station.

A number of customers and staff members who were not carrying their ID were also arrested.


31st January   

Return of the Dome...

New GoGo on the way for Walking Street
Link Here

A new GoGo (which has no name at this moment) is under construction to open in a month at the upper floor of the Candy Shop. This is where the previous project called The Pleasure Dome was abandoned.


29th January   

Silver Raid...

Continuing police raids of Pattaya's bars
Link Here

Police were out-in-force in the early hours of Saturday on Walking Street in South Pattaya continue their hard hitting campaign against Pattaya's bars.

The main focus of attention was on Silver Star 3 GoGo Bar on Walking Street where policemen detained 20 people, 9 workers under the age of 18, 9 workers from Laos who did not possess work permits and two managers.

The policeman in charge warned that further checks on Bars in the South Pattaya area will take place and serious penalties will be imposed if any illegal activities are found to have taken place.


27th January   

Bits and Bobs...

A few snippets of bar news
Link Here

The Guugle Club is a coyote bar upstairs over Champion A-GoGo on Walking Street. The venue was once Powers A-GoGo and then a gay club.

The bar has now erected a banner on the old Cosy A-GoGo advertising for extremely well paid coyote dancers. The strange thing is that it is call for both beautiful girls and handsome boy dancers.

Perhaps bar will have girls in one bar and boys in the other. Perhaps they will have mixed dancing. There are lots of permutations.

Meanwhile I have heard a rumour that the old Club Relaxxx GoGo is now connected with Papagayo and that explains its current incarnation as a coyote bar.

The new coyote bar in Soi LK Metro will be an inward looking bar along the lines of Sugar Sugar. It will be named Destiny.

Club Insomnia is reported to have been hit with some sort of 30 day police action. The police are having a go at late night bars at the moment, so presumably Insomnia have fallen foul of that.


22nd January   

Lady Boy Boom...

Baby Boom A-GoGo struck off the GoGo list
Link Here

Baby Boom is located on a small Soi off Soi Buakhao opposite Soi Honey.

It has struggled since re-opening a short while ago and has now changed format to become a lady boy A-GoGo. This seems to be in conjunction with the Pook lady boy bar just round the corner.

Baby Boom therefore no longer figures in the GoGo count, defined as bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

However the opening of The Lighthouse A-GoGo replaces Baby Boom and the count remains at 78.


22nd January   

Raiding Season...

High season police actions around town
Link Here

130 Pattaya Policemen raided the popular Thai venue, Idol Pub on Third Road.

The raid was apparently sparked by reports of late opening. The venue was indeed open after  hours and the venue was told to stop the music and turn on the lights and prepare for individual searches of patrons and staff members. A total of 8 people failed urine tests.

The venue is expected to remain open for now.

Police raiding parties have also visited Soi 17 off the Tepprasit Road and the South Naklua beer bar area.

Girls IDs were checked for age and nationality. All girls were over 18 and no foreign nationals were found. Despite this, 20 girls were taken to Pattaya Police Station for profiling and each of them were fined for prostitution and then sent on their way.


21st January   

Let There be Light...

Lighthouse A-GoGo opens on Walking Street
Link Here

Lighthouse A-GoGo is located towards the Beach Road End of Walking Street on the same side as near neighbour Casnovy A-GoGo.

The GoGo opened on 20th January 2012.

It is connected to the Fahrenheit, Shark Tiger chain and the drinks prices are similar. However it has ratcheted up the draft beer price to 80 Baht (70 in the short Happy Hour). Soft drinks are 100 Baht, bottled beers are 130 Baht and standard lady drinks are 125 Baht. Barfines are normally 1000 Baht but at some offpeak times they are 600.

The GoGo opened with about 15 dancers of which 6 were dancing at a time. Most were bikini clad, but some were topless.


16th January   

Miserable Policing...

Cinderella Jomtien
Link Here

It seems that the police have been closing all the bars early in Jomtien. There is now a general closure at 1am.

And several bars are spending the peak season month closed by order of the authorities for transgressing their miserable rules.

It seems very unfair to impose early closing in an area where it is so easy to get to the more fun loving Pattaya. Not only are the bars having to close at an hour when there is still plenty of trade, but also a large percentage of customers will decide to spend the whole evening in Pattaya on the grounds they may want to drink after 1am.


14th January   

Updated: A GoGo Beacon...

Lighthouse A-GoGo set to open soon on Walking Street
Link Here

Lighthouse A-GoGo is a few days behind on its open night and is now looking to open on the 20th January. It has installed an impressive piece of signage though. The bar looks quite narrow and doesn't go back as far as most.

Eazy A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi 15. Just a small matter of getting enough dancers in to make it worthwhile.

On the other hand Club Relaxxx in Covent garden has been dropped from the GoGo list. It either has coyotes, or no girls at all. Either way it fails to make the GoGo definition for the moment.

So there are still 78 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less with No 79 to open in a few days time.


11th January   

GoGo Boom...

Baby Boom A-GoGo re-opens
Link Here

Baby Boom has re-opened. It is located on a small soi just off Soi Buakhao opposite Soi Honey.

I guess the bar is struggling with Pattaya's slight lack of girls at the moment. Maybe this rapid opening/closing will become a bit of characteristic of the smaller bars. Perhaps even a new definition is required, bars can be open, closed, or open when sufficient staff.

For today at least, Pattaya's GoGo count is standing at a very healthy figure of 78.


7th January   


First impressions at Paradise A-GoGo
Link Here

Paradise A-GoGo opened just in time for New Year's Eve on Soi Buakhao. It is from the same gogo group as Kiss opposite.

I stopped by quite early during the week after New Year.

The first, middle and last impression is of the very high centre stage. I haven't see one that high since Babe Watch, long since closed in the Covent Garden Complex. I cannot see the point of elevating the girls into the ceiling shadows. Surely closest is best in a GoGo bar.

Anyway there is a double bank of tiered bench seating as the main viewing area. The lower tier has an even more neck craning angle than the high tier.

It is clearly early days for the bar and the dancer count was just 6.  A couple were attractive enough though. 3 were dancing at any one time. The basic dress code was gogo skirt and bikini top, but one girl has a string affair that nearly counts as nude.

There was a cheap draft at 55 Baht and the service girls were friendly.

Clearly too soon to judge...but really that high stage...


6th January   

Let There Be Light...

Lighthouse A-GoGo set to open soon on Walking Street
Link Here

The banners are out for another new GoGo on Walking Street. The new Lighthouse A-GoGo is being built towards the Beach Road end.

The GoGo is now targeting an opening date of 15th January 2012.

It will be brought to you by the makers of Fahrenheit, Shark and Tiger.


5th January   

High Seas Meets High Season...

Pattaya set to welcome the US Navy
Link Here

Welcome to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Cape St George who are due to visit Pattaya around 6-10th January.

I guess there will be enough beer to go around and the Walking Street bars will certainly be packed.

Hopefully fun for all.


1st January   

Hot and Cold, New and Old...

Hot and Cold moves to a new venue
Link Here

Hot & Cold has moved more or less next door, into a venue that was once a restaurant. I am not exactly sure what the purposes of the move was but it certainly wasn't to transform into a brand spanking new state of the art venue. In fact connoisseurs  of the seedy dilapidation will be pleased to know that the new venue is little better than the old. And where the new bar may score a few points for a new stage and Jacuzzi, the bar loses a bucketful of points for poor design.

First of all the new bar is upstairs, not the most welcoming feature for a bar. Potential first timers can be a bit dubious about upstairs venues. And just to add atmosphere the Hot & Cold bar designers have specially imported the dirt and grime from the previous bar to decorate the stairway. Surely they could have spent a little cash on a mop and detergent.

Upstairs the bar is quite large with a reasonably attractive central stage and a large Jacuzzi installation. Maybe the bar ran out of cash after these two features as half the bar seems unfinished and undecorated.

There are comfortable seats around the edges of the bar but most of these are badly placed and too far away from the stage. And in fact if there was a sudden surge of interest in the bar then there wouldn't be enough seats to cope.

I was a bit gobsmacked at the design and atmosphere of the new place. Even my pretty drinking partner dancing on my lap commented that I looked a bit unhappy. I was wondering if the bar had much of a future. I've had some great times there and would hate to see it fade away.

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